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The Trinity in Exponential Technologies: Open Source, Blockchain and Microsoft Azure


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The Trinity in Exponential Technologies: Open Source, Blockchain and Microsoft Azure

  1. 1. The Trinity in Exponential Technologies: Open Source, Blockchain and Microsoft Azure Juarez Barbosa Junior Azure Developer Relations Lead Microsoft Western Europe HQ @juarezjunior
  2. 2. Put you logo above this supported by 2019 powered by syone
  3. 3. Open Source Software and Azure: Microsoft’s commitment to Open Source #OpenSourceOctober
  4. 4. OSS - Videos
  5. 5. The Open Source Show 26 episodes In 5–10 minute videos, hosts walk viewers through a discussion of topics related to open source projects. Recent episodes: • Using Open Data to Build Family Trees (5:35) • Bring DevOps to Your Open Source Projects: Top 3 Tips for Maintainers (6:25) • All About Rust (7:15) • Getting Started with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) (7:23) • Open Source Security Best Practices for Developers, Contributors, and Maintainers (9:15) Watch all episodes Video
  6. 6. June 2019 Deep dive: Confidential computing in IoT using Open Enclave SDK (1:16:42) By Pamela Cortez Microsoft, in collaboration with partners, has embarked on simplifying confidential computing in IoT using enclaves on Open Enclave SDK. This interactive session, hosted by the Internet of Things Show, discusses these efforts to simplify confidential computing. Watch Video
  7. 7. OSS - Customer stories
  8. 8. Published July 2019 RealBox leverages open source technologies to build a high- end customer experience for moviegoers To allow customers to place orders from their seats using a point-of-sale application on their own devices, RealBox developed its own server-side API application, using Node.js and MongoDB, deploying early prototypes over Linux CentOS 6 virtual machines. Their solution involved an IoT device that served as a point of sale in the PVR Director’s Cut and consisted of three applications. Read Customer story
  9. 9. Published May 2018 Adobe runs its vast open- source application portfolio in Azure After transitioning its well-known Creative Suite to a software-as-a-service model (Adobe Creative Cloud), the company introduced Adobe Experience Cloud, a set of marketing, analytics, and advertising tools to help brands deliver amazing customer experiences. Adobe has made Azure its preferred cloud platform to ensure that its growing portfolio of cloud offerings— most based on open source software—runs fast, reliably, and more securely, giving customers an exceptional digital experience. Read Customer story
  10. 10. OSS - Blogs
  11. 11. Published September 2019 The impact of the tech giants on open source By Adrian Bridgwater (Forbes) This Forbes article reviews the shift toward treating open source technologies as market standards, and how enterprises can help accelerate the adoption and use of open source solutions. In Azure, making open source ISVs successful is one of Microsoft’s top priorities. Read Blog
  12. 12. Published August 2019 exFAT in the Linux kernel? Yes! By John Gossman Microsoft is supporting the addition of its exFAT technology to the Linux kernel. Read View all Open Source Blog posts Blog
  13. 13. Published December 2018 Microsoft open sources Trill to deliver insights on a trillion events a day By James Terwilliger Why developers love Trill and how it powers mission- critical streaming pipelines. Read Get started with Trill Blog
  14. 14. OSS - White papers
  15. 15. Published January 2018 An introduction to innersource Innersource is a development methodology used by engineers to build proprietary software by taking advantage of best practices from large-scale open source projects like Kubernetes or Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code. Read Whitepaper
  16. 16. OSS - Resources
  17. 17. Open source on Azure Azure supports the open source technologies that millions of developers rely on and trust. Learn about your choices in the cloud, how to future-proof what you build, and how to add value with technologies that work well with each other. Learn more Landing page
  18. 18. Azure IoT Edge Microsoft is committed to using open source technologies to deliver innovations at the edge. Azure IoT Edge is a fully managed service built on Azure IoT Hub and is one of the most open edge platforms available today. The IoT Edge runtime is open-sourced under MIT license to give you more control and code flexibility. We support the Moby container management system, which extends the concepts of containerization, isolation, and management from the cloud to devices at the edge. We also support Kubernetes to manage your IoT Edge deployments. You can manage devices from multiple IoT hubs using a single Kubernetes interface. Start Landing page
