EyeforTravel - Travel Distribution Executive Conference (2008)


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America’s biggest networking event for online travel suppliers and distributors.


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EyeforTravel - Travel Distribution Executive Conference (2008)

  1. 1. Register before 18 July Travel Distribution to SAvE $300 Summit N. America 2008 on your conference pass 1-2 October, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas ! The Travel Distribution Executive Conference america’s biggest networking event for online travel suppliers and distributors - Meet and do business with 800+ of your potential customers and partners in just 2 days OPTIMIZE YOUR WEBSITE, LOWER YOUR Learn from the global leaders in travel DISTRIBUTION COSTS, & THRIvE IN TIMES Of ECONOMIC UNCERTAINTY • Hear how the rise of next-generation travel intermediaries will change the distribution landscape Frank Petito, SVP Corporate Development, Orbitz Worldwide Noreen Henry, VP Hotels and Packaging, Travelocity • Find out how to sell more travel even in a period of economic downturn • Maintain the profitability of your online advertising Tammy Peter, VP Global William Koo, Chief Marketing campaigns despite rising costs Distribution Strategy, Wyndham Strategist, Castle Hotels and Hotel Group Resorts • Discover how to enhance your website content and usability to increase traffic and improve conversion rates Brian Robb, SVP Corporate David Gross, SVP Global Airline • Assess how evolution and innovation in the GDS Development, The Mark Travel Distribution, Sabre Travel Corporation Network space will impact distribution • Get valuable insights in customer behavior and fine- tune your distribution strategy for maximum results • Use social media, widgets, mobile and videos to Matthew Cummack, SVP Keith Melnick, EVP Corporate distribute to a wider audience Lodging, Expedia Development, Kayak SPONSORS Ken Penny, Sr. Director, e-Commerce and Distribution Kristen Celko, VP Marketing, Planning, Continental Airlines STA Travel Get 3 COnferenCeS fOr the PrICe Of 1! Book now and gain unlimited access to all tHRee tRavel distRiBution summit confeRences - full details inside
  2. 2. “EyeforTravel delivered a proactive, forward-thinking and highly relevant agenda, with great speakers, excellent discussions and frank audience interaction. A great opportunity to network and participate in innovative discussion about the present – and the future – of America’s travel industry” Dena yahya, General Manager, Onetime.com, on last year’s Conference For over a decade, the Travel Distribution Summit in the travel distribution landscape. As for the Web 2.0 opportunities, everyone’s North America has been renowned for bringing At the Conference, we’ll firmly address the talking about social networking, user-generated together thousands of marketing, technology and overriding issue on travel professionals’ agenda content, online communities, blogs, RSS, videos, distribution executives. Quite simply, our shows right now: Weathering the storm and staying podcast videos and podcasts. And travel go from strength to strength. We attract world profitable. You’ll discover how to maximize the customers are using these dynamic new online class speakers. And we create an environment potential rewards of embracing Web 2.0 – and resources more and more frequently. Which where business is not only talked about – but ensuring your business grows, whatever happens features are most important? Which can remain also gets done. Thanks to our unrivalled to the economy – by optimizing your website, lower priority? What are the implications for power to bring together high-powered people targeting the right people, and reducing your partnerships? And how do you actually monetize who recognize the vital importance of finding current distribution costs. the ‘bells and whistles’ that every self-respecting new inventory, new routes to market, and new website appears to need? As for widgets and Take a look at the Conference Agenda and business partners who can help turn strategy mobiles… budget-eater or money-maker? We’ll see how the emphasis is on taking business into lucrative reality, this event is a must-attend give you the information you need to decide what intelligence – plus lessons learned by the global for so many. will work best for your business – and what can leaders in travel distribution – and applying it to This