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  • We (Dell)are pursuing a three pronged approach for SDN. They areNetwork Virtualization Overlay (NVO) - Vmware and Microsoft are driving it from the hypervisor with VXLAN & NVGRE. Vmware bought Nicira to strengthen their position in this technology. We are partnering with them to offer a complete solution. We will complement their solution with NVO gateways (gateways are needed to talk to legacy networks and physical servers). Initially, it will be an x-86 based appliance for NVO gateway and over time a switch based NVO gateway.OpenFlow based network virtualization for customers wanting end-2-end (physical or virtual+physical switch) SDN solution. These are likely to be greenfield or cloud customers.Here, we are partnering with BigSwitch as the primary OF controller vendor. We have also started to partner with others like NTT Data. Our OF enabled switches work with any OF 1.0 compliant controllers – they include many open source controllers like Floodlight. We have shown our solution working with Openstack cloud orchestration at Interop 2012.If customers want to continue to deploy legacy (traditional) switches, we offerbetter manageability of traditional switches (with Open Automation capabilities like bare metal provisioning, Smart scripting, programmatic management, virtual server networking etc). We realize that many customers have Cisco switches in their network – hence, we offer excellent inter-op with Cisco switches/networks with Cisco like CLI and highly inter-operable spanning tree protocols.We at Dell are not biased towards any one approach – we don’t have a technology religion.  Other vendors like Cisco are biased.
  • Software Defined Networking

    1. 1. Software DefinedNetworkingIndustry and Dell POVKamesh Pemmaraju, Senior ProductManager, Dell OpenStack-Powered CloudSolution1
    2. 2. 2 Global MarketingConfidentialWhy is everyone interested in SDN?MobileCloudBigDataAgile, Automated & Shared InfrastructureAgileEnterpriseMinutes Weeks / MonthsProvisioning Time TodayServers NetworkingCustomers are looking for• Programmability & Automation - for innovation & agility• Multi-tenancy – for sharing infrastructure• Network Services independent of HW, location & topology – forflexibility• Open Standards & interoperability – for lower CAPEX• Simpler management & control – for lower OPEXIT Drivers
    3. 3. 3 Global MarketingConfidentialWhat is SDN (Software DefinedNetworking)?• According to Open Networking Foundation [ Purist definition ]SDN is a new approach to networking in which networkcontrol is decoupled from the data forwarding functionand is directly programmable.The result is an extremely dynamic, manageable, cost-effective, and adaptable architecture that givesadministrators unprecedented programmability,automation, and control.ControlPlaneSwitch:DataPlaneLogicalSwitchMgmt &AnalyticsSwitch:Data & ControlPlane PlaneAPI(e.g. OpenFlow)MgmtSNMP/CLIXMLNETCONFNetworkServicesTraditional Model SDN ModelNetworkServicesNote: Many people have a “pragmatic” view of SDN
    4. 4. 4 Global MarketingConfidentialWhat is Project OpenDaylight?OpenDaylight is an open source project under the LinuxFoundation with the mutual goal of furthering the adoptionand innovation of Software Defined Networking (SDN) throughthe creation of a common industry supported framework.Platinum Gold Silver
    5. 5. 5 Global MarketingConfidentialOpenDaylight FrameworkInitial Code Drop expected in Q3CY13
    6. 6. 6 Global MarketingConfidentialKey SDN Openflow Use CasesMulti-tenant DC (Network Slicing) L4-7 Services & Traffic SteeringWAN /Inter-DCNetworkSDN based Cloudburst & bandwidthoptimizationCloud Burst & BW OptimizationLogical L2SwitchA B C D E FA D C E B FLogical L2SwitchLogical L2SwitchVirtual Data CenterAVDC BWorkloadOrchestratorTenantSDNControllerA B C D E FTenantSDNControllerPOLICIESProductionNetwork(Traditional)Analytics &VisibilitySystemsSDNControllerSDN based TAPNetworkMonitoring & Visibility NetworksDC 1 DC 2
    7. 7. 7 Global MarketingConfidentialGreenfield & CloudEnvironmentsLegacyEnvironmentsHypervisorOverlay(NVO)Dell POV on Software DefinedNetworkingThe only networking vendor with a 3-prong Unbiased Approach• NVO Gateway forVMware & Microsoft• Legacy interoperability• Automation• Open Flow & ControllerinteroperabilityDellSoftware-DefinedNetworking
    8. 8. 8 Global MarketingConfidentialBare metalprovisioningVirtualservernetworkingInteroperability & AutomationSimplifying the complex in today’s Data CenterSmartscriptingFabricmanagementProgrammaticmanagementElementmanagementDell switches also have Interoperability with Cisco/others for layer
    9. 9. 9 Global MarketingConfidentialContact InformationReach Kamesh for additional @kpemmarajuBlog: