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  1. 1. Bobsledding is a well known Olympicsport that has been around for morethan 500 years according to localCanadian citizen and bobsledfollower, Dominique May. It is performedby people from all over the world mostlyin countrys were there is lots of snow andice although one country went to theextreme of doing it in Jamaica for a filmwhich was shot in 1993.
  2. 2. Bobsledding is a well known sport invented by theSwiss in the late 1860s. Teams would run downnarrow, twisting tunnels that were roofless and madeof thick layers of ice. The very first bobsleigh eventwas held in Europe in the 1800s. Both men andwomen were allowed to compete in the events.
  3. 3. Bobsledding was discovered when someonedecided to tell some racers and runners to racedown a hill while they jump into a small toboggan.The racers thought they could go faster bybobbing forward and backward with their bodies.While that failed, the name was createdBOBSLEDDING.
  4. 4. These days bobsleds are made of aluminium and steel with metal runners on the bottom 2 at the front 2 at the back. The two different bobsleds (two men and four men) are a little different in size and how much they can hold. The two men bobsled also known as a boblet is 2.7 metres long and the weight with the two athletes in it is around 390kg and the four man is 3.8 metres and can hold a weight of around 630kg. It has a hole a the back where the brake man can jump in while the other athletes push the bobsled and jump in the sides. They have small seats for the athletes to sit in while they are inside the bobsled.
  5. 5. A bobsled race starts off when the racers orpassengers start to push the sled down the trackfor about 8 or 9 metres running as fast as theycan and then they jump in with the driver in thefront and the brakes person at the back. Theother two in the middle help to lean the sled inwhat ever direction they need to go.
  6. 6. Cool runnings was an amazing American sportsmovie about how 4 men decided to see if they couldmanage what seemed the impossible. Its an inspiringstory about how a runner decided to get three of hismates and see if in 50 degree heat they could learn anice sport! The team make it all the way to theCanadian Olympics where they have a horrible crashand instead of medics rushing them to hospital theymake it all the way to the end carrying the bobsledwith them. It is an inspiring movie showinganything is possible if you put your mind to it!
  7. 7. The uniform is as all the Jamaicanuniforms for the Olympics with thecolours green, yellow and black.The helmet is a bright yellow so thatthe crowd could never miss whenthe team tore up the ice !The team have a stripe at the leg ofthe uniform to be creative. Theyeven got personalised jackets tokeep from “freezing to death!”
  8. 8. The quote the team say before their last race is.....Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up, its bobsledtime, cool runningsssssssssssssssss!!Another quote is... some people say and cant believeJamaica we have a bobsled team we have my manderice and a one junior and usanka were the fastest ofthe fastest Jamaican sprinters go to Olympics fight forJamaica ;)!!My favourite quote from the film is, if we lookJamaican, walk Jamaican, talk Jamaican and isJamaican then we show ourselves in a bobsled asJamaican.
  9. 9. In 1928 the bobsledding event was a 5 man.Each year from then it has been either 2 men, 2women or 4 men. There is also a different kind ofbobsledding called skeleton bobsledding its wereyou have a little board and you jump on it like itwas a board you put under yourself and push offand you lay down and zoom around the track.
  10. 10. The winter Olympics in 2010 were held inVancouver Canada. The opening ceremonywas absolutely breath taking (as I was ableto watch some of it myself!!). There weremany wins and many tears but none theless none of the competitors gave up buttried so hard and were not going to let acouple of tears get between them and agold medal!
  11. 11. There are 9 members of the Australian bobsledteam. There names and roles are…• Heath Spence (Pilot)• Ben Lisson (Brakeman/ 3 man)• Gareth Chev Nichols (2man)• Duncan Harvey (Brakeman/ Crew)• Lucas Mata (Brakeman)• Anthony Ryan (Brakeman/Crew)• Brad Prestige (Brakeman/ Crew)• Josh Dimitriou (Brakeman/Crew/Runner Polisher and Water Boy)• Dustin MacPherson (Brakeman/ Crew)
  12. 12. There are many different sponsors for They are now well known all overthe many different teams but for the the world thanks to our amazingAustralian bobsled team our sponsors bobsledding team the Spence BOBare true blue…. squad!!! Not many of you will have4 heard of it but if you get time to watch the bobsledding at the winterApsley ski lodge Olympics in2014 then no doubt youA.Abbott locksmiths will see them, along with the world famous Jamaican bobsled team!Coceptum logisticsPeros Australia and many many more.
  13. 13. There are many different bobsledders from all over the world andfrom many different cultures. There are also many well knownbobsledders who are from Australia as well. As you can see at thebottom of the screen there are two young men who are sitting in agreen and gold bobsled in what seems a street in Sydney but thesestwo boys are getting some practise for the winter Olympics in sociRussia. Their names are Aaron Simson-Woods (left) and RobStewart (right). Their lucky number is 26!!!
  14. 14. Torino 2006Vancouver In this decade there have been 3 winter2010 Olympics and in the 2002 Olympics there were lots of medals won by lots of different countries. Germany won 4 gold and the US won 4 silver along with 4 bronze In 2006 Germany conquered again with 4 gold again (that’s two years in a row) however that year Russia caught up with 4 silvers and a country called Sui won 4 bronzeSalt lake In 2010 it was the