year, two factors make your attendance be safely put on hold for now. boost your own bottom line. The sessions on more important than ever before. Firstly, distribution, for example, will help you achieve With hundreds of the world’s most successful because 2008 is turning out to be a year of great maximum value, by enabling you to pinpoint travel distribution experts in the same room as economic uncertainty. And secondly, because exactly how you should adjust your current you, you are guaranteed to meet the people who history shows us that rocky economic times also strategy to better exploit the evolving landscape, can help take your business to the next level, create a climate of opportunity. For those of us the latest moves by online intermediaries, and no matter which way the economic wind blows. in travel, this opportunity may well have arrived in developments in the GDS space. Reserve your place right away, before the ‘Sold the shape of Web 2.0, along with the latest shifts Out’ sign appears again. Gain Unlimited Access to Three Co-Located Conferences with One Pass and Choose from Over Twenty In-depth Sessions! This year we have co-located three conferences three conferences, meaning that you can choose conference experience by selecting the sessions under one roof to provide you with the from over twenty in-depth sessions examining that suit your areas of expertise and come away opportunity to network with a greater variety and Technology, Ancillary Revenue, CRM, Revenue with a wealth of information and a list of contacts number of travel executives. And purchasing Management, Pricing, Distribution, eCommerce that simply isn’t available anywhere else. one conference pass gives you access to all and Online Marketing. Tailor your two-day DAY 1 DAY 2 Networking Cocktail Party 5-7pm at the close of day one TRaVEL REVEnuE anCiLLaRy THE TRaVEL REVEnuE anCiLLaRy DisTRibuTiOn ManagEMEnT REVEnuE DisTRibuTiOn ManagEMEnT REVEnuE ExECuTiVE & PRiCing in in TRaVEL ExECuTiVE & PRiCing in in TRaVEL COnfEREnCE TRaVEL COnfEREnCE TRaVEL Role of innovation How can ancillary Digital Trends ancillary Revenue in Online Travel pricing in an Revenue Benefit Travel? for 2008 from a-Z Economic slowdown Which products to Forecasting Consumer Response MO RNIN G MO RNIN G The Rise of next- Offer, and When? Customer to ancillary Revenue Generation Travel Behavior intermediaries align Distribution managing ancillary With Revenue Revenue internally impact of Changing is ancillary Revenue How to sell Travel in an management and Externally Online advertising Fare structures on Rm program Consistent Economic Downturn Campaigns with Your Brand? profit Optimization LUNCH BREAK LUNCH BREAK The staying power of Traditional Tour Operators The Role of Revenue profile Customers Consumer-Centric with precise products managers Third-party Revenue management AFT E RN O ON AFT E RN O ON meta-search: Technology and Who, How & When using social media to ancillary Revenue Enhance Distribution ancillary Revenue small & independent and loyalty Dynamic packaging Hotels Website The Evolution Rm techniques for a Customers Optimization of the GDs Groups & meeting space Willingness to pay Rm and Condos This is a visual representation and is not a timed agenda REGISTER NOW AT www.eyefortravel.com/tdsusa
  3. 3. Day One: How is the Distribution Landscape Evolving and How Can you Benefit? October 1st: 8.45am – 7.30pm 11.20 – 12.00: session 2: • At what point do your potential customers decide to use Meta Search? And how do they 8.45 – 9.15: Keynote Presentation: Expert financial advice: get there? The Role of innovation in the How to sell Travel in a Time • Will Meta Search continue to grow so fast – and which categories are benefiting most? sale of Online Travel of Economic instability Gregory Saks, Director, Compete • Will downturn lead inevitably to recession – and • How have innovative sales and marketing if so, what can the online travel industry do to 2.20 – 3.50 Networking Coffee Break techniques kept travel as one of the largest and protect itself? fastest moving online verticals from 1999 to now? What is predicted for the future? • What signs should you watch for – and what 3.50 – 5.20: session 3: plans must you have ready to implement? • What role have the GDSs and Online Travel Agencies played in the growth of travel? • Which segments of the travel industry are most How is Evolution and • How have companies like Orbitz, Kayak and vulnerable