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OpenStack Gains Momentum, Customers are Speaking Up


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Hear how OpenStack is delivering more savings and freedom than other cloud software, while disrupting the market. Now, with the upcoming Essex release OpenStack is delivering Horizon and Keystone as well as other enhancements for production environments. As one of the early adopters in the OpenStack Community, Dell has seen significant customer traction and interest in OpenStack-powered cloud solutions. Join us to find out why customers are choosing OpenStack, and what products/services they’re creating with it, including:
Top reasons customers are adopting OpenStack and open source
Types of customers using OpenStack today
How customers are bringing OpenStack into their environments
Workloads they are running on OpenStack
What companies using OpenStack envision in the
Benefit from others’ experience, OpenStack use cases, and community lessons learned.

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OpenStack Gains Momentum, Customers are Speaking Up

  1. 1. Dell Dell™ DCS Classic PowerEdge™ C Revolutionary Dell™ Modular Cloud and Big Data Center Data SolutionsOpenStack Gains MomentumCustomers are Speaking UpKamesh PemmarajuCloud & Big Data Solutions Revolutionary Cloud and Big Data Solutions
  2. 2. In the Cloud• Top reasons why customers are adopting open source• Types of customers using OpenStack today• How customers are bringing OpenStack into their environments• 4 Customer case studies• OpenStack is headed for the mainstream – get involved2 Confidential 4/20/2012 Revolutionary Cloud and Big Data Solutions
  3. 3. 3 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud and Big Data Solutions Source: The 451 Group’s Commercial Adoption of Open Source practice
  4. 4. 4 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud and Big Data Solutions 4 Confidential
  5. 5. 5 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud and Big Data Solutions 5 Confidential
  6. 6. 2011 OpenStack Adoption Survey • 73% considering an OpenStack deployment • The biggest drivers for considering OpenStack are Cost (47%) and Avoiding Vendor Lock-In (46%) • The adoption curve for OpenStack is steep, with 40% of organizations planning to be operational within one year • Organizations with higher levels of satisfaction with open source systems are more likely to choose OpenStack over VMware vSphere as a cloud operating system6 Confidential 4/20/2012 Revolutionary Cloud and Big Data Solutions
  7. 7. Companies on OpenStack
  8. 8. Adopting OpenStack Universities Healthcare CDN providers Hosting providers Start-ups8 Confidential Global Marketing
  9. 9. How Customers are Bringing OpenStackinto their Environments • Assess the appropriateness and value of OpenStack Use Case Discovery for their organization • Verify the prototype functionality and project Proof of Concept feasibility for a new OpenStack deployment • Development-define the requirements and Process and Team processes for creating a new OpenStack team • Deploy their first production-level pilot project Production Pilot using OpenStack • Perform a periodic health checks and tune up Production existing OpenStack deployment9 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud and Big Data Solutions
  10. 10. 10 Confidential 4/20/2012 Revolutionary Cloud and Big Data Solutions
  11. 11. Morphlabs Delivers Enterprise-gradeOpenStack Converged Infrastructure Company The company is a recognized leader in converged infrastructure solutions for the Enterprise. The SSD-powered mCloud Rack Enterprise Edition is the first OpenStack powered converged infrastructure solution for Enterprise deployment Challenge Morphlabs’ challenge is to become the most widely deployed converged infrastructure solution in the world. The company works with G2000 and Telcos in emerging markets to make price performant on-premise and hosted private clouds available for the Enterprise. Solution Morphlabs’ mCloud converged infrastructure solutions, built on SSD-powered PowerEdge C5220 and C2100 servers, “We want to make sure we are ahead of the game in provide a proven, easy to deploy, and secure cloud. terms of innovation for the delivery of cloud computing, Enterprises can rapidly deploy on premises, and telcos can starting with ease of use and powered by performance use mCloud solutions to quickly generate revenue by delivering modular share-nothing hosted private clouds. and efficiency. We