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Hackers guide to UX - 2017


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Aimed at the connected homes, this presentation aims to educate hackathon goers on where UX is framed within the context of product and technology and provide quicks tips and tools to get started with UX.

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Hackers guide to UX - 2017

  1. 1. The hackers guide to UX v0102 Danny Bluestone - November 2017
  2. 2. • About • The world we live in • The lean approach • What is UX • Overarching principles • Tactics TODAY… TODAY
  3. 3. Powered by user-centred design, data and technology WE DELIVER TRANSFORMATION
  4. 4. The world we live in 1
  5. 5. Google sets AI standards Apple sets UI standards THE WORLD WE LIVE IN
  6. 6. Amazon sets shopping standards Facebook sets social standards THE WORLD WE LIVE IN
  7. 7. WEARABLES Would you be interested in wearing a sensor device assuming it was from a brand?
  8. 8. But not everything is a high-tech euphoria
  9. 9.
  10. 10. The real world is not a hi-tech euphoria
  11. 11. MY NEIGHBOUR
  12. 12. THE PROBLEM
  13. 13. The lean approach 2
  14. 14. USER CENTRED DESIGN CULTURE MARKETING TECHNOLOGY PROCESS BRAND DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION User experience research, architecture and design People-focused performance Strategy, analytics and optimisation Progressive web application and system development Project management and agile operations Vision and platform development OUR DIAMOND PUTS THING IN PERSPECTIVE
  15. 15. WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS Product, UX and Technology can converge into one cohesive omni-channel CX UX The experience Magic H um an connection - Accessible - Personalised - Persuasion - Infrastructure - Software engineering - Hardware - Strategic - Data driven - Marketable Product The proposition Technology The execution
  16. 16. PROBLEM Ethnography to research customer problems and find opportunities. What will be the triggers and 
 motivations? LEAN CANVAS SOLUTION Start with task tables and move into prototypes. Bake in ‘shareability’ and distribution in from outset Consideration:
 Alternatives and mental models KEY METRICS Put customer satisfaction 
 at the core and think
 about the KPIs you will use UVP Make sure your UVP is clear within your messaging and brand strategy. Can you build in connection tools? Consideration:
 Education curve, brand awareness as well as 
 retention. CHANNELS Which channels will you use and why, think about availability, consistency and seamlessness UNFAIR ADVANTAGE Your brand’s infrastructure, personalisation and your psychological ‘hook model’ CUSTOMER SEGMENTS List your personas and verify them with real people. Use your personas to inform your designs. CYBER-DUCK LTD Consideration:
 Early adopters, different generations,
 rewards COST STRUCTURE From a UX perspective, plan the importance of ongoing design, usability reviews, CRO, quality assurance and organic marketing. Is there a way to crowd source features and content? Can you 
 create a tribe of early adopters within your CRM? REVENUE STREAMS How can you build in co-efficient revenue models to minimise advertising costs? Think about how you can increase user retention and ‘bake’ in reward models as well as up-selling and partnerships. Through a UX lens
  17. 17. What is UX 2
  18. 18. The overall experience of a person using a product such as a website or computer application, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use. According to Wikipedia
  19. 19. UX IS NOT UI Strategy User centred design Ethnography Use case analysis Stakeholder interviews Feature audits User interviews Usability plans Data analysis Persona driven design Task analysis Information architecture Prototyping Wireframing Usability studies Graphics Iconography Interface design Visual design Strategy User centred design Ethnography Use case analysis Stakeholder interviews Feature audits User interviews Usability plans Data analysis Persona driven design Task analysis Information architecture Prototyping Wireframing Usability studies Graphics Iconography Interface design Visual design HOW UX HAS BEEN VIEWED (“THE WHAT”) HOW UX NEEDS TO BE VIEWED (“THE WHY”)
  20. 20. I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. Maya Angelou, Artist and activist
  21. 21. Overarching principles 3
  22. 22. BEFORE GAME DURING GAME AFTER GAME Search Researching / finding what I need TOUCHPOINTS PAINPOINTS App store Register Play a game Leave Invite a friend Play Review score Win prize Lose friends Get free upgrade Take money Further points Special offer - new game Return home Invite friends to new game View game stats Game budget Convert points In game payment Rewards Figuring out how many lives are left Viewing my score Google Friend Social media Advert Other App Website App Website Points statement HAPPY FRUSTRATED EMPATHY MAP MODEL
  23. 23. Functional Professional Behavioural The intent of these personas derive from a distinct intent or situation they may be in. e.g. a mother of child booking an appointment The needs of this persona are based on their overarching professional or job needs. Behavioural needs are based on personality and / or distinct habitual traits. e.g. IFA regularly checking his client’s account balance e.g. a calculative traveller budgeting their holiday money Demographic The goals of these personas largely stem from a ‘rounded’ social, age or economical class. e.g. children left home and need additional support PERSONA MODEL
  24. 24. CORE MODEL
  25. 25. Tactics 4
  26. 26. SYSTEM MAPPING TOOL To create system, sitemaps and app maps
  29. 29. A visual design toolSKETCH
  30. 30. MARVEL APP Quickly produce interactive prototypes with no coding
  31. 31. UX RESEARCH Conduct online usability testing with verify app
  32. 32. Take aways 5
  34. 34. CONCLUSION • Think about the product first, where the experience fits in and the tech stack • Get sketching as soon as you can, start with the most ridiculous ideas • Prototype early and do field research • Your pitches will need to show what the ‘experience’ is about
  35. 35. Thank you We help brands run UX workshops and hackathons, get in touch for more info: @danny_bluestone @cyberduck_uk