to economic downturn? innovation in the gDs space TripAdvisor led the way in online innovation? • Will the weak dollar be the primary factor in impacting the Distribution keeping the American hospitality industry • Will social networking actually help sell travel? strong? Landscape? Frank Petito, SVP Corporate Development, • Which international markets are ripe for growth? • How are GDS’s evolving to meet the changing Orbitz Worldwide • Should you target emerging markets – or distribution requirements for travel suppliers 9.15 – 10.50: session 1: concentrate your efforts in Europe and Asia? and travel agents? • How is ownership structure changing the online • Are GDS’s evolving into IT service providers? The Rise of next-generation travel industry – and how is market share What new IT products have they developed to Travel intermediaries: shifting? create efficiencies in distribution and reduce costs? How is the Distribution Jake Fuller, Managing Director, Thomas Weisel Partners • Is GDS technology sufficiently flexible for Landscape shifting? Mark Mahaney, Director of Internet Research, complex fare structures, like Air Canada’s? And • Where do online intermediaries believe their Citigroup Investment Group are GDS’s capable of unbundling? future growth is coming from? Will they invest • Sabre is now using XML standards to entice in online marketing to drive traffic? Or attempt 12.00 – 1.10 Roundtable Lunch Break low-cost carriers like Air Tran. Will we see a full- to steal market share from one another? scale adoption of XML standards across the 1.10 – 1.45: Keynote Presentation: GDS’s? And if so, what impact will this have on • How are online intermediaries driving bookings distribution costs? through search? What Web 2.0 tools are What’s behind the staying • After traditionally avoiding a GDS, why has proving particularly successful? • Travelocity and InterContinental Hotels Group Power of Traditional Tour JetBlue now reversed its decision? Does this have implemented direct connectivity across Operators and Travel agents signal a change in the distribution landscape? • Many third party vendors can equal the their systems. How do XML interfaces between in Leisure Travel richness of GDS content – but how much suppliers and third parties benefit both supplier and customer? • After a decade of foretelling the end of the of the GDS role is being fully eroded by the travel agent, why are they still here? competition? • Farecast was recently sold for $75 million and Kayak is now the fifth biggest travel site in • How have the traditional tour operators and • How are the GNE’s faring? Could GNE the world. With so many consolidations and leisure, unmanaged business travel agents, partnerships – and their willingness to work acquisitions in this space, what is predicted for adapted, evolved and remain a $44 billion together – be their greatest strength? the next phase of evolution? business? David Gross, SVP Global Airline Distribution, • Do OTA’s deliver the same value proposition as • What technology are they utilizing in order Sabre Travel Network meta-search sites? Can they co-exist and form to thrive? Owen Wild, Director of Marketing, North a symbiotic relationship? • Understand the importance of addressing America, Amadeus North America • How can suppliers develop meaningful, one-to-one customer needs and get advice on Tore Wick, VP Business Development, Pegasus achieving this whilst keeping costs down Solutions mutually beneficial relationships with OTA’s? Brian Robb, SVP Corporate Development, If you are a supplier and would like speak on • How can you measure the success of your third this session email helen@eyefortravel.com party distribution strategy? Should you invest The Mark Travel Corporation more resources into third party channels in a 1.45 – 2.20: Presentation: 5.20 – 7.30 Cocktail Party bid to fight back against economic slowdown? Noreen Henry, VP Hotels and Packaging, Meta-search and the Travelocity “Exceptional Tammy Peter, VP Global Distribution Strategy, Consumer: How and When quality of speakers and Wyndham Hotel Group Do Customers use Meta- presentations, and the entire Craig Cooley, VP Business Development, Allotz search Engines? experience was invaluable. I’m William Koo, Chief Marketing Strategist, looking forward to sharing many Castle Hotels and Resorts • In-depth explanation of how consumers behave great ideas with my company” on Meta Search engines: Are they used for Sara Atwell, Director of Sales, Matthew Crummack, SVP Lodging, Expedia flight shopping only – or can Meta Search be Tropicana Las Vegas usefully deployed to sell other travel products 10.50 – 11.20: Networking Coffee Break and services? for More Information Call James Brown on +44 (0) 207 375 7551 - UK
