Where is the value of open innovation


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Presentation GeoSpatial World Forum 2013, Rotterdam. Technology forum on GeoSpatial Innovation

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  • Managing and shaping innovation, Conway, Stewart, 2009
  • Bronhttp://www.wild-heerbrugg.com/hwartikel.htm
  • Sorry,bronvergeten
  • Youmaychoosewhateveryouchoose to put in the middle here. I prefer to look at ourgeoworldfromaninnovationperspective.
  • As used in my thesis
  • *not sure who is the source of this expression. Certainly not me.
  • We have arrived in anagewhereefficientlynavigating in an open ecosystem is quicklybecome the new norm.
  • We have arrived in anagewhereefficientlynavigating in an open ecosystem is quicklybecome the new norm.
  • Where is the value of open innovation

    1. 1. Where is the value?
    2. 2. I N N O V A T I O N
    3. 3. The Romans were into innovation…
    4. 4. D I S R U P T I V EC R E A T I V ED E S T R U C T I O NE X P L O R E& E X P L O I TI N C R E M E N T A LA D O P T I O ND I F F U S I O NV A L U EC R E A T I O N & C A P T U R E
    5. 5. Innovation = invention + bringinto common usage*Only little consensus…Conway, Stewart, 2009
    6. 6. 1. What’s the innovation?
    7. 7. 2. Who benefits from innovation?
    8. 8. BikePortland.org3. Who leadsthe innovation?
    9. 9. Consider: “Innovation”• Sometimes not what you think it is.• Sometimes, others benefits more then you do.• Often, users lead, and some more, then others.
    10. 10. O P E NI N N O V A T I O N
    11. 11. ScienceStandardsSourceCourseware ServicesCloudDataGovernmentOpen Innovation
    12. 12. Open Innovation- Defined“Open Innovation is the use of purposive inflowsand outflows of knowledge to accelerateinternal innovation, and expand the marketfor external use of innovation, respectively”Chesbrough, 2006.
    13. 13. Let others help youwith your innovationIn return,help others as wellA household definition
    14. 14. Tx @fnauta
    15. 15. Not invented herevsProudly found elsewhere*
    16. 16. V A L U E
    17. 17. In the eye ofthebeholder…
    18. 18. The value of water
    19. 19. The value of water
    20. 20. mostvaluablethings
    21. 21. The strength of the chain…
    22. 22. network
    23. 23. ecosystem
    24. 24. Value of Open Innovation?Faster Time to marketGreater Diffusion of KnowledgeAbsorptive capacity increasedFollow the customer…Max capabilities for society…
    25. 25. W H E R E
    26. 26. Geocosys
    27. 27. ecosystemdepthstrengthvarietycontinuity
    28. 28. External Factorshttp://www.issuu.com/jwvaneck/docs/open-the-books-on-innovation
    29. 29. Final thoughts• Open innovation is about jointly creating value• In a network economy, there is already value inthe network• Selective openness can be valuable in manyaspects of your organisation, but• There is no such thing as 100% open(or 100% closed for that matter)
    30. 30. Final thoughts II• Chain up, run in packs, cocreate,With your users, partners and suppliers• Start the open innovation discussion with:What you are closed about and what you do notwant to share• Resistance is actually a good thing
    31. 31. Where is the valueof open innovation?@jwvaneckJan Willem van EckGeoSpatial World ForumRotterdam, 16th may, 2013