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Microsoft Education - Empowering Students Today to Create the World of Tomorrow


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21st Century Skills: The 6 C’s (Character, Citizenship, Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and Creativity) symbolize the skills required for the student of the 21st century – a future in which every educated person becomes a doer and a leader.
Designed for 21st century learning, Microsoft Education prepares today’s students for tomorrow’s jobs.
With the acquisition of LinkedIn and programs like Imagine Academy, Microsoft connects education and the real world
Microsoft Office ranks in top 10 most in-demand workforce skill – 76 million job posts require this (IDC, 2016)

Equity & Empowerment: Universal access to free or low-cost learning materials across all subjects. Teachers will remain key to student learning, tools needed to augment abilities and allow them to focus on what matters.
Microsoft is uniquely positioned to provide free tools like Windows and Office at no cost to students and teachers – running on affordable devices
We focus on teachers, who plan and deliver better outcomes for their students with Professional Learning Communities built into our products and programs.

Personalized Learning: Tailored to students across learning styles, learning disabilities, and language abilities to ensure all students succeed.
We build tools that teachers and students can access easily to drive outcomes and keep kids on pace. 
Teachers can collaborate with or provide private feedback to individual students, or offer the types of options that fit different learning needs like pen and ink
Inclusive design is integrated in our engineering culture, and we keep creating new ways to enable students and teachers with disabilities to create, communicate and consume content from any device.

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Microsoft Education - Empowering Students Today to Create the World of Tomorrow

  1. 1. 2 Pre-release simulated screenshots shown for some products, final experience may differ
  2. 2. Empowering the students of today to create the world of tomorrow.
  3. 3. What matters in your classroom?
  4. 4. What matters in your classroom?
  5. 5. Empowering the students of today to create the world of tomorrow
  6. 6. Enabling the right environment for better learning outcomes An affordable and accessible learning platform Experiences that spark creativity Modern tools for classroom collaboration Microsoft Education Empowering the students of today to create the world of tomorrow
  7. 7. Unlock the potential for all students accessible through Microsoft YouthSpark with technology that reflects the diversity of everyone who uses it. for nonprofits and researchers to support the public good to remote schools, health clinics and community centers in 11 countries though the innovative use of “TV white spaces” through our employee giving program, benefitting 19,000 nonprofits and schools
  8. 8. Final prices available from reseller. Prices and OEM availability dates are estimated for US market for K-12 customers. Microsoft FTE are requested not to share this pricing with Channel partners. new devices with Windows 10 Pro Education and Windows 10 S (coming soon) with features that range from ruggedized and spill-proof for student use to all-day battery life
  9. 9. * Availability timing will vary by market and device
  10. 10. with a streamlined out- of-the-box setup experience that works with Set up School PCs. Get more out of online assessments with Take a Test. The most complete 3D experience on any platform with Paint 3D, 3D Builder, 3D in PowerPoint, affordable mixed reality headsets and HoloLens. with Windows 10 and STEM apps in the Microsoft Store for Education. , easy to deploy side-by-side with other editions of Windows.
  11. 11. Windows 10 S devices configurable for educational use by applying SetEduPolicies. uses only Microsoft-verified apps, for superior security levels day in and day out streamlined and simplified to run faster and longer gives schools the familiar, robust and productive experiences they expect combines the speed and convenience of the cloud with full-featured apps with other versions of Windows to Windows 10 Pro Education
  12. 12. Activates with school’s existing Office 365 client licenses Available through the Microsoft Store for Education Automatically added to apps and software inventory Easy to deploy with Set up School PCs or Intune for Education Fully supported for school deployment during preview period Automatic update from Preview to Release
  13. 13. Genuine Windows 10 Pro and compatible Windows 10 device required. Download of Windows media required. simulated screenshot, actual download experience may differ
  14. 14. to address common school scenarios and settings, such as shared devices where user gets different settings and apps easily brings Windows 10 devices and apps under management to change apps and settings applied by default to each enrolled device through the cloud and is easy for part-time IT staff to use, yet integrates with SCCM per-device or per-user to automatically create classes and keep student data up-to-date
  15. 15. Learning Tools Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts Tell Me Researcher Editor Designer Accessibility Checker and Automatic alt-text Skype Office Lens OneNote
  16. 16. languages Microsoft Learning Tools
  17. 17. with free Office 365 for Education with the broadest suite of mobile collaboration apps with advanced security and compliance tools. using the only software listed as a top employer demand for high-paying jobs
  18. 18. Collaborate in a hub for teamwork built for the way that teachers, students, and staff really work Stay connected with teachers in personal learning communities to share best practices for teaching and learning Easily share information with staff on school-wide initiatives and professional development plans Come together in a team for any team-based or project-based activity, like school student groups or events