  4. 4. DAY 2: find Out how to Optimize your Website and Capture Online Customers October 2nd: 9.00am – 5.00pm 11.30 – 1.00: session 5: • hat impact will user-generated content have W on your search engine rankings and click- 9.00 – 9.30: Keynote Presentation: Maintain the Profitability through rates? What Digital Trends Will of your Online advertising • How can you use social media to retain and acquire customers? impact your business Campaigns - Even when • Hear from companies have succeed in building in 2008? Costs are Rising an online community to build loyalty • Where should you be focusing your advertising • What are the legal implications of consumer- • Your Consumers are online 24/7 “Always On” – spend online to drive maximum traffic? Local generated media content for hospitality How do you support this? search, long-tail queries, meta-search: Which organizations? What liability do you have? • Align your offline and online message so you channels deliver the best Return Kristen Celko, VP Marketing, STA Travel are always ready online, for what is on Investment? Nathan Clapton, Senior Director, Brand happening offline • How can you generate incremental traffic Distribution, TripAdvisor • Should you make video a centerpiece of through a comprehensive search strategy? Neil Salerno, CHME, CHA, Consultant & your online strategy? And how do you make Author, Hotel Marketing Coach your video message consistent when selling • Ensuring your online adverts are relevant: multiple products? Why is contextual advertising so valuable? 3.20 – 3.50: Networking Coffee Break • How can you balance search and social • According to Forrester Research, 40% of media? people search for something they see in a 3.50 – 5.00: session 7: television or print advert. So how do you close Ted Souder, Midwest Director of Sales, Google the loop between offline marketing and search How to Enhance your Website to deliver the maximum revenue? 9.30 – 11.00: session 4: Content to increase Traffic • How will continued cost inflation impact on update your Online strategy the future of pay-per-click as an effective and improve Conversion Rates advertising model for travel? And how can you • How can you optimize your website to drive to Keep ahead of Changes in create realistic ROI metrics for your pay-per- traffic, highlight your unique selling points and Customer behavior click campaigns? appeal to specific customer segments? • What are the latest changes in online search • Where do blogs, RSS, online videos and social • According to Forrester, 43% of surfers believe behavior – and how are they affecting paid networking fit into your online advertising shopping on travel websites has become search? campaigns? Do they actually deliver a ROI – less useful. Does your website match up to or can you manage without them? the expectations of increasingly demanding • Which Web 2.0 features do travel customers • The best keywords in the right quantity: customers? find most useful? What’s best practice – and how can you • What are the secrets of reducing abandon • Which Web 2.0 tools are really driving take advantage? rates during the research phase – and how bookings for suppliers and online Keith Melnick, EVP Corporate Development, much user-generated content, mapping and intermediaries? Kayak video does it take to capture your customer • What types of content do online travelers along the purchasing path? Charlie Coniglio, VP eCommerce and Global prefer – and which sources are perceived as Distribution, Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group • How can you enhance website design, site being most trustworthy? performance and loading times to significantly Anil Aggarwal, CEO, Milestone Internet • To what extent does user-generated content Marketing (panel) improve conversion rates? influence travel purchasing decisions? “Caribbean Jim” Hobbs, President/Founder, • Larger imagery, easier navigation and • How effective is personalization, customization CheapCaribbean.com additional search options: To what extent do and relevant content as conversion and they improve the user journey – and produce retention tools – and how can you measure 1.00 – 