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G324 - Digi Pack Analysis


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My analysis into 3 digi packs which i will use when i come to design my own digi pack for our artist Maia.

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G324 - Digi Pack Analysis

  1. 1. Ashley Tonks I have analysed 3 different digi packs for this section of the project. All of them have different aspects which I think are suitable conventions of a digi pack. The digi packs I have analysed were;  Red – Taylor Swift  Lovestrong - Christina Perri  Turn It Up Louder - Pixie Lott Taylor Swift – Red digi pack Front cover Alternative Front cover Back cover CD Design Target Audience - I think that Taylor Swift is targeting her digi pack at teenagers as she has used a very interesting use of colour, MES, and camera shots to appeal to the teenagers’ girly side. Her target audience would be of a lower class and are the type of people who idolize Taylor Swift. I think that she encourages this by using predominately promiscuous colours like red and pink. The way that Taylor Swift is dressed in the images is the types of clothes which teenagers would like to wear or see she is wearing and dress the same to they can be the same as her. This is a similar target audience to our own so it might be a good idea to look into the style of design. So when it comes to make my ancillary task as this is aimed at the right target audience and I want to make sure that I am targeting my digi pack at the same target audience as my music video. Image Analysis – Taylor Swift never looks directly at the camera for any of her images for the digi pack. It is this lack of eye contact which makes me think that she wants to have an air of mystery about herself. I think this is very interesting as this challenges the normal conventions of a digi pack. On the front cover the digi pack is a close up of Taylor Swifts head, showing her iconic red lipstick and like a lot of other photos we see of Taylor Swift in the press she is wearing a bowler hat which isn’t a typical thing to wear for a woman of her age. This is iconic to Taylor Swift as she is seen wearing this in a lot of music videos and has been photographed in the media wearing similar hats. Many young fans are aspiring to be like Taylor and wear clothing like she does. The hat casts a shadow over her face making it hard to see her face, which gives me the impression that she is trying to hide form something and since the songs on this album are about her brake ups of the past then this makes me think then is she trying to hide from these? This is something that we could do with our artist to convey a message across to the audience using visuals like Taylor Swift has done in her digi pack.
  2. 2. Ashley Tonks On the back of the digi pack the image has been taken at a low angle which gives the impression that the audience is looking up at Taylor Swift and gives her more power. It almost makes you think that as you’re looking up at her, that you must idolize/worship her. This is quite a natural angle and makes it look like she has been photographed when she wasn’t looking; this candid shot has become more popular in recent years as people want to seem more mysterious. Again she is wearing glasses which makes me thing that she is trying to hide her eyes from something, and since all the song are about break up the glasses might be there to give the impression that she is trying to hide red, puffy eyes like she has been crying over a brake up. Titles, text and typography - The main title of the piece is in bold red font which is quite simple compared to some of the typography I have seen on digi packs in the past. The colour red again appears on the front of the digi pack which is iconic to the artist. However, another front cover was made by the artist who outlines the word red in this low level opacity. So you can see the image underneath but the iconic red colour shows through more. On the back cover of the digi pack the text again is quite simple like the rest of the digi pack, giving the audience the idea that she is a simple girl. This could make some of the audience feel that the music or lyrics or music may also suffer from the same simplicity as the image on the cover. How is the artist represented – I think that the artist is represented as this innocent person who is trying to be an icon to many young people around the world. She is represented as this girl who is incredibly natural as she wears simple coloured clothing which like her style is very natural in its self. The images them self have a vintage style about them which brings me to think that she is trying to be ‘old school’ about her approach to this album. House Style – This digi pack has a excellent over all house style as I think that as the designer has put a lot of thought into what style of image Taylor Swift is trying to create for herself as all of the different parts of the digi pack marry together to make this really interesting as the way that he has used colour and text to make sure everything follows the same style. The iconic Taylor Swift colour red is used throughout the piece whether it is on the bars which can be seen not only on the disk but on the back cover is well. The text on the cover and on the disk both has the same colour red to decorate the digi pack. Record Label – Taylor swift is signed with big machine records and universal music group. Big Machine Records is an independent American record label specializing in country music artists. However big machine Records are also linked to the largest music record company universal music group. This means that any film or TV
  3. 3. Ashley Tonks program that is made by the universal group can have access to Taylor Swift’s music for their own gain. So you could be watching a film and then one of her songs could just come on, so for someone who might not normally listen to that genera, could then become attracted to this music, buy the album and then become a fan. This widens Taylor Swifts target market.
