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Copywriting Tips for the Three Most Important Pages on Your Website


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Your home page, landing page, and about page are crucial to your online marketing success. I've crammed 20 years of website copywriting experience into this concise, action-oriented tutorial.

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Copywriting Tips for the Three Most Important Pages on Your Website

  1. Presented by Feldman Creative
  2. FIRST THINGS FIRST ¡  ¡  Comfortable? The visitor is prone to leave. Assure them they should stay. ¡  recongnize their need.
  3. YOUR VIRTUAL LOBBY ¡  Home page Should I stay or should I go?
  5. Create a clear, concise introduction. WE CAN HELP YOU ¡  No boasts, mission statement or elevator pitch. ¡  Focus on the visitor. ¡  “you…” ¡  Your pleasures, your pains.
  6. Think search. DON’T THINK S.E.O. ¡  Your optimization should be invisible. ¡  Use keywords— naturally.
  7. Snuff the fluff. GET TO THE POINT ¡  Flair is good. Fluff is bad. ¡  Throw away the throw-aways. ¡  Visitors have short attention spans. ¡  Edit ruthlessly.
  8. Have a conversation. BE PERSONABLE ¡  Low-tech talk. ¡  Bag the buzzword babble. ¡  Imagine you’re out to make a new friend — because you are.
  9. Make navigation a cinch. EASY DOES IT ¡  Never make visitors hunt. ¡  Simple navigation BAR and elements. ¡  Feature prominent pods with subheads. ¡  Call-to-actions.
  10. K.I.S.S. Plan for a scan. ¡  Brief explanations. ¡  Sparse copy. ¡  Ample white space.
  11. Make the blog easy to find. FLEX YOUR KNOW-HOW ¡  Don’t hide the blog. ¡  Invite readers to it— emphatically. ¡  Feature recent posts.
  12. Be a crowd pleaser. GOT PROOF? ¡  Enhance credibility. ¡  Employ social proof. ¡  testimonials, client logos, REviews, accredidations, accolades, ETC. ¡  “Join our 10,000 SUBSCRIBERS.“
  13. IT’S ALL ABOUT CONVERSION ¡  ¡  Landing page Your landing page is critical to your success. Not about helping readers find what they want—it’s about delivering it. ¡  “GateD.” ¡  Collect basic information With a form. ¡  We’re talking about opt-ins.
  14. Make a keyword connection in the headline. THE RIGHT PLACE? ¡  THE visitor comes with an expectation based on what he just clicked. ¡  Reiterate those words. ¡  Deliver Assurance.
  15. Focus solely on the offer. ONE REASON FOR BEING ¡  Don’t crosssell or upsell. ¡  Don’t offer links to sections of your website. ¡  No escape routes.
  16. WIIFM? ¡  Use action words. What do I get? ¡  How? ¡  Answer with verbs… ¡  Learn how… ¡  Download the… ¡  Get insights…
  17. Showcase the value of the offer. THE VISITOR IS NOT A LEAD YET ¡  Make the value proposition unmissable. ¡  Use subheads & captions. ¡  “DREAMY” value statements. ¡  Make the benefits specific.
  18. Write in a friendly second person narrative. DON’T BE COLD ¡  I am “I” and you are “you.” ¡  Avoid job titles, customers, users, etc.
  19. EMBRACE SPEED READERS ¡  Add bullet points. Bullet points work great. ¡  List the benefits of what you’re delivering. ¡  Preview the contents. ¡  You might use icons or small images. ¡  1, 2, 3.
  20. HERE IT IS Show and tell. ¡  Show the “prize.” ¡  Write a caption to summarize The landing Page in one sentence.
  21. ADD CREDIBILITY Deliver some proof. ¡  Testimonial. ¡  Quote an authority or high profile client. ¡  Numbers.
  22. LESS = MORE ¡  the fewer fields you require, the more responses you’ll get. ¡  Make the form easy to find and fill.. ¡  Email & name. Streamline the form.
  23. GET CLICKED ¡  Include a smart button. Choose callto-action words carefully. ¡  Generic words such as “submit” perform poorly. ¡  Value statements are better. ¡  Send me “free tips.”
  24. THE AWKWARD FIRST DATE ¡  ¡  About page Most visited or most exited? Challenging page to write —who’s it really about? ¡  Answer Questions: why read? What problems will I solve here?
  25. Be interesting. DON’T TEST YOUR READER’S PATIENCE ¡  Get the reader to want to know more about you—not less. ¡  Write a tight, well-paced page. ¡  Avoid needless detail. ¡ 
  26. NICE TO MEET YOU Use video carefully. ¡  Go ahead and offer a short & sweet video. ¡  Don’t rely only on video. ¡  No “autoplayS.”
  27. BE WARM AND APPROACHABLE ¡  Write conversationally. About pages tend to be stiff & stilted. ¡  Have a sense of humor. ¡  Avoid jargon. ¡  Use a converSational voice.
  28. GOT CRED? Again, proof plays well. ¡  Your office wall. ¡  badges. ¡  Memberships, accolades, publications, speaking experience. ¡  Testimonials.
  29. EGO FOOD? ¡  Lose the B.S. Be wary of superlatives & hyperbole. ¡  Avoid B.S. words… “visionarY, outstanding, world-class & cutting-edge.” ¡  And you’re not a thought leader.
  30. NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH Don’t write fiction. ¡  Your aspirations & accomplishments are not the same thing. ¡  Tell your readers about why they should care about your accomplishments.
  31. SAME, SAME, SAME? Take some chances. ¡  write a page no one else could. ¡  Real people who will change your life. ¡  Make yourself a bit nervous.
  32. RESUMES ARE BORING Bring bios to life. ¡  Bios that are 100%percent academic & professional are sleepy. ¡  Readers expect you to be a pro. ¡  Now give them something worth talking about.
  33. CONNECT Suggest making social connections. ¡  an opportunity to begin a relationship. ¡  Publish links to social media profiles. ¡  Links to bloggers. ¡  Email addresses.
  34. BE SKIMMER FRIENDLY Make it a quick read. ¡  Bullet the company facts. ¡  Try interview formats. ¡  Video Q & A.
  35. THINGS CHANGE Keep the page up-to-date. ¡  Don’t allow your about page to be out-of-date. ¡  Reflect the company you are today. ¡  New services, new people, locations, clients, etc.
  36. Remember who the page is really about. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ¡  Your five w’s is a starting point only. ¡  Focus on the why. ¡  Salesy won’t establish credibility. ¡  the reader comes first.
  37. Can I help you? YOUR QUESTIONS ARE WELCOME. @feldmancreative
  38. THANK YOU ¡  ¡  You can go now. Go write a great home page. Go write a great landing page. ¡  Go write a great about page.