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Open stack icehouse microsoftupdate


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The key areas of discussion focus on the following:
• What is available for integration within OpenStack as of the IceHouse release.
• Recent updates for Windows Technologies in Nova, Cinder, and Neutron projects
• An overview of the Hyper-V CI process including sneak peeks into upcoming infrastructure changes for Juno/K Releases
• Technology additions to support Windows within the OpenStack ecosystem.
• Summit Debrief and Juno Planning Outlined.

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Open stack icehouse microsoftupdate

  2. 2.  Live in Stoneham, MA  Education: Philosophy (RIC), Telecom Sec & Digital Forensics (BU)  Certifications: CISSP, MCSE+I, MCT, OCP, Network+  18+ Years in Datacenter, Network, and Application infrastructure and automation.  Working within the OSS community focused on Window/Linux interoperability for 11+ years professionally  Active in Infragard (2011) & ISSA (2010) communities  Working within the OpenStack community for over 3 years
  3. 3. Agenda  To provide and overview of functionality available within the OpenStack ecosystem for Microsoft Technologies.  Provide an overview of technologies that may enhance your experience with Windows and OpenStack.  Give a high level overview of the OpenStack Continuous Integration for Hyper-V.  Provide a sneak peak into what’s brewing in the next two releases for OpenStack and Microsoft technologies.
  4. 4. IceHouse Goals  Continuous Integration  Establish a CI infrastructure that responds to upstream commits  Stability  Maintain parity and stability within current OpenStack projects  OpenVSwitch for Hyper-V  Enable Vswitch interoperability between Windows and KVM through OpenVswitch
  5. 5. Nova Compute  Python stack runs natively on the Windows Platform  Windows 8, 8.1 (Dev Only)/ Hyper-V/Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2012R2(Havana+)  Near feature parity with KVM  Hyper-V Native features like shared nothing live migration  MSIs: Full integration with all necessary components for the best possible OpenStack experience expected by Windows Users and Cloud Administrators.  Get it now: use_2014_1.msi
  6. 6. Horizon/FreeRDP Web Connect  Seamlessly integrated RDP support in Icehouse, on both Nova and Horizon.  Specify the url of your FreeRDP-WebConnect service in the Hyper-V Nova compute nodes as detailed below and restart the nova- compute service.   This is direct access of Guest console through Hyper-V  Runs on Most recent Windows or Linux.   MSI installer also available: 
  7. 7. Nova Continous Integration  Came alive in mid January 2014  Built and maintained by a small team of highly skilled engineers  Undercloud of KVM on Centos providing virtualized Ubuntu Devstack Controllers  Two Physical Hyper-V nodes per Controller dynamically assembled  All layers automated through native operating system tools, puppet, or shell scripting.  Executes a Tempest run for every upstream commit  Automation and Scripts:  
  8. 8. Neutron  Icehouse focuse on stability to Neutron Hyper-V driver code  Addition of Continuous Integration for the Hyper-V driver and Neutron code.  CI: Nested Networking tests network functionality up to VLAN encapsulation with the existing Hyper-V Driver.  Fully integrated configuration and installation built into the Hyper-v Nova compute driver.  OpenVSwitch for Hyper-V!!!!!!!!!!
  9. 9. OpenVSwitch for Hyper-V   Apache 2.0 Licensed and publicly available User Space: Kernel Driver:  All Open vSwitch userspace tools and daemons (e.g. ovs-vsctl, ovs- vswitchd) run natively on Windows or Hyper-V server.  OVSDB database  Newly developed Hyper-V virtual switch forwarding extension  Provides the same set of tools available on Linux with a seamless integration in the Hyper-V networking model  Fully interoperable GRE and VXLAN encapsulation.
  10. 10. OpenVSwitch for Hyper-V  MSI installer that takes care of installing all the required Windows services for the obsdb-server and ovs-vswitchd daemons  Supports fully automated installation and wrapping in your favorite DevOps tools set.
  11. 11. Heat: templates for Windows Workloads   Active Directory Domain Controller  Exchange 2013  IIS  MsSQL Server 2012  Sharepoint 2013  Puppet Agent
  12. 12. Juju and MAAS with Windows.   Native Juju Execution on Windows Platforms  Juju charms for:  Active Directory  IIS  SQL Server  Exchange  SharePoint  Lync  Hyper-V OpenStack Compute
  13. 13. Juno Pans  Nova and Cinder SMB3 integration  Nova x509 based Windows password-less authentication   Generation 2 VMs  Nova serial console  Nova soft reboot  Nova host power actions
  14. 14. Juno Part 2  Nova SMB shared storage  This is like NFS shared instance storage in libvirt  Nova / Neutron Hyper-V SR-IOV pass-through  Nova Hyper-V clustering support  Ironic Hyper-V integration
  15. 15. Juno Part 3  Nova rescue  Nova RemoteFX support  Proposed in Havana  GPU shares assigned to VMs for specific GFX optimization, VDI use case - not GPU computation  share is based on the amount of video memory  Finite resource, requested via the flavor and require scheduler knowledge of the resource  GPU support for DirectX11 required on the host
  16. 16. The End  Contact Information  Peter Pouliot CISSP  E:  IRC: primeministerp  Skype: primeministerpete