Dell openstack cloud with inktank ceph – large scale customer deployment


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This was my presentation at the OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong, November 2013. Learn detail around a unique deployment of the Dell OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solution with Inktank Ceph installed at a large nationally recognized American University that specializes in cancer and genomic research. The University had a need to provide a scalable, secure, centralized data repository to support approximately 900 researchers and an ever-expanding number of research projects and rapidly expanding universe of data. The Dell and Inktank cloud storage solution addresses these storage challenges with an open source solution that leverages the Dell Crowbar Framework and Reference Architecture. After assessing a number of traditional storage scenarios, the University partnered with Dell and Inktank to architect a centralized cloud storage platform that is capable of scaling seamlessly and rapidly, is cost-effective, and that can leverage a single hardware infrastructure, with Dell Power Edge R-720XD servers and the Dell Reference Architecture for their OpenStack compute and storage environment.  

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Dell openstack cloud with inktank ceph – large scale customer deployment

  1. 1. Dell OpenStack Cloud with Inktank Ceph A Large Scale Customer Deployment Kamesh Pemmaraju Senior Product Manager Dell @kpemmaraju Blog:
  2. 2. Dell’s commitment to OpenStack • First OpenStack cloud solution provider • Pioneering OpenStack partner Only tier 1 day 1 hardware provider • Deep partner ecosystem with single point of service and support • Crowbar development and stewardship Championed open source deployment tool • Dell OpenStack experts continually invest in the community • Gold Foundation Member with 2 board positions “Dell … was one of the first of the hardware vendors to grasp the fact that cloud is about provisioning services, not about the hardware.” Maxwell Cooter, Cloud Pro Save on licensing fees Innovate aggressively Scale operations efficiently
  3. 3. Dell OpenStack-powered solutions Complete cloud infrastructure powered by OpenStack Simplify the experience • OpenStack leadership, expertise, innovation and solutions engineering Accelerate • Complete solutions combine software, hardware and services time to productive operations Optimize solution performance Deliver the best return on investment • Proven platforms and reference architectures • Robust partnerships across the ecosystem • Full service consulting from assessment through implementation and management • Integrated support for enterprise deployment
  4. 4. Deploy an OpenStack cloud in ~2 hours Evolve to meet your needs over time with built in DevOps Use Crowbar to: • Automate deployment and configuration of an OpenStack cloud Crowbar operations platform • Quickly provision bare-metal servers from box to cluster with minimal intervention • Simply maintain, upgrade & evolve your cloud over time • Leverage open source framework backed by a growing global developer ecosystem Accelerates multi-node deployments Simplifies maintenance Streamlines ongoing updates
  5. 5. Dell OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solution Validated reference architecture built and delivered by Dell Proven solutions Develop, deploy, & deliver your own cloud • Validated reference architecture with infrastructure, software and services • Open cloud infrastructure to drive innovation and flexibility Key components Dell Crowbar Operations Platform Software OpenStack Grizzly software release Dell PowerEdge C8000, C6220, R720, R720xd Dell Force10 S60 and S4810 Switches Dell Multi-Cloud Manager support  Quickly offer new cloud services Inktank Ceph storage support  Lower software licensing costs Deployment Guide  Help mitigate the risks of cloud computing Dell services, implementation and support
  6. 6. What is Ceph? Traditional enterprise storage
  7. 7. Ceph Unified Storage OBJECT STORAGE BLOCK STORAGE FILE SYSTEM S3 & Swift Snapshots POSIX Multi-tenant Clones Linux Kernel Keystone OpenStack CIFS/NFS GeoReplication Native API Linux Kernel HDFS iSCSI Distributed Metadata
  8. 8. Ceph with OpenStack
  9. 9. Overcoming a data deluge Inconsistent data management across research teams hampers productivity • Growing data sets challenged available resources • Research data distributed across laptops, USB drives, local servers, HPC clusters • Transferring datasets to HPC clusters took too much time and clogged shared networks • Distributed data management reduced researcher productivity and put data at risk
  10. 10. Solution: a storage cloud Centralized storage cloud based on OpenStack and Ceph • Flexible, fully open-source infrastructure based on Dell reference design − OpenStack, Crowbar and Ceph − Standard PowerEdge servers and storage − 400+ TBs at less than 41¢ per gigabyte • Distributed scale-out storage provisions capacity from a massive common pool − Scalable to 5 petabytes • Data migration to and from HPC clusters via dedicated 10Gb Ethernet fabric • Easily extendable framework for developing and hosting additional services − Simplified backup service now enabled “We’ve made it possible for users to satisfy their own storage needs with the Dell private cloud, so that their research is not hampered by IT.” David L. Shealy, PhD Faculty Director, Research Computing Chairman, Dept. of Physics
  11. 11. Building a research cloud Project goals extend well beyond data management “We envision the OpenStack-based cloud to act as the gateway to our HPC resources, not only as the purveyor of services we provide, but also enabling users to build their own cloud-based services.” John-Paul Robinson, System Architect • Designed to support emerging data-intensive scientific computing paradigm – 12 x 16-core compute nodes – 1 TB RAM, 420 TBs storage – 36 TBs storage attached to each compute node • Virtual servers and virtual storage meet HPC − Direct user control over all aspects of the application environment − Ample capacity for large research data sets • Individually customized test/development/ production environments − Rapid setup and teardown • Growing set of cloud-based tools & services − Easily integrate shareware, open source, and commercial software
  12. 12. Research Computing System (Next Gen) A cloud-based computing environment with high speed access to dedicated and dynamic compute resources UAB Research Network Cloud services layer Virtualized server and storage computing cloud based on OpenStack, Crowbar and Ceph Open Stack node Open Stack node Open Stack node Open Stack node Open Stack node Open Stack node Open Stack node Open Stack node Open Stack node 10Gb Ethernet HPC Cluster DDR Infiniband HPC Storage HPC Cluster QDR Infiniband Open Stack node Open Stack node Open Stack node
  13. 13. For more information: Visit us at Dell booth #B10 Visit Email: Breakout Sessions in Expo Breakout Room 1 OpenStack in the Enterprise: Customers Prove It Thursday, 9:50 AM Panel on Application Portability Thursday, 3:30 PM Contact Kamesh Pemmaraju @kpemmaraju Blog: