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JZ Deck


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Published in: Travel, Business
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JZ Deck

  1. 1. traveling isn’t easy
  2. 2. Lots to remember confirmations, meetingsNeed for constant updates delays, weather, trafficSometimes you want to be social sometimes notFrequent travelers want everything in one placeEveryone wants an easy and elegant user experience traveling isn’t easy
  3. 3. No productfits all these needsSorry, there is nothing matching your search
  4. 4. our solution an evolved travel marketplace +management system
  5. 5. Organized plans, intuitive marketplaceemphasis on best in class mobileFull social controls to turn on/offmeet, share, build a wish listBeautiful user experienceThe little thingsdesigned by frequent travelers, for frequent travelers our solution
  6. 6. the team
  7. 7. Nick Farina Kiran Patel Joe RazzaCo-Founder & CEO Founder & CTO Design Director8 years entrepreneurial 10 years technical & 8 years professional& marketing experience product experience design experienceTravels +100K miles/yr Winner of Excellence Lead designer of the Award at Sprint Nextel Walgreens iPad App Key AdvisorsRandy Petersen Jan Grayson “Frequent Flyer 50”Founder, FlyerTalk Former CIO, Holiday Inn Beta group the team
  8. 8. user acquisition
  9. 9. Early & ContinualWord of mouth,community building, video,media relations Growth Stage & OnwardPartnerships with smaller SEM & SEOOTAs, associations,innovative airlines and Display & print advertisinghotels Large-scale partnershipsEmail marketing with major airlines, hotels, SMEs, and airports user acquisition
  10. 10. competition
  11. 11. Acquired Q1 2011 for Strength in Assists with$120M, with 2M Blackberry market managing miles &users has ‘leader boards’ No true differenceOutdated UX, basic from TripIt in UX or Low tractionsocial functionality, feature setlimited feature set competition
  12. 12. Single-feature sitesMany sites offer a piece of the puzzle such as:deals, information & delay information...but do not present the complete package thattravelers want competition
  13. 13. marketglobal business travel just surpassed $1T
  14. 14. Business travel industry Online & MobileTAM: $13B+ in U.S. alone The fastest-growing travel*averaging 2% revenue on unmanaged segmentstravel bookings, top 1% of frequent flyerprogram members for Elite account 76% of people use internet toUnmanaged travel growing plan & organize travel, mobilestrongly (fewer people have bookings predicted to hit 8%assistants) for 2012 (Google)Business travelers are highspendersOur product will also capitalize on BRIC and Middle Easternmarkets that are experiencing rapid business travel growthand adoption of new technologies market
  15. 15. business model
  16. 16. Advertising Premium Lead GenAbility to target at $59/yr Elite account Hotels, flights, cars,all stages of travel with an enhanced etc. feature setWeb-based and Referral averagesmobile advertising $5 per booking *hotels more than airfare business model
  17. 17. why we will win
  18. 18. User Innovative & Experienceintuitive features Clean, crisp,By frequent travelers, elegantfor frequent travelers Best in-class One-stop social functionality approach Meet new people, current connections, True travel or nobody companion why we will win
  19. 19. where are we now?where are we going?
  20. 20. Where are we now?Alpha product built Where are we going?Founders provided startupcapital Current focus: email parsing systemInitial industry exposure & mobilecontacts established early user acquisition adding useful features4 months real-life markettesting where are we going
  21. 21. Contact Nick Farina847-341-2718