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Big data and intelligent platforms


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Big data and intelligent platforms

  1. 1. Big Data & Intelligent Platforms Next Iteration of PaaS for data driven world Krishnan Subramanian Principal Analyst, Rishidot Research Editor,
  2. 2. My CoordinatesWeb: www.rishidot.comBlog: krishnan@krishworld.comTwitter: @krishnan
  3. 3. Great Computing Convergence
  4. 4. Cloud Computing
  5. 5. PaaS Is The Future Of Cloud Services
  6. 6. Social
  7. 7. Mobile
  8. 8. Big Data Pic Credit:
  9. 9. Data Markets
  10. 10. Today Big Data Cloud Computing Social Mobile
  11. 11. TomorrowComputing Convergence Cloud Computing Big Data Social & Mobile
  12. 12. How? Tomorrow Today
  13. 13. Step Back
  14. 14. Application ConsumptionModel No more monolithic applications Web 2.0, Cloud and BYOD Changing Behavior Legacy Apps exist but going away SOA done right?
  15. 15. Today’s App = Composition of Services
  16. 16. Re-Imagine Tomorrow’sAppsWhat if the app could take advantage of the change in consumption model? all pervasive cloud platforms? wealth of Big Data?
  17. 17. Next Gen Intelligent Apps Intelligent Apps Data Store Insights
  18. 18. IT Automation Like Never Before
  19. 19. Not Entirely Hallucinating
  20. 20. Today’s Intelligent Apps Such apps exist today in consumer sector Takes advantage of big data and predictive analytics But it is just a tip of the iceberg Enterprises can take advantage of this in a big way
  21. 21. Some Examples Netflix Amazon Traditional retailers like Target, Walmart, etc Etc.
  22. 22. Tip Of The Iceberg
  23. 23. Developing Intelligent Apps How?
  24. 24. Intelligent PlatformsCharacteristics of next-gen platforms: Big Data at the core with a data as a service component Mobile and Social integrated Polyglot Platforms
  25. 25. Intelligent Platforms
  26. 26. Potential PlayersPaaS ProvidersData MarketsDIY
  27. 27. Flow.netTibco’s Cloud Cousin
  28. 28. Brooklyn Project By CloudSoft
  29. 29. Conclusion Still in early stages Any data centric organization should be thinking about it I really want to hear from practitioners in this room on this
  30. 30. Let Us Continue TheConversation Email: Twitter: @krishnan Website: Blog: