Olympic games


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The Olympic Game Montreal.

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Olympic games

  1. 1. Olympic Games:Montreal 1976 { Juan Tomás Peinado López 4ºA
  2. 2. Before the Olympic Games were held there wereseveral problems, political problems with China, the mayorof Montreal had to raise millions of dollars to start work, therewas a strike because the workers weren´t receive money.After all these problems after the Olympic Games were held.In 1976 were Olympic Games of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.These were the first Olympic Games held in Canada.Vocabulary:Raise - RecaudarStrike - Huelga
  3. 3. In these Olympic Games began to control the drugs and took aboutmiles checks for banned substances. In the participation went 7.400athletes representing 88 countries.The participation in these countries was 92 games that athletes presentedto 6084, of which 1260 were womens and 4824 mens whoplayed 198 test all the different sports that were played.VocabularyCheck – comprovaciones
  4. 4. Highlights-The Games were opened by Elizabeth II, as head of state ofCanada, and several members of the Royal Family attended theopening ceremonies. The Queens daughter, PrincessAnne, competed in the games as part of the British riding team.-The Olympic Flame was "electronically" transmitted via satellitefrom Athens to Ottawa, by means of an electronic pulse derivedfrom the actual burning flame-The japanese gymnast Shun Fujimoto performed on a brokenright knee, and helped the Japanese team win the gold medal forthe team championship. With a broken knee (rodilla), Fujimotowas able to complete his event on the rings.-The East German womens swimming team won all but two goldmedals.
  5. 5. Highlights-Womens events were introduced in basketball, handball androwing.-Canada, the host country, finished with five silver and sixbronze medals. This was the first time that the host country ofthe Summer Games won no gold medals.-Five American won gold medals in boxing. This has been oftencalled the greatest Olympic boxing team the United States everhad, and, out of the five American gold medalists in boxing, allbut Davis went on to become professional world champions.-The U.S. mens swimming team won all but one gold medal.-Womens events were introduced in basketball, handball androwing.
  6. 6. Medals Awarded (medallas otorgadas)Archery (arco) HockeyAthletics JudoBasketball Modern pentathlonBoxing RowingCanoeing Sailing (navegación)Cycling ShootingDiving (buceo) SwimmingEquestrian VolleyballFencing (esgrima) WaterpoloFootball Weightlifting (levantamiento de pesas)Gymnastics Wrestling (lucha)Handball
  7. 7. Spain in MontrealWent 115 athletes (104 men and 11 women) who participated in 13sports. The flag bearer at the opening ceremony was the boxerEnrique Rodriguez Cal.Spain won only 1 silver medal in canoeing and 1 silver medal insailing.
  8. 8. Medal Count Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total 1 Soviet 49 41 35 125 Union 2 East 40 25 25 90 Germany 3 United 34 35 25 94 States 4 West 10 12 17 39 Germany 5 Japan 9 6 10 25 6 Poland 7 6 13 26 7 Bulgaria 6 9 7 22
  9. 9. CuriosityIn the 1976 Montreal Olympics mascot is chosen as a typical animalof Canada, the beaver. The name of this pet is Amik. This animal is arodent that can grow to 65 inches, flattened tail tine fine hairand short legs.Its main task is to cut wood with two unique but strong teeth. Thename comes from the Indian language of a region of Canada.VocabularyBeaver – castorFlattened tail – cola aplastada
  10. 10. THANKS FORLISTENING! Juan Tomás Peinado López