Solving the social media puzzle


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a presentation about understanding, positioning and participating in social media. student meetup geoplaza at Geofort

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  • Thankyou ! presentation to students about how to solve the social media puzzel
  • Picture by me.We are going to talk about understand – position - participate
  • Picture by me.
  • is a social system?
  • What is social media?
  • One example: ask a question about on a topic in a LinkedIn group.
  • the discussion is not about the tools or the reasons not to participate (they are endless) you fran.pregernik
  • Make you own definition.
  • Some characteristics of communication
  • Mind the unwritten rules (clean your cup). What if all rules had to written down? Is that even possible?
  • Recognize the position of others in communication systems. Shift gear when necessary:e.g. call someone if you think a remark on LinkedIn is rather odd (or send a privat message)
  • We are all caught in a net of different social systems, all with different written and unwritten rulesWe behave different in those social systems. Just try to be the same at work as you are at home (or vice versa).
  • The ellipes are not the same sizeBut in the end, who we are is in the middle. If your “colleagues” elips is very small (meaning, there is not much of “you” while you are at work), I think you should like for a careerswitch.Just respect how other people formulate their ellipses.
  • Picture by me.
  • We communicate in communities and we fullfill different roles
  • The number per group varies, also in culturesaccros the world
  • It takes much more energy to create then to just be a spectator
  • I may have suggested that the participation puzzle has equal size pieces
  • This would be more accurate. The pieces vary in size, but they are all needed to form a complete system (I do need a better picture for this).
  • How to discover your pieces of the puzzle? Describe yourself in four sentences
  • Consider whether they are offline or online, privat or public
  • Now plot them in these quadrants
  • And match them related to how you use the social media platformsMind the fuzzy lines. What is privat and what is public cannot be so
  • Me in the top right quadant (public, online). Note: no Facebook, no yammer (…).
  • One example of how to partipatePicture by me.
  • I create a discussion
  • Responding to a discussion (a bit less work)
  • Just liking an update. Not very much effort, just a token of my apprecation.
  • Meaing: I don’t mix my channels.
  • Picture by me.
  • Check
  • Thankyou ! presentation to students about how to solve the social media puzzel
  • Solving the social media puzzle

    1. 1. Solving The Social media Puzzle
    2. 2. Or: how to make social media work for you! GeoPlaza Offline @GeoFort Student meetup, 01-10-2013
    3. 3. Understand
    4. 4. Image credit :James Cridland`
    5. 5. What it is… Digital conversations, Participate! Like
    6. 6. What is it not? Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Hyves Digg Wordpress Blogger Where is my privacy? Why follow a celebrity? How much time will this cost me? Yammer
    7. 7. a social system Of people Connecting Visible and invisible Moving through time Communicaton Rules
    8. 8. Communication Conversation (in person, by phone) Written (email, twitter) Non-verbal (…) 1:1 1:M, M:1 M:M
    9. 9. Unwritten rules
    10. 10. Communication Position + Shift gear! Image credit Enerva
    11. 11. Acquaintances Friends Professional Colleagues Family Me The social system and me
    12. 12. Acquaintances Friends Professional Colleagues Family The social system and me You?
    13. 13. Position
    14. 14. The communication ladder Off-line On-line Groundswell (Li, Bernoff)
    15. 15. the participation puzzle
    16. 16. Image credit :James Cridland`
    17. 17. Describe four characteristics of You Enjoys mountain biking Reads books about X Admires great architecture Love cupcakes
    18. 18. Please consider: offline vs online, privat vs public
    19. 19. The social me publicprivat Off line On line
    20. 20. The social me publicprivate Off line On line Enjoys mountain biking Reads books about X (not Malcolm) Admires great architecture Love cupcakes
    21. 21. The social me publicprivat Off line On line Trover Facebook Yammer LinkedIn
    22. 22. Participate
    23. 23. I will (almost) never ever • Write about my favorite cats on LinkedIn • Publish about maps on Facebook • Send tweets about Ukrainian folk dancing • Write about great architecture on Yammer • etc
    24. 24. Where is the gold in social media? Be found Share knowledge Connect the world Not that much effort Support a community Have some fun as well…
    25. 25. Understand Position Participate + Know when to Shift gear
    26. 26. final thoughts A good general rule: be wise Do solve your own participation puzzle Do not surrender your life to a siren server
    27. 27. Solving The Social media Puzzle