want to always be at the bleeding edge in terms of researching new technologies, new Benefits processing technologies, new storage technologies, • SSD-powered OpenStack Enterprise-grade converged new networking technologies, and then rapidly cloud infrastructure recombine them into a solution that brings end users • Open Source building blocks and Hyperscale hardware the most efficient computing platform.” deliver revolutionary price and performance • Global deployment and support • Dramatically reduce cost of IT while accelerating time to Morphlabs CEO Winston Damarillo market • Focus on differentiating business, not IT procurement, integration, optimization and assembly11 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud and Big Data Solutions
  12. 12. OpenStack Used to Save Lives Company This company offers a cloud-based infrastructure to pharmas that enables them to host and manage clinical trials Challenge Large license costs for on-premise operating system and virtualization infrastructure, and labor costs for management and maintenance. Increasing costs in public clouds and want to bring workloads back in- house Solution“Deploying OpenStack is a Piloting Dell OpenStack –powered cloud solution and heavily leverage existing skills with Chef, opensource. Looking to create highly automated DevOpscompetitive advantage for us. It infrastructure.provides freedom to innovate, Benefits • Cost-effective open source cloudreduces costs, and improves • • Compatibility with AWS Automated to reduce labor costsspeed of deployment and • DevOps to ease and speed of deployment and managementmanagement through massive • Freedom to modify to meet unique needsautomation” Revolutionary Cloud and Big Data Solutions
  13. 13. DreamHost Expands Cloud and StorageServices with Dell OpenStack Cloud Challenge DreamHost was in need of a flexible, open source cloud platform for their public cloud compute Solution DreamHost uses Dell hardware for its core business—shared hosting, dedicated hosting and virtual private server hosting—as well as its emerging businesses. For its OpenStack cloud, DreamHost is using the Crowbar barclamp for Nova. The company is writing its own barclamp for its Ceph storage solution. Benefits “Without Crowbar, we’d be writing • Took advantage of Dell’s OpenStack reference code, and that costs us money. architecture and deployment framework Having a viable, open-source • Saved 4-6 months of software development solution for deploying OpenStack work and deploying Ceph are very • Leveraged cloud and scale-out servers and reference architecture important, very core, to our • Realized business advantages of leasing with business.” Dell Financial Services Bryan Bogensberger, VP Business Strategy, DreamHost13 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud and Big DataMarketing Global Solutions
  14. 14. Mirantis Speeds and Eases OpenStackDeployment Company With OpenStack engineering expertise, Mirantis helps service providers, SaaS vendors and enterprises build and run robust OpenStack cloud infrastructure Challenge As cloud computing enters the mainstream, more and more organizations are turning to Mirantis for help with OpenStack, including Dell Reference Architecture and hardware. Solution With the Crowbar software framework, the team can deploy an OpenStack cloud in hours instead of days. Crowbar also provides an easy, modular way for ongoing cloud evolution and maintenance Benefits • Faster time to cloud “At Mirantis, we strive to make it extremely easy, yet • Open source freedom and flexibility safe, for organizations to adopt OpenStack software • Ease of migration and integration that is uncompromised by proprietary packaging. The • Engineering collaboration Dell OpenStack –Powered Cloud Solution fits well with our commitment to the open source vision for OpenStack.” Boris Renski, co-founder and executive vice president at Mirantis14 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud and Big Data Solutions
  15. 15. Dell OpenStack-Powered “Dell’s commitment to OpenStack and their team withCloud Solution deep expertise in Data Center Solutions is the foundation for a great partnership.” Ben Cherian, General Manager ofProven solutions Emerging Technologies, DreamHostElastic , vastly scalable and designed Proven componentsto handle massive data loads OpenStack Cloud operating system• Rely on Dell’s tested, validated, and innovative designs in infrastructure, Dell-developed Crowbar Software software, and services Dell PowerEdge C6100 /C6105• Get what you need to develop, deploy, servers and deliver your cloud environment Dell PowerConnect Switches• Enables you to quickly offer new cloud services, lower software licensing costs, Reference Architecture and help mitigate the risks of cloud Deployment Guide computing Dell Service and Support15 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud and Big Data Solutions Dell Cloud