  19. 19. These new features do more than just simplify routine tasks. They also help students develop the communication and collaboration skills they’ll need to be successful in the future. Anthony Newbold, Principal Bear Creek Middle School ” ”
  20. 20. OneNote Class Notebook
  21. 21. Deepen the Minecraft experience by connecting to learn-to-code platforms like Tynker, Scratch, and MakeCode Start coding on day one with help from the in-game companion “The Agent” Practice computational thinking in an open environment Progress from basic blocks to JavaScript to learn how to program from beginner to advanced
  22. 22. *Offer Terms and Conditions apply For qualifying customers, purchase new Windows 10 devices to be used by your K-12 school on or after May 2nd, 2017 For each device purchased, your school will receive a one year single user subscription to Minecraft: Education Edition This offer is redeemable starting in July 2017 Be sure to hold on to your invoice – you will need it to redeem this offer! about the offer and receive notice of when the redemption instructions are posted and the redemption period opens at:
  23. 23. for better learning outcomes tactile pen-to-paper motion has been shown to be a huge part of learning* studies indicate that diagramming one's thinking before solving a science problem leads to a 25%-36% higher score helps show what a digital pen can do when you bring it close to the screen or tap a button - streamline creating and editing by simply picking up your pen to instantly annotate and highlight text - move back and forth to watch thinking in action. Pre-populate content to reveal at your own pace only what's important
  24. 24. Easily create amazing presentations with QuickStarter and Designer in PowerPoint Create professional-quality animations in one click with Morph Visualize live or geographic data with new capabilities in Excel Kickstart the writing process with Researcher in Word and add reliable sources with properly formatted citations Create interactive web-based lessons, project recaps, newsletters, and more—right from a phone, tablet, or browser with Sway
  25. 25. Complete Anatomy • Complete Anatomy represents the latest in groundbreaking 3D technology and innovative design • A cutting-edge 3D graphics engine, custom- built from the ground up by 3D4Medical, powers a highly detailed anatomical model and delivers graphics with outstanding quality Easily discoverable in the Microsoft Store for Education Top education apps from your favorite publishers KortextGeoGebraFluid MathEdmodoArduino IDE Sensavis Visual Learning Tool Virtual Robotics Toolkit WeDo 2.0TiVitz BrainPOP Edsby TestNav
  26. 26. Microsoft Store for Education + STEM Apps Across ages: Elementary School, Middle School, High School Across subjects: Build, Program, Simulation, Design, Ideation Hardware Ecosystem Software Ecosystem CPU and GPU experiences
  27. 27. Simulated pre-release screenshots shown 3D helps visualization 86% of students report improved learning in 3D See 3D in your world Create magical stories in a new dimension by mixing physical & digital worlds together 3D promotes creativity 89% of students say creativity is essential to their future Captures imaginationImproves comprehension Boost creativity Paint 3D | 3D Builder | 3D in PowerPoint | Affordable mixed reality headsets | HoloLens
  28. 28. Place 3D objects into Office apps like PowerPoint. Use animation to rotate the object in different directions. Paint 3D enables simple 3D creation and editing. Make stickers, texturize objects and give your 2D doodles a whole new dimension. PresentCreate
  29. 29. Simple and affordable Immersive experiences that everyone will crave Innovative mixed reality rooms Portable, fast and easy to set up
  30. 30. Enabling the right environment for better learning outcomes An affordable and accessible learning platform Experiences that spark creativity Modern tools for classroom collaboration Microsoft Education Empowering students today to create the world of tomorrow
  31. 31. New devices from Microsoft and our partners, starting at $189 or $279 with Windows Ink Streamlined for security and performance A hub for teamwork and classes Streamline setup, simplified testing, turn photos and videos into stories, 3D for everyone, plus a whole lot more Simple to set up, easy control, works with School Data Sync Receive a one-year subscription when you purchase a new Windows 10 device through your school Now in OneNote, Word, Microsoft Edge
  32. 32. Get started today with Microsoft Education ❶ Free Office 365 for Education ❷ PCs with Windows 10 Creators Update ❸ Intune for Education (free trial available) ❹ Start teaching
  33. 33. © 2018 Razor Technology, LLC @DavidJRosenthal Slideshare 5 Tower Bridge 300 Barr Harbor Dr., Suite 705 West Conshohocken, PA 19428 Cell: 215.801.4430 Office: 866.RZR.DATA LETS KEEP IN TOUCH
  34. 34. 43
  35. 35. Enabling the right environment for better learning outcomes An affordable and accessible learning platform Experiences that spark creativity Modern tools for classroom collaboration Empowering students today to create the world of tomorrow Microsoft helps schools and communities build student-centered learning environments that are supportive, inclusive and relevant Microsoft provides a platform that is simple to set up and manage, affordable and flexible enough to meet the needs of an individual, a classroom, an entire school or school district Microsoft tools enable students to develop 21st century skills, preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s jobs Experiences that unlock students and teachers to explore, experiment and express ideas in ways that deepen understanding and connection
  36. 36.
