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Better Predict Consumer Decisions in the Digital Space



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EmoLab merges traditional neuroscience and biometrical research data with machine learning and deep learning techniques powered by the cloud developing cost efficient, scalable solutions to better predict consumer decisions in the digital space.

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Better Predict Consumer Decisions in the Digital Space

  1. 1. Collect data fast and reliable using a low-cost, high efficient “EmoLab Seat” setup 7 CHANNEL EEGEYE-TRACKING HEART RATE (HRV)FACIAL CODING $5,000 INVESTMENT FOR A FULL SERVICE LAB WITH 5 SEATS
  2. 2. Securely transfers data collected to the cloud for powerful data handling at lightening speed COLLECT DATA ENCRYPT & SEND TO CLOUD DATA HANDLING INTERPRETATION
  3. 3. What elements on a page engages & motivates users ENGAGEMENT 35% ATTENTION 76% MOTIVATION 09% ENGAGEMENT 74% ATTENTION 23% MOTIVATION 81% ENGAGEMENT 27% ATTENTION 19% MOTIVATION -19%
  4. 4. How does elements interact and impact each others END PAGE VISIT
  5. 5. Utilize the powers of deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence
  6. 6. Identifying single elements and page templates across the website
  7. 7. Attaching biometrical and behavioral data to elements and page templates
  8. 8. Get a deeper understanding of your customers using advanced segmentations on demographics or behavior