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Hidden messages in taylor swift


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hidden messages in Taylor Swifts album 'Red'

Published in: Technology
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Hidden messages in taylor swift

  1. 1. Hidden messages in Taylor Swift’s digi-pack Taylor Swift is known by her fan base for putting hidden messages in her digi -packs. This is shown in her album red when she has created hidden messages applying to individual songs but putting unnecessary capital letters in the song’s lyrics. This is shown in the song ‘I almost do’, the message was ‘WROTE THIS INSTEAD OF CALLING’. These kind of messages give an insight into what Taylor was thinking in the process of writing these songs and it also promotes fan engagement as the fans would have to actively look into the digi-pack to find out the information, therefore encouraging them to actively look through the leaflet. This technique has inspired me to do something like this in my own digi -pack as it is a clever idea that encourages people to look through the leaflet and also brings pleasure to a dedicated fan base and give them something back that a passive listener wouldn’t understand.