  4. 4. Ashley Tonks Christina Perri – Lovestrong digi pack Front cover Back cover CD Design Target Audience - I think that because of the black and white effect of the image Christina Perri is trying to attract a more sophisticated mature audience, around the age of 22 – 25. I think this because she is in that age group herself then she can target her music more directly as she knows that if she likes it they it’s a good chance that they like it is well. Image Analysis – The image of Christina Perri is a mid shot showing the simple clothing she wears in almost all of her music videos on this album. Again she is wearing black and white clothing which is held up by braces, showing this sophisticated style which they are trying to achieve in this digi pack. She is wearing a sleeveless top showing off her tattoos which might be extremely appealing to a male audience who find these appealing. This causes juxtaposition between the smart style and the tattoos and confuses the audience as she is vied as a good looking female but the rough looking tattoos look out of place on this beautiful female. Christina is looking directly to the audience with a promiscuous facial expression trying to have sex appeal for the viewing audience. She is stood is quite a promiscuous position which is appealing to a male audience. This brings to mind the male gaze/ voyeurism which makes me think that she is positioned in this way to appeal to the male views of these music videos.This is the only image used in the digi pack which challenges the normal conventions of a digi pack as they normally feature an image on both the front, back and CD design of the digi pack. Titles, text and typography – The main text on the digi pack is clear and easy for the audience to read. It is slightly distorted to match the style of image/music. This typography is every plain which suggests that the artist is quite plane herself which isn’t the normal conventions of a digi pack as normally the text reflect or says something about the artist. This is the same for the text on the back of the digi pack and on the CD. How is the artist represented – I think that the artist is represented as a mature woman who is in control of her situation. She is a strong independent woman who knows what she wants and knows how to get it.
  5. 5. Ashley Tonks House Style – Christina Perri has a strong house style over the course of her digi pack. The digi pack follows the same colour scheme (black and white) throughout the whole of the digi pack. It has quite a plain style over all of the digi pack. The house style follows a very simple design, with a simple layout which is easy on the eye. The connotations of this are that she uses text, images and colour to show a strong feeling of style. Record Label – Atlantic Records is an American record company which is best known for their many artists in the style of rhythm, blues and rock and roll. So Christina Perri’s pop style seems to stand out in this independent company. In 1967 Atlantic became a wholly owned subsidiary of Warner Bros.-Seven Arts, now the Warner Music Group but still trade under an independent name. Warner Brothers is a massive company and has many links to TV and film. This means that Christina Perri’s music could be used in these medias which would really improve her popularity and her awareness.