2.00: Roundtable Lunch Break bottom line paybacks? your results? • TripAdvisor is a prime example of deploying 2.00 – 3.20: session 6: • How are social networks and web 2.0 tools user-generated content to dominate search changing customer expectations of online using social Media to engine rankings. How can you integrate UGC travel – and how should you respond? into your own SEO strategy – and boost • Which travel companies truly satisfy the needs Enhance your Distribution your visibility? and preferences of today’s customers? strategy Bob Barnes, CEO, Zonder • Podcasting News reports that the average • Does investing in a social media strategy really More speakers for this session to be deliver return on investment? Or is it more announced soon – please check the American viewer watches at least two videos website for updates online every day. How can you best capitalize about creating brand advocacy? on this? • How do you identify social media sites that Amy Scarth, Head of Research, EyeforTravel your customers use frequently and rely on Interactive Participation to make purchasing decisions? And more This conference has been structured to encourage active Ken Penny, Sr. Director, e-Commerce and importantly – how do you work with them? participation. Not only will you hear stimulating, thought Distribution Planning, Continental Airlines • How do you measure the impact of your social provoking presentations, you’ll have the opportunity to Diane Clarkson, Travel Analyst, have our say & get your questions answered. What’s more media efforts? JupiterResearch there will be ample time to meet, network & do business • How should you promote and protect your with your fellow senior-level executives; at the event, 11.00 – 11.30: Networking Coffee Break brand in the social media space? during the breaks and at our networking drinks party. Book Before July 18 for Early-Bird Discounts
  5. 5. Register on the Secure Website at www.eyefortravel.com/tdsusa The Travel Distribution Register before 18 July to Executive Conference 2008 SAvE $300 on your conference pass 1-2 October, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas ! This conference is a key forum REGISTER NOW! for high-level executives to 5 Ways TO REgisTER GROup DisCOunTs: network, learn and discuss their The sooner you book the more you save! future strategy. see what your • Email: helen@eyefortravel.com with your full contact details and we will Early bird offers could save you $300, so process your registration book soon to get the best possible price. fellow travel experts have said • OnlinE: Go to www.eyefortravel.com/tdsusa and submit your details for Plus the more people you bring, the more about last year’s event: instant confirmation. You can pay directly on the secure site or you will save! If you buy 4 conference request an invoice. passes you will receive one free pass. For more details on group discounts • mail: This form to: Registrations, EyeforTravel, “Very informative. Great 7-9 Fashion Street, London E1 6PX, UK please call James Brown +44 (0) 207 375 7551 or email jamesb@eyefortravel.com chance to hear the latest • Fax: Back this form to 1 800 814 3460 trends in online distribution HOTEl DisCOunTs: • Call: The booking hotline on +44 (0) 207 375 7551 We have arranged a special discounted with some excellent room rate at Caesars Palace. Reservation details will be sent to you when you networking opportunities” Please tick the package price box you require below: Register before 18 July 2007 Register before 22 August 2007 Register after register. Please note that there is limited 22 August 2007 availability, so it is recommended that you Claudio Loretz, Managing Director, interhome inc SAVE $300 SAVE $100 book early to take advantage of this offer. GOLD PASS “I enjoyed this conference Includes: CanCEllaTiOn pOliCY: • North American Online Travel Market All conference places are fully transferable tremendously. It had an Report (worth $995 if purchased $2195 $2395 $2495 without any charge at any time. There will be no separately) penalty for cancellations received before Friday excellent mix of good topics • 2 Day Conference Pass 5th September 2008 (Credit card registrations and relevant people” • CD-Rom of the conference (audio are subject to a 10% cancellation fee). If written confirmation of a cancellation is not received and presentations) Steve Barber, CEO, Jetsetz before Friday 5th September 2008 we will be obliged to charge the