  37. 37. Intune Intune for Education
  38. 38. Devices Apps • • •
  39. 39. Microsoft Intune for Education makes it simple for school IT admins to manage Windows 10 devices and manage and deploy applications that their school already uses. Streamlined enrollment, deployment, and management Simple Windows 10 Management Complete Management Integrated with Microsoft Education services Cross Platform Support integrates with SCCM Manage devices, or users, or both easy and affordable school pricing Intune for Education includes the Intune management console to manage diverse devices in your ecosystem without investing in new infrastructure or software. As part of an integrated solution, Intune for Education includes unbeatable integration with Microsoft cloud services and ease of management of Office 365.
  40. 40. Microsoft Intune • • • Enroll devices in Intune without installing any software Teacher Student
  41. 41. • • • Microsoft Intune • • • • Windows 10 simplifies deploying devices IT Admin Teacher IT Admin
  42. 42. • • •
  43. 43. • • • •
  44. 44. • • 150 granular settings • • • • • • •
  45. 45. Intune for Education Console Intune Management Console Plus System Center (SCCM) Devices to manage Windows 10 +Windows, iOS, MacOS, Android +Unix, Linux, servers IT department Part-time IT or Full Time IT Full Time IT Large IT department Admin experience Web, Simplified Web, Detailed Comprehensive Manage Windows 10 l l l Zero touch management l l l Shared Device, 1:1, BYOD l l l Cross platform support l l Manage Windows Server, Unix/Linux l OS deployment & imaging l requires server infrastructure l Purchase Details Incl. w/ Intune for Education for $30/device or volume license Separate subscription
  46. 46. Intune console Intune for Education console • A simple management console • Select Azure Active Directory Premium features • Purchase options just for schools IT Pro Teacher IT Pro • Intune includes the Intune for Education console • Intune for Education includes Intune console and select AADP • EMS includes Intune console, Intune for Education console, and full AADP
  47. 47. *License defines effective life of device is 6 years. If we have… We should buy… We will have to pay… Benefits Budget this year only or More users than devices (shared carts, labs) Buy Intune for Education at time of device purchase Per device $30 per device, for the life of devices* One-time purchase No annual subscription Unlimited users Budget for annual subscriptions or More devices than users (1:1, BYOD) Subscribe to Intune for Education Per user Subscription per year for each user Easy ramp up and down Pay as you go model Up to 15 devices per user Already subscribe to EMS Nothing additional! Current pricing Full Intune for Education Full AADP Full Rights Management
  48. 48. Comparison Intune for Education Google Management Console Price $30 per device or Volume License $30 for life of device Easy Device Enrollment l l Multi-domain management l l Restrict OS l l Restrict Apps l l Customize Desktop l l Manage 3rd party apps l l Manage shared devices l l Native Windows management l Manage SIS groups with SDS l Hybrid management with SCCM l
  49. 49. Office 365 for Education Azure Active directory Intune for Education
  50. 50. The Saving Power of Data
  51. 51.