  19. 19. Microsoft Bot Framework Build enterprise-grade conversational AI experiences with this comprehensive framework. You can benefit from open source SDK and tools to build, test, and connect bots that interact naturally with users, wherever they are. Start Landing page
  20. 20. OSS - Tutorials and repositories
  21. 21. 3 modules Introduction to machine learning with Python and Azure Notebooks 2hr 11 min Python has become a dominant language for doing data analysis with machine learning. Learn how to leverage Python and associated libraries in Jupyter Notebooks run on Azure Notebooks to predict patterns and identify trends. Start Microsoft Learn
  22. 22. 6 units Scan open source components for vulnerabilities and license ratings in Azure Pipelines 27 min • Learn which tools you can use to inspect open-source software packages for security and license ratings. • Access package and license ratings for open source components by using WhiteSource Bolt. • Analyze the results of the scan so you can take the appropriate action. Start Microsoft Learn
  23. 23. Deploy Python to Azure Functions with Visual Studio Code Learn to use Visual Studio Code and the Azure Functions extension to create a serverless HTTP endpoint with Python and to also add a connection (or "binding") to storage. Azure Functions runs your code in a serverless environment without needing to provision a virtual machine or publish a web app. The Azure Functions extension for Visual Studio Code greatly simplifies the process of using Functions by automatically handling many configuration concerns. Start Tutorial
  24. 24. Microsoft Azure on GitHub Build next-gen experiences with APIs, SDKs, and open source projects from Azure. Examples include: Azure SDK for .NET Azure SDK for Node.js Azure IoT SDKs Bash On Windows Calculator TypeScript Quickstart templates See all Repository
  25. 25. Blockchain - Technology
  26. 26. • • • •
  27. 27. • • • • •
  28. 28. Consortium Woodgrove Financial Contoso Bank Northwind Traders Bank b Insurance c Investment consortium c Bank A Blockchain Location 1 Location 2 Location 3 Location 4 Department A Department B Public blockchain Person a Woodgrove Financial Person B Northwind Traders Bank 6 Bank 1 Consortium 6 Public (permissionless) Consortium (permissioned) Private • Many, unknown participants • Writes by all participants • Reads by all participants • Consensus by Proof of Work • Known participants from one org • Write permissions centralized • Reads may be public or restricted • Multiple algorithms for consensus • Known participants from multiple orgs • Writes require consensus of n participants • Reads may be public or restricted • Multiple algorithms for consensus
  29. 29. Corda Chain Enterprise Ethereum Quorum P
  30. 30. Transaction 0 Transaction 1 Transaction 2 Transaction 3 Transaction 4 New Hash + Block0 Hash First Hash New Hash + Block1 Hash New Hash + Block2 Hash
  31. 31. Blockchain – Business
  32. 32. Keystone Research estimated up to $100B of technology value capture in the US alone across industries​ Gartner forecasts the total business to value of blockchain to be $176B by 2025, $3.1T by 2030 Digitizing business processes will deliver massive business value Reduce security threats from fraud, hacking, and data manipulation Mitigate Risk Use a shared data source for transparency across organizations and increased end-to-end speed Increase Speed Remove friction and allow direct interaction between parties Reduce Cost
  33. 33. Business has always been built on trust Seller’s Agent Land Registry Buyer Lending Bank Property Purchase Property Inspector Appraiser Insurer Source materials Freight Manufacture and assembly Quality Inspection Retailer Financing Consumer Industrial Supply Chain Inspection Company Issuing Bank Importer Exporter Adviser Bank Shipping Company Trade Finance
  34. 34. And losing it can have serious consequences 69% of CEOs claimed their #1 priority over the last 12 months was to ensure their company is trusted 40% of credit card holders surveyed reported loss of trust in Equifax post a massive data breach 77% of organization suppliers don’t have strong transparency and visibility across the supply chain The truth is there is a high cost to a bad reputation. DARA KHOSROWSHAHI, UBER Our reputation is more important than the last hundred million dollars. RUPERT MURDOCH
  35. 35. Existing methods of managing trust create friction and cost Intermediaries increase cost and reduce direct contact with consumers Manual verification is time-consuming and error-prone
  36. 36. Blockchain streamlines the way trust is established Asset Health Government Retail Banking and Capital Markets Insurance Manufacturing Enterprise Cryptocurrency Blockchain
