Olympic homework. kobe. 17.07.12


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Olympic homework. kobe. 17.07.12

  1. 1. 1. How many rings on the Olympic flag? There are 5 rings on the Olympic flag.2. What colour are the rings on the Olympic Rings? Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black.3. In which year was the Olympic flag first flown? 1920 Olympics.4. In which country is Olympia? Greece.5. In what year, and in which city, were the last Olympic gold medals made entirely of gold? 1912 in Stockholm Sweden.6. During the Olympic Games opening ceremony, which team always leads the procession? Greece.7. During the Olympic Games opening ceremony, which team is always the last to enter the arena? The host country.8. How long (in kilometers) is a marathon? 42.195 kilometres.9. When were women first allowed to participate in the Olympic Games? In the 1900 Olympic Games.10. In what year were the first Winter Olympics held? 1924 in Chamonix France.11. Where were the first Winter Olympics held? Chamonix France.12. In 1916 the Olympic Games were not held. Why was that? Because of World War 1.13. In 1940 and 1944 there were no Olympic Games held. Why? Because of World War 2.14. What is the Olympic motto? “Citius, Altius, Fortius.””Faster, Higher, Stronger.”
  2. 2. 15. Where are the 2012 Olympic Games being held? London, England.16. Explain what the Paralympics are?An international competition for physically disabled athletes.17. How many times (and the dates) has London hosted the Olympic Games? Twice. 1948, 1908.18. How many venues will be used during the London Olympic Games? 28 venues.19. Name the three events in a triathlon. Swimming, biking, running.20. How many events in a pentathlon? 521. What events are in an Olympic pentathlon? Pistol shooting, fencing, free style swimming and horse show jumping, 3 kilometer run.22. In what year were the first Paralympics held? 1960 in Rome Italy.23. What did the ancient Olympic athletes wear when competing? Nothing. Loin cloth or zomas.24. What is the current lowest age limit permitted for Olympic competitors? 16.25. In what year, and in which city were the Olympic Games first televised? At the Berlin Games in 1936.26. How many people can the London Olympic Stadium hold? At least 80,000.27. What event, in 1906, meant that the 1908 Olympic games had to be moved from Rome to London? Mount Vesuvius was erupting.28. What do the five Olympic rings on the flag represent? They represent Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa and America.
  3. 3. 29. Give the age and name of the oldest competitor to win an Olympic medal. Oscar Swahn. He was 64.30. In what event did he compete and at which Olympics? He was a shooter.31. Which country did he represent? Sweden.32. Which city hosted the 2008 Olympic Games? Beijing.33. At the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games, each gold medallist was presented a gift. What was that gift? An oak tree sapling from Adolf Hitler.34. What did New Zealander Jack Lovelock do with his gift from the 1936 Olympic Games? He planted it in Timaru.35. Is rugby currently an Olympic Games sport? No, but the sevens are.36. Which Olympic Games did New Zealand boycott? 1980 in Moscow.37. In which Olympic Games were some athletes killed by terrorists? Munich games in 1972.38. Which Olympic Games did many nations boycott because of N Z’s sporting contacts with South Africa? Montreal Canada in 1976.39. Which female athlete created controversy by running in bare feet? Zola Budd.40. In which Olympic Games did a gymnast achieve a perfect 10 points for the first time? Nadia Commenci.

Questions 41-50.

  4. 4. Below are some of New Zealand’s gold medallists fromprevious Olympic Games. 
Match these medallists with their correct event.
1 D 1. Jack Lovelock A. Men’s triathlon, 2004 2 H 2. Peter Snell B. 200 and 400 metre freestyle swim, 1996 3 F 3. John Walker C. Women’s 3,000 metre cycling, 2004 4 G 4. Ian Ferguson D. Men’s 1500 metre run, 1936 5 B 5. Danyon Loader E. Women’s double sculls rowing, 2004 6 I 6. Bruce Kendall F. Men’s 1500 metre run, 1976 7 C 7. Sarah Ulmer G. Men’s K1 500 metre kayak, 1984 8 J 8. Barbara Kendall H. Men’s 800 metre run, 1960 9 A 9. Hamish Carter I. Men’s sailboard, 1988 1 E 10. Georgina and J. Womens sailboard. 0 Caroline Evers-Swindell 1992
Your answers go in the space below. Number one is donefor you.