Rally final Presentation 072412


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Technology Entrepreneurship Venture Lab Summer 2012 Class. Final Team Presentation developed by Aziz Ergashev, Kunal Tandon, and Adam Weiner.

Presentation provides an overview of Rally, our company we're currently developing to help you plan the moments that matter with the people that matter.

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Rally final Presentation 072412

  1. 1. Helping you plan the moments that matter with the people that matter. TheRallyHub.com
  2. 2. ProblemE-mail is not a planning tool. It can be easily ignored, missed, orlost; chains can quickly devolve into 40-50 irrelevant messagethreads.Social Media serves a different purpose for each individual. Notevery person in a group is active on social media.Phone calls aren’t easy to schedule for large groups and dontfoster easy communication between multiple people. What did you take away from that call?Contact: founders@TheRallyHub.com
  3. 3. SolutionCreate a dedicated web-based platform for individualsto come together, collaborate, and coordinate whenplanning big social events in their lives.Access Anywhere, AnytimeMake decisions simpleArchive memoriesContact: founders@TheRallyHub.com
  4. 4. Market OpportunityMany people travel in groups for many differentoccasions (leisure). They spend a ton of $$$ too. Girls 1.5 billion person-trips or Guys 42m logged for leisure purposes Trips bachelor or bachelorette by U.S. residents 27m $564 billion in 2011 Fantasy spent on leisure travel Football 27m Spring 3 out of 4 domestic trips Break are for leisure purposesContact: founders@TheRallyHub.com
  5. 5. User Acquisition $.50 X 5% = $1.00 Cost-per-Click Conversion Rate Customer Acquisition Cost 12 months $6.00 Revenue-per-Customer Average Customer Length per MonthContact: founders@TheRallyHub.com
  6. 6. Key Potential PartnersTransportation Lodging EntertainmentContact: founders@TheRallyHub.com
  7. 7. Market Landscape Trip Planning Invitation Food & Drink EntertainmentContact: founders@TheRallyHub.com
  8. 8. Monetization$ Serve highly relevant/targeted ads to users who are in the search and decision-making stages of the planning process.$ Take a small fee on all payment transactions completed through our website.$ Display sponsored recommendations, and featured service providers. Allow reservations to be made directly from our site, and collect referral fees.$ Display relevant deals, and offers that will be of interest to our users during their events.$ Premium paid features for power users, who are interested in increased service functionality/flexibility for professional purposes.Contact: founders@TheRallyHub.com
  9. 9. Future Activate marketing tactics: reach out, and promote our Form strategic Build core product to Build more features partnerships with functionality for influencers in for the site: relevant brands to web: polls, important verticals payments, event fuel increased growth forums, templates, targeted reminders, invite ads, photos, user friends, activity recommendations dashboardToday Tomorrow Release mobile Invite friends/family app, allowing to test initial users to carry functionality of site- Open fully designed site to everyone, out core begin to iterate on functions of the feedback/criticisms with product/ functionality service improvements based on feedback Contact: founders@TheRallyHub.com
  10. 10. Founders Aziz Ergashev Kunal Tandon Adam Weiner Technical BD/Product Marketing/Product Aziz Ergashev is an engineer with more Kunal Tandon is a lifelong learner, with a Adam Weiner is always finding reasons to than 5 years industry experience in passion for entrepreneurship, business connect with his friends and family software development earned his Masters development, and marketing.  He holds a through extraordinary experiences. And degree in Computer Science at MUM. He BA in International Studies from Emory after planning, enjoying, and occasionally gained hands-on experience with startups University.  Having worked in a set of missing trips, its his passion to develop a such as www.kpi.com and diverse industries including finance, better way to collaborate, plan, and www.tebecom.com where he has been technology, and shipping; Kunal brings a ensure these memories arent lost. He engaged in all phases of development unique perspective to the table. As a has a diverse background in finance, lifecycle, starting from inception of idea, to person who has always  been fascinated branding and advertising and believes in transition, to ready product. His life motto "I with the way people connect, and interact, learning by doing. will either find a way or make one." Having it makes perfect sense that this would be a an unpleasant experience by being the project Kunal would pursue.  Having organizer of birthday parties and get- planned two spring breaks, and two togethers in the past, he has been excited bachelor parties, he is still waiting on the to find a solution to the problem with like hundreds of dollars he will likely never be minded people. paid back.Contact: founders@TheRallyHub.com