  16. 16. Crowbar Software “Dell solved a problem that we had. And when Dell solved thatFramework problem, our engineers thought, ‘We’re going to use this.” Ben Cherian, GM of Emerging Technologies, DreamHostProven solutionsA modular, open source framework that Proven componentsaccelerates multi-node deployments,simplifies maintenance, and streamlines Opscode Chef Server Capabilitiesongoing updates Download the open source software:• Deploy an OpenStack cloud or Hadoop owbar cluster in hours instead of days Active community• Use or build barclamps to install and configure software modules o/crowbar• Supports a cloud Resources on the Wiki: operations model owbar/wiki to interact, modify, and build Rob Hirschfeld’s blog based on changing needs crowbar-source-released/16 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud and Big Data Solutions Dell Cloud
  17. 17. “Dell … was one of the first ofDell’s Distinctive the hardware vendors to grasp the fact that cloud is aboutCompetence provisioning services, not about the hardware.”Proven solutions Maxwell Cooter, Cloud Pro• First OpenStack cloud solution provider Proven components• Pioneer OpenStack partner (Only Tier 1 Day 1 hardware provider) – Most history with the OpenStack technology – Reference architectures that have been tested longer and fuller than newcomers• Deep partnership ecosystem – Many existing partners are OpenStack partners – Single point of service and support• ONLY company providing automated software to do multi-node OpenStack provisioning: Crowbar – Dell developed software• OpenStack experts work at Dell: Rob Hirschfeld, Greg Althaus and others continually investing in the community 17 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud and Big Data Solutions
  18. 18. Join Us: We Want to Hear from You! Joseph George Rob Hirschfeld Expanding the Community Application Deployment on OpenStack • Friday April 20, 2012 • 11:30 - 12:10am • Friday April 20, 2012 • Breakout A Bayview Level, • 9:50 - 10:30am • Hyatt Regency Hotel • Breakout C Bayview Level • Hyatt Regency Hotel18 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud and Big Data Solutions
  19. 19. Confidential Revolutionary Cloud and Big Data Solutions Dell Cloud
  20. 20. Experience. Dell DCS custom designs and delivers IT for world’s largest search engines and cloud computing providers. Three of the top four public cloud providers run on Dell infrastructure. Technology. Dell PowerEdge C servers let you take advantage of the latest technological advancements while decreasing energy use, space, and weight.Why choose Documentation. Dell offers comprehensiveDell DCS reference architectures and deployment guides for cloud deployments and big data Speed. The team leverages the award-winning Dell supply chain to quickly deliver – at scale – the latest, most efficient, and cost-effective data center technology. Scope. Dell DCS offers the total package for hyperscale environments, including leading-edge products, knowledgeable consulting services, and customized support programs.20 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud and Big Data Solutions
  21. 21. Get started with Dell today Dell offers cloud-based services, cloud solutions, and end-to-end consulting services to help you define and implement the best solution to meet your needs. Cloud Computing Workshop Workshop White board session to discuss underlying cloud technologies and cloud services Cloud Roadmap Accelerator An onsite 35 day engagement using Dell methodology Assessment to assess your preparedness for cloud and lay out a recommended, benefits anchored roadmap Public, Private, Hybrid Cloud Solutions Design & Work with you to build private or public cloud Implement infrastructure and design / implement cloud apps21 Confidential Revolutionary Cloud and Big Data Solutions
  22. 22. Dell is #1 in Cloud Servers WorldwideAccording to Q3 and Q4 CY11 IDC data• Dell has more global Density Optimized server unit market share than the next three competitors combinedSource: IDC server market data provided February, 2012IDC press release: Confidential Revolutionary Cloud and Big Data Solutions