Solving Business Challenges with OpenStack


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The Cloud Operating System powered by OPenStack is increasingly helping businesses to innovate, stay ahead of the competition, and differentiate based on unique expertise. This presentation provides an overview of the business challenges faced by IT departments and service providers and why and how they are looking at OpenStack and open source options to solve these issues. The presentation also covers how Dell is involved in OpenStack community and how it is helping customers succeed with OpenStack with its comprehensive end-to-end solutions powered by OpenStack at its core.

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Solving Business Challenges with OpenStack

  1. 1. Solving Business Challenges with OpenStack .
  2. 2. Revolutionary Cloud Solutions2 Confidential What Enterprises IT Departments and Service Providers Live with Today 7/26/2013 Legacy Silos Ability Disparate silos managed separately Too complex to affordably fix Infrastructure not performing Skills or resources not available Stranded or unused islands of assets Unable to keep up the needs of the organization Slow Under- utilization Complexity Scale Unable to scale cost effectively
  3. 3. Revolutionary Cloud Solutions Why Are Customers Consider OpenSource Solutions for building their clouds? 3 11/11/2012 • “Implementing private cloud with VMware is too expensive.” • “We’re unable to quickly address consumer demand.” • “We want options for cloud – on premise, off premise, hybrid.” • “I want to be in control of my infrastructure. I want to stop building it from scratch!” • “We want to develop our own features rather than wait for vendors - it’s faster, more cost efficient, and specific to our environment.” • “The cost to implement private cloud at scale with VMware is a dead end.” • “Traditional cloud offerings are incomplete, unable to massively scale, difficult to manage.” Pain: Cost Pain: Control Pain: Scale Open source clouds are cost effective Open source clouds allow operators to control their software Open source clouds are proven at scale Open source clouds allow companies to innovate on open platforms and frameworks and to accelerate their time-to-market by leveraging community building and collaboration
  4. 4. Revolutionary Cloud and Big Data Solutions "We are moving to the cloud powered by OpenStack to enable agility, availability and the innovation necessary to get the best products to our customers, faster than our competitors." - Saran Mandair, Senior Director of PayPal Infrastructure Engineering Confidential4 7/26/2013
  5. 5. Revolutionary Cloud Solutions ”We knew we had to reinvent the job of a traditional hosting company and quickly detach ourselves from competition by being innovative and specialized in a specific area of expertise: choosing OpenStack was a way to do so” - Raphael Ferreira, CEO, eNovance” 5 Confidential 7/26/2013
  6. 6. Revolutionary Cloud Solutions 7/26/2013Confidential6 Cloud to enable new workloads and/or business models that scale massively Cloud to retrofit existing, legacy workloads/IT infrastructure to improve agility and efficiency New Workloads – Financial Services data analysis & forecasting – Map/Reduce data analytics – Other distributed, Web 2.0 apps – Apps are cloud aware. They manage Resiliency, HA, failover, and scale Revolutionary Evolutionary Target Markets: Advanced Private Clouds (innovation labs, Advanced Technology labs, startups), Public Clouds (Hosting providers, SaaS, Service Providers, New Biz – Cloud infrastructure services – E-commerce – Streaming media services – Online gaming Private Players: OpenStack, Cloudstack, Eucalyptus, OpenNebula, Nimbula Public Cloud Players: Amazon, Rackspace Legacy Workloads – SAP, People Soft, Sharepoint, SQL, Home grown, Client server based – Monolithic code base, scale vertically – HA, resiliency, failover is in the infrastructure Workload Profiles and Target Markets Existing Biz – Focus on operational efficiencies – Better IT responsiveness in for workloads delivery, reduce VM sprawl, pooled infrastructure, & reduced infrastructure mgmt cost Private Players: VMWare, Microsoft, Citrix Public Cloud Players: Savvis, Terremark, HP Target Markets: Mainstream virtualization market, Large market focused on transformation of existing legacy infrastructure (most enterprises)
  7. 7. Revolutionary Cloud Solutions Takeaways from Open Source Competitive Analysis • Openstack is gaining far more momentum and awareness in the community and industry than its two main competitors. • In particular, OpenStack is gaining much more traction internationally. • OpenStack Production deployments are increasing as the feature set and reliability of the project matures with regular feature updates and accelerated code contributions faster than the competition. Confidential7 7/26/2013 COMPANIES TOTAL CONTRIBUTORS AVERAGE MONTHLY CONTRIBUTORS 1,036 238 231 10,149 INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS
  8. 8. Revolutionary Cloud Solutions Dell and OpenStack Market Offerings • FIRST hardware solutions vendor to back OpenStack • FIRST OpenStack integrated Solution in market • FIRST OpenStack deployment solution: Crowbar • Industry recognition of Dell leadership • Regular releases, webinars, white papers, case studies, press coverage, etc Community Advocacy • Sponsor of each OpenStack Conference to date • Lead monthly Austin & Boston OpenStack meetups • Numerous cloud / community events worldwide OpenStack Governance • Gold-level sponsor of new OpenStack Foundation • 2 seats on Foundation Board of Directors • Active participation in developing community bylaws, code of conduct, etc Crowbar • Winning, differentiated Dell IP • Owner / Leader of Crowbar OSS community • 470 followers; 31,000+ Crowbar site hits in 90 days • 2,000+ downloads in 6 months • 2nd most active Dell Listserv • Multiple “Hack Days” – 100s of world-wide participants • Corp contributors include Intel, Suse, Rackspace, others 8 11/8/2012
  9. 9. Revolutionary Cloud Solutions Dell OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solution GtM Strategy Confidential9 7/26/2013 Approach 1. Thought leadership 2. Build/collaborate with customers 3. Complete end-to-end solution (Dell IP– Reference Architecture) 4. Active community leadership Initial Target Market • Telcos, Hosters, Service Providers • Clear concise HW, SW, Services revenue model Solution Strategy • HW + SW + Services + Support (Cloud Taxonomy) • Minimum viable product (MVP) - Dell Portfolio Integration • Unique Dell IP (Crowbar) Leverage… • Open source technologies and communities • Partners and best-of-breed vendors • Ecosystem Partners - partners who fill gaps • Platform Partners – partners with complete solutions • Distributions – vendors with validated versions of OpenStack • Community • Contribute, participate, lead in OpenStack • Crowbar
  10. 10. Revolutionary Cloud Solutions The Complete Taxonomy Confidential10 7/26/2013 Physical HVAC Power Facility Compute Storage Network Resource Abstraction Control Layer Storage virtualization Hypervisor Operating System Resource Allocation Access Control Monitoring Network virtualization Service Layer (IaaS) Volume Object Identity Network Compute Image PaaS/SaaS services sit on top of this stack along with other any specific vertical solutions such as VDI, HPC, CDN etc. Depending on the nature of the cloud application, various components of the stack below need to be selected and tuned for the specific requirements of that application Cloud Service Management Business Support Acct/Billing Pricing/Audit Inventory Cust Mgmt Provisioning/Conf Configuration Metering Inventory Provisioning Portability/ Interoperability PEC 6220, 8000, PER 720 EQL Logic Force 10 Ceph OVS Ubuntu, SLES KVM, XEN, Hyper-V Nagios, Ganglia Crowbar DMCM