  52. 52. • • • here
  53. 53. Classroom experiences in Microsoft Teams Screenshots Tailored for student and teacher collaboration in classroom with rich conversations, assignments and class notebook
  54. 54. Teacher Experience Assignment creation , grading and class notebook integrated
  55. 55. 81
  56. 56. Student Experience Assignment submission process
  57. 57. 90
  58. 58. 91
  59. 59. 92
  60. 60. Staff teams in Microsoft Teams Tailored for staff collaboration with OneNote Staff Notebook integrated
  61. 61. Professional Learning Community (PLC) teams in Microsoft Teams Tailored for educator collaboration with OneNote Professional Learning Community (PLC) Notebook integrated
  62. 62. Safety and security Simpler to deploy and manage Better learning outcomes Affordable devices and solutions The most secure, robust and flexible Windows ever for your students Reduced cost and complexity for 1 classroom or 100 Fast, familiar and productive to power any subject or lesson Options for every budget to inspire 21st century learning for all students Windows Defender Fast & Familiar Assistive Tech Microsoft Store + AppLocker Windows Ink Microsoft Edge Windows Update for Business In-Place Upgrades Strong Compatibility Azure Active Directory OneNoteTake A Test Multi-do Microsoft Store Office 365 Windows Hello Set up School PCs
  63. 63. WINDOWS 10 FOR EDUCATION 103
  64. 64. • • • • • 400M+ D E V I C E S R U N N I N G W I N D O W S 1 0
  65. 65. Hero Devices Quick, type an isosceles triangle. Devices ‘Built for Education’ Ruggedized, All day Battery, Spill Proof 11.6” Screen, 4GB/64GB Available with Windows 10 Pro Education or Windows 10 S Starting $189 Starting $279 (with Windows Ink) HP ProBook x360 11 EE with Intel Celeron processor 11.6” Full HD touchscreen with Windows Ink and digital pen included, 4 GB memory, 64 GB solid state storage, battery life up to 10 hours 30 min. Starting at $289* for qualified K-12 customers Add Intune for Education device management for just $30 per device The new “HP ProBook x360 11 EE” is the perfect balance of power & simplicity. Notebook 2-in-1
  66. 66. A BETTER WEB EXPERIENCE WITH MICROSOFT EDGE 1 Desktop experience only 2 Desktop experience only. Cortana available in select markets, experience may vary by region and device. A Microsoft account may be required for some functionality. Documentation is available for managing Cortana in an education environment.
  67. 67. INTRODUCING: STORY REMIX MAKES VIDEO CREATION QUICK, EASY, AND FUN Introduce any student to visual storytelling Make learning the vital skills of visual communication and digital storytelling easy to learn and practice. Quick and easy editing Whether it’s a year-end reflection, a group history report, or a dance video just for fun, Story Remix makes it easy to quickly gather content, add titles, drop in music, and add other effects. More engaged, satisfied students Because video is a medium students already know and love, using it as an instructional or knowledge-sharing medium leads to deepened engagement and higher student satisfaction. Available on Windows 10 PCs and Tablets As part of the new Story Remix app, available in Windows Insider Preview builds today, broadly available later this year. B E T T E R L E A R N I N G O U T C O M E S 107
  71. 71. Home S Pro / Pro Education Enterprise / Education Start Menu / Hello / Cortana / Windows Ink / Microsoft Edge ● ● ● ● Store apps (including Windows desktop bridge apps) ● ● ● ● Windows Update ● ● ● ● Device Encryption ● ● ● ● Mobile Application Management ● ● ● ● Windows Update for Business ● ● ● Microsoft Store for Education ● ● ● Mobile Device Management and Azure AD join ● ● ● Windows Information Protection ● ● ● BitLocker ● ● ● Desktop (Windows 32) Apps ● ● ● Change App Defaults (Search/Browser/Photos/etc.) ● ● ● Active Directory Join ● ● Credential Guard ● Device Guard ● WINDOWS 10 S QUICK FACTS Works great with Microsoft Education Gives schools cloud-connected access to Office 365 for Education, OneDrive and resources via Azure Active Directory Use side-by-side other editions of Windows 10 Easy to deploy, manage and use side by side other editions of Windows 10 in the classroom Switch free to Windows 10 Pro Education Education customers can switch free to Windows 10 Pro Education using the Microsoft Store for Education across their entire tenant or using MAK keys to target individual devices Shipping in summer Windows 10 S devices will begin shipping in summer 2017
  72. 72. For students who use the PC to primarily access the Web Fast, secure access to the Web For shared carts where students collaborate in fully-installed Office applications For Office collaboration For fast & easy access to Store apps like Minecraft: Education Edition In labs for Store apps Arduino IDE Lego Education WeDo 2.0
  73. 73. • Free, web-based, no install • Easy drag & drop deployment • Offline capabilities • Block to Text editor progression • JavaScript language • Visual Studio Code editor • Tangible outcomes with physical computing devices • Integrates making/crafting with computer science • Simulator for quick iteration and testing
  74. 74. click here Introducing Paint 3D Make a 3D Doodle with Paint 3D Discover the art tools in Paint 3D Basic 3D Modeling with Paint 3D Use Paint 3D for 2D Projects Remix a Model on Upload Models to Use Boards on
  75. 75. Requires Microsoft account
  76. 76. Paint 3D is available globally Remix3D is available globally (except for Turkey, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, and Saudi Arabia) Remix3D language support: • English • German • Spanish • French • Italian • Japanese • Portuguese
  77. 77. PHYSICAL REALITY DIGITAL REALITY HOLOGRAPHIC IMMERSIVE AR TODAY VR TODAY Windows Mixed Reality blends the physical and digital worlds to produce new experiences WINDOWS MIXED REALITY