full conference fee. SILVer PASS Please note, you must inform the conference “EyeforTravel was extremely Includes: desk in writing of any cancellations: please email customerservices@firstconf.com relevant concerning hot topics • 2 Day Conference Pass $1495 $1695 $1795 • CD-Rom of the conference (with Purchasing one conference pass gives and future trends to stay on presentations and an audio stream) you access to all 3 conferences: top of your game. Thank you, • The Travel Distribution Executive I’ll be back!” BrOnze PASS Conference 2008 Includes: $1295 $1495 $1595 • Revenue Management & Pricing in Amy Ras, Director of Europe and Latin America, ahata • 2 Day Conference Pass Travel 2008 • Ancillary Revenue in Travel “A great conference for marketing organizations to keep Yes!! Please register me for the Travel Distribution Summit 2008 Block letters please their finger on the pulse of how Mr / Mrs / Ms / Dr: First name: Last name: travel is being sold from the Company: Position/Title: actual practitioners” Telephone: Fax: Fritz Smith, VP Tourism, philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau Email: Address: Zip code: What is the north american Country: Online Travel market Report? Payment: This report will provide you with up to the minute I enclose a check/draft for: $_________________ (payable to First Conferences Ltd) data and strategic analysis of the US online travel market. Incorporating an overview of the market, Please invoice my company: $_________________ Purchase Order No.:____________________ as well as detailed sector analyses which uncover Please charge my credit card: $________________ AMEX Visa Mastercard trends of airlines, hotels and intermediaries, plus an insight into leading companies, this report will help Credit card number: Security code: Expiry Date: you to strategically position your company. Exploring Name on card: Signature: historical data from 2002 and looking forward to NB: Full paYmeNt must Be received BeFore the eveNt 2010, this is an essential source of market intelligence © Copyright 2006 First Conferences Ltd. EyeforTravel reserves the right to make changes to the programme prior to the event. All rights reserved. that will enable you to define your online strategy for www.firstconf.com/firstconf/legal_notice.html This document contains original material which is protected by copyright. No unauthorised use of the material 2008 and beyond. herein may be made without the prior consent of First Conferences Ltd. EyeforTravel is a proprietary creation and trademark of First Conferences Ltd. The Premier Event for America’s Innovators in Online Travel
  6. 6. Travel Distribution Summit N. America 2008 Register before 18 July to 1-2 October, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas SAvE $300 erence pass! on your conf MAKE THE ESSENTIAL CONTACTS YOU NEED TO REDUCE YOUR DISTRIBUTION COSTS AND MAXIMIZE SALES Ample opportunities to network with fellow attendees and meet potential partners… Travel Distribution is based on COCKTAIL EVENING partnerships and at this – 1st October – We know event distribution deals are “This is a must-attend that you want to meet initiated, refreshed and most conference for professionals wanting your fellow delegates to increase exposure to the cutting and speakers in a social importantly sealed. Our edge of tomorrow” environment at the end delegates are some of the Adrian Sugars, Director Revenue most senior decision-makers of an information-packed Management, Hilton Hotels in the travel industry and with Corporation first day - which is why 800+ people expected at our 2008 our networking receptions Summit the networking possibilities are always such a great are endless. We know how important your success! Being held in the exhibition time is, which is why we have specifically designed this event to allow hall, this informal environment is the perfect opportunity for you to meet your fellow delegates and start talking. These include: you to see the products on offer, meet your fellow delegates and discuss the issues that have been raised. ONLINE CONTACT CENTER – Organize meetings in advance and touch base with those COFFEE AND LUNCH BREAKS – The backbone crucial contacts through our online networking of your networking; you’ll be able to cement relationships center. This online system will be up and running and discuss future business before the event so you can make initial contact opportunities during two and after the