  6. 6. Ashley Tonks Pixie Lott – Turn It Up Louder digi pack Front cover Back cover CD Design Target Audience - I think that she is trying to target her digi pack at teenage girls aged between 16 – 19. I think this because of the colour, images and styles used in the digi pack. The way that all of the text is highlighted in different colours attracts these girls as one of the colours is a strong pink. The type of clothing which Pixie Lott wears in the images is the type of clothing which girls this age would wear. I think that the target audience look up towards Pixie Lott as a role model. They aspire to be her and not only to be her but also to stand for all of the morels which she makes so clear. Image Analysis – The images used in this digi pack are quite interesting as she has direct eye contact with the audience through the images used. This is normally the main convention of a digi pack as you want to make the audience feel as the artist is looking directly at the audience. It is quite interesting how the image on the front cover in black and white but the image on the back cover is in colour. This is quite strange as normally all of the images used in a digi pack all have the same editing/style. This makes me question the motive behind the designer’s choice of editing of the images in question. Did he do it to how that Pixie Lott has different side to her or was it just because he wanted to showcase the artist’s name which is in bright pink. The use of props in the image again is very interesting as Pixie Lott is holding a thick chain which looks like she is trying to rip it of her body. This suggests to the audience that she is trying to break out of the normal conventions as an artist and that she is trying something new. Which is quite relevant as in a press release for the album, she said “that I’m just trying to be me, the real me” so is she ripping of the chains that has been holding her back all this time. This would appeal to a target audience as they may have had similar feeling at one or more times in their life. On the back cover of the album, pixie Lott is quoting in quite an interesting position as I think she has done this to have conveyed a message of lust to the audience. This image is Pixies attempt at being sexual to an audience. Titles, text and typography – I found the text to be the most eye catching part of the digi pack as the bright pink text which is used imminently cached my eye, which is exactly what you
  7. 7. Ashley Tonks want a digi pack to do as you want to draw the customer’s attention to your digi pack when it’s on a shelf. Pixie Lott’s album is a great example to this as you would see the bright pink text and want to go over and see what album would use such a colour. The fact that the designers chose to use a promiscuous text when designing the digi pack again appeals to a female audience. This style is then see throughout the digi pack as the rest of the text used is thin, sleek and modern. It is this font choice which has such a good impact onto the audience. On the back cover of the digi pack, the designer chose to highlight the words “bonus tracks” in white when all of the other text on the back cover is in black. This makes me think that the designer wanted your eye line to be drawn to the fact that they is bonus tracks included in the album. How is the artist represented – I think that from this digi pack the artist is represented as a strong independent young women, much like the style of Christena Perri’s album I also analysed. I think this because she represents herself in a way which looks strong. I get this feeling from the way that she is stood in the images and the colour schemes the designers have chosen to use. In the images she is stood in quite a strong position which I think was used to inspire the audience, and on the back was used to appeal to the male audience. I think that both images was used to empower the audience and make them think that they could one day be like her. House Style – I think that Pixie Lott has used a strong overall house style of the digi pack. She has used a consistent colour scheme throughout the product and given a good picture about who Pixie Lott is. The consistent font and style which can be seen through the digi pack in interesting but it works as it looks professional but also gives a good idea to who the artist really is. Record Label – Pixie Lott is signed to the record labels Mercury Records and interscope records. Mercury Records is an American based record label which is part of the universal conglomerate. In the UK it operates through The Island Def Jam music Group and Virgin EMI Records. They normally focus their interests into artists who are related to the jazz categories of music. But also reach some other artists to see if they can penetrate other markets, for example with Pixie Lott and the pop/folk industry. Interscope Records who Pixie Lott first signed for is an American based record label that is again owned by the universal music group (conglomerate). IT was founded in 1989 and is now home to over 146 artists in either the pop, R and B or Acoustic industry.
  8. 8. Ashley Tonks After conducting my research. After researching these digi packs I have through of 5 things which I have learned from my analysis of Red, Lovestrong and Turn it up louder. These are;  To make sure that the choice of costume in the images conveys the right messages to the audience.  Make sure that I use strong colours of which the connotations reflect the artists true feeling of the digi pack.  Use a text which is appropriate to the topic and convey a message to the audience, also by selecting the right colour scheme to show a strong house style.  Think about the type of record label that the artist is signed to as we have created an artist that is new to the scene of music we must make sure that we give her as much publicity as we can, so she must be signed or in a subsidiary of a larger company.  Make it clear` that the digi pack reflects everything that the artist stands for, as we have spent a lot of time crating this life for he the ancillary tasks should reflect this effect we have gone to design the perfect image.