  37. 37. Loyalty tracking Product provenance Logistics management Digital rewards P2P selling Ticket purchases Asset tracking Real-time auction for supplier contracts Supply chain transparency Dynamic commodities pricing Claims management MBS/Property payments Fraud detection Automated underwriting Risk visualizations Licensing and ID Benefits distribution Aid tracking Military security Copyrights Audit compliance Bond issuance Trade finance Loan syndication Post trade settlement Global payments Derivatives trading KYC/AML Personalized medicine Records sharing Compliance Agricultural authentication Pharmaceutical purity Manufacturing Retail Insurance Government Banking and Capital Markets Health And has applications across industries Asset Transfer Provenance Cross-Organizational Workflow High Assurance Audit
  38. 38. Blockchain on Azure
  39. 39. Building from scratch is a huge undertaking Choose your ledger Write smart contract Manage node health Build the network Manually deploy ledger Write business logic Assign node identities Connect nodes Provision members Network governance Extend to additional networks Manage permissions Establish node roles Enforce policies Customize integrations
  40. 40. Microsoft breaks blockchain down to the essential steps Launch and manage the network Model smart contracts Build and extend the application
  41. 41. Microsoft has the best cloud for blockchain Analysts place us ahead of the competition Our open, app-focused approach has been validated by Gartner, Forrester and many other third-party analysts We have designed a thoughtful product portfolio We have spent 4 years developing the most open and comprehensive blockchain portfolio to simplify development of this new class of apps Customers and partners trust us Businesses have built thousands of blockchain apps on Azure working with our rich ecosystem of blockchain partners ​
  42. 42. And a comprehensive set of tools and services for developers Launch and manage the network Build, deploy, and manage blockchain networks Model smart contracts VS Code Author and test smart contracts Azure Blockchain Service Build and extend the application Dev Kit Extend your app and move to production Workbench Prototype your application
  43. 43. Build and extend a new class of applications Sensors and IoT (unstructured) Ingest Transform Attest Read & Route Apps Transaction Builder Logs (unstructured) Service Bus Project WestlakeMedia (unstructured) Files (unstructured) Business/ custom apps (structured) Power BI Azure IoT Hub Application InsightsAzure Key Vault Virtual NetworkingAzure AD DLT Watcher Power Apps Event Grid Flow Cloud Database Off-chain storage Off-chain database Azure Development Kit
  44. 44. Blockchain - Cases
  45. 45. Customers and partners are building blockchain apps on Azure PARTNERS CUSTOMERS
  46. 46. Starbucks | Bean to Barista Challenge Starbucks needed to increase visibility into the movement of beans across its vast supply chain Strategy Starbucks used blockchain-based smart contracts to define the responsibilities of each supply chain participant, record their activities, and monitor bean movement from farm to pour Results • Empowered small farmers to establish creditworthiness, enabling access to higher quality credit and expanded operations • Improved control of bean movement and inventory • Gave end customers visibility into individual region, farm, and tactics used to farm their high-end coffee Over the next two years, we will look to demonstrate how technology and innovative data platforms can give coffee farmers even more financial empowerment” – Kevin Johnson, Starbucks CEO
  47. 47. Using blockchain to reinforce trust from farmer to customer Carrier Authenticity is verified and beans are delivered to the factory Customer At purchase can view certifications, origin, and other quality details with assurances from farm to pour Manufacturer Containers are verified and coffee is processed and bagged Small Hold Farmer Produce coffee beans under specified conditions to earn organic and Fair Trade certifications. Receive “proof of end purchase” from Starbucks they can use to access credit for next years harvest Retailer The bags reach the retailer having been accounted for at each step of the journey Farmer ✓ Plot #839049 ✓ 25 tons of cocoa beans ✓ Certifications Carrier ✓ Shipped 2/5/2018 ✓ Organic ✓ Fair Trade Manufacturer ✓ Delivered 2/12/2018 ✓ Organic ✓ Fair Trade Distributor ✓ Delivered 2/19/2018 ✓ Organic ✓ Fair Trade Retailer ✓ Delivered 2/26/2018 ✓ Organic ✓ Fair Trade Customer ✓ Guaranteed fresh ✓ Certified organic ✓ Certified Fair Trade At various points in the journey, an IoT device scans the product and records its status and condition which are updated on the blockchain Quality attestationProof of Purchase Consumer visibility Distributor The coffee is moved through distributor network under high-quality assurance regulations