event to catch-up with the people lunch breaks and four you missed. By limiting the number of emails coffee breaks. We “This is the most valuable we’ll ensure that you only hear from potential promise you’ll conference I attended this year. partners and avoid spam. have ample It always covers very relevant time to network issues – very informative” PRE-REGISTRATION PARTY – 30th September – Once arriving at with your fellow Tracy Gaudette, Director of Reservation Caesars Palace, come and meet your fellow delegates in the Hotel bar. Collect attendees across Services, Coast Hotels and your badge and avoid the morning rush. It’s an ideal place to meet old friends Resorts the two days. and start your networking before heading out into Las Vegas. EXPERT SPEAKERS INCLUDE Brian Robb, SVP Corporate Dr. Natasa Christodoulidou, Cormac Wheelan, CEO, Kim Nugent, Corporate Director Stowe Shoemaker, Associate Charlie Sultan, MD Sales, Development, The Mark Travel Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Datalex of Revenue Management, Dean of Research, University of Planning & Analysis, Corporation Marketing, California State Dave Jones, Director, Web Benchmark Hospitality Houston American Airlines University, Dominguez Hills Frank Petito, SVP Corporate Business, WestJet Rob Bunker, Director, Revenue Susan Cary, Director of Revenue Dr. Bill Brunger, Internal Development, Orbitz Worldwide Elizabeth Churchill, VP Sales David Gross, SVP Global Airline Management Consulting Management, AlaskaAir Consultant, Continental Gregg Schulze, VP Air, The & Marketing, Aqua Hotels & Distribution, Sabre Airlines & Analysis, Harrah’s Mark Mahaney, Director of Resorts Americas, Expedia Gregg Chapman, Senior Entertainment Internet Research, Citigroup Neil Salerno, CHME, CHA, Barry Biffle, SVP & CMO, Spirit Consultant & Author, Hotel Noreen Henry, VP Hotels & Manager Revenue & Profit Jim Young, VP Sales, Investment Group Airlines Marketing Coach Packaging, Travelocity Management, Walt Disney Parks Distribution & Marketing, Glen Harvell, VP & General Melissa Skluzacek, Director of Tammy Peter, VP Global & Resorts Frontier Airlines Keith Melnick, EVP Corporate Manager, Travelocity On Revenue Management, Distribution Strategy, Wyndham Gregory Saks, Director, Development, Kayak Location John Lambe, CTO, OpenJaw Midwest Airlines Hotel Group Compete Technologies & Vice-Chairman Charlie Coniglio, VP Greg Webb, Chief Marketing Owen Wild, Director of William Koo, Chief Marketing Jake Fuller, Managing Director, of the OpenTravel Board of eCommerce & Global Officer, Sabre Travel Network & Marketing, North America, Distribution, Dollar Thrifty Strategist, Castle Hotels & Sabre Airline Solutions Thomas Weisel Partners Directors Amadeus North America Automotive Group Resorts Jay Hubbs, Director of Revenue Amy Scarth, Head of Research, John McEwan, Director of Patrick Murphy, Chairman, Ben Druce, Director of Revenue Management, Expedia Partner “Caribbean Jim” Hobbs, EyeforTravel Revenue Strategy, Vail Resorts Aviation Group, Performance & Pricing, WestJet Services Group President/Founder, Chinmai Sharma, VP Revenue Robert Buckman, Director of Consultants International CheapCaribbean.com Dr. Peter Belobaba, Principal Management, Wyndham Hotels Jim Rozell, Senior Director Airline Distribution Strategies, (former Executive Chairman Research Scientist, MIT Revenue Optimization, Carlson Kristen Celko, VP Marketing, & Resorts Amadeus North America of RyanAir) International Center for Air Hotels Group STA Travel Chris Amenechi, Senior Director Rod Cuthbert, CEO, Viator Rick Zeni, VP Revenue Transportation Julie Szudarek, VP of Revenue Nathan Clapton, Senior International eCommerce Management, JetBlue Airways Brett Cochran, Director of & Distribution Planning, Management, The Americas, Rom Hendler, VP Strategic Director, Brand Distribution, Business Development, JetBlue Continental Airlines Orbitz Worldwide Marketing, The Venetian Resort Ted Souder, Midwest Director TripAdvisor Airways Kate Varini, Senior Lecturer, Hotel Casino of Sales, Google Bob Barnes, CEO, Zonder Chris Anderson, Assistant Diane Clarkson, Travel Analyst, Professor, Cornell University, Oxford Brookes University & Steve Pinchuk, Corporate VP Warren Lieberman, President, Sandy Gantt, Managing Director Jupiter Research School of Hotel Administration Founder, betterrevenue.com Revenue Management, SAS Veritec Solutions E-Commerce, United Airlines Book now at: www.eyefortravel.com/tdsusa