  48. 48. Singapore Airlines | Expand customer loyalty Challenge Singapore Airlines wanted to improve customer participation and loyalty by streamlining their rewards program Strategy Singapore Airlines partnered with KPMG Digital Village and Microsoft to build a blockchain- based rewards program that linked their digital wallets to their KrisFlyer reward miles Results • Empowered customers to easily use their KrisFlyer miles for point-of-sale transactions on an expanded retail partner network • Increased mileage program participation and loyalty to the Singapore Airlines brand “This groundbreaking development in which we will be using blockchain technology to ‘digitalise’ KrisFlyer miles is a demonstration of the investment we are making to significantly enhance the digital side of our business for the benefit of our customers” — Goh Choon Phong, Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Airlines
  49. 49. Blockchain in Action | Partner network management Digital wallet Reward points are stored in the customer’s digital wallet Partner retail location Customers are able to redeem loyalty points for goods and services from any retail location in the partner network SHARED LEDGER Update: SFO → HKG: 7,000 miles • Dec 2016 LAX → ICN: 6,000 miles • Jan 2015 IAH → DME: 5,000 miles • Jun 2015 JFK → FRA: 4,000 miles • 7,000 miles = 700 points • 6,000 miles = 600 points • 5,000 miles = 500 points • 4,000 miles = 400 points • 2,200 points redeemed for: o Free stay at hotel A o Admittance to airport lounge B o Spa treatment at resort C Contract updated Contract updated Mobile app Customers purchase their ticket on their mobile device Contract created Awarded miles Each flight is worth miles that are converted to rewards points Contract updated
  50. 50. XBOX | Blockchain for royalty payments Challenge Microsoft wanted to replace the complicated, manual royalty calculation process used to pay XBOX publishers with a faster, more efficient approach Strategy Microsoft developed a blockchain-based solution that automated processes to offer XBOX royalty information in near real time while maximizing security and transparency Results • Improved trust by making the royalty payment calculation process more transparent for publishers • Gave publishers actionable business insights, enabling them to proactively respond to customer demand • Reduced XBOX process efforts by two thirds and saved publishers time by eliminating the need for manual audits “We are developing an ecosystem within the gaming industry that connects developers and publishers to game performance. Providing near real-time access to data greatly improves the process’ effectiveness and insights that lead to a more enriching experience for the partners.” — Tim Stuart, Chief Financial Officer of Xbox
  51. 51. • Game Purchased • Publisher ID • Price • Customer Age • Customer Gender • Location CONTRACT CREATED CONTRACT VISIBILITY • Top Grossing Content • Publisher Royalty • Publisher Demand • Net Revenue Blockchain in action | Manage royalty payments XBOX Platform SHARED LEDGER DATA CONTENT PUBLISHER A VISIBILITY • Customer ID • Content Dev ID • Licensing ID • Marketing ID • Distributor ID • Content Provider ID Publisher C • Customer ID • Content Dev ID • Licensing ID • Marketing ID • Distributor ID • Content Provider ID Publisher B • Customer ID • Content Dev ID • Licensing ID • Marketing ID • Distributor ID • Content Provider ID Publisher A Content Publishers Gain visibility into sales data and royalty revenue, enabling them to make near real time decisions. $ $ $ $ $ Licensing Marketing Distribution Content Provider Content Developer $12.99 $59.99 $3.99 Media Purchase Movie Video game Song Quantity Quantity XBOX Platform Consumers purchase digital content through the XBOX platform. The data then is written to the shared ledger. This automatically makes royalty data visible to the XBOX publishers. XBOX PAYS ROYALTIES Media Sale: July 13th
  52. 52. Key Takeaways
  53. 53. Digitize trust with Microsoft Azure Blockchain Seamlessly integrate blockchain with your business using built-in connections to Azure and the tools you're already familiar with— all on an open, trusted, globally available cloud platform Iterate and validate blockchain scenarios quickly with an intuitive UI for modelling smart contracts and prebuilt blockchain templates and commands Cut development time with painless network deployment, built-in governance and extensible, fully-managed infrastructure Simplify development Get up and running quickly Innovate with confidence
  54. 54. Get started now Launch your first network today with Azure Blockchain Service Learn how businesses are leveraging blockchain Join the conversation on Azure Advisors Contact your account team to connect with a blockchain expert Learn more at the Azure Blockchain Blog
  55. 55. Blockchain on Azure - Resources Scan this QR-code to access free educational resources, step-by-step learning guides as well as get practical experience in Blockchain on Azure! Don’t forget to add Microsoft Azure skill to your LinkedIn account to stay connected with a developer community + Microsoft Azure We post the latest announcements about free events for developers in Ireland on our official Twitter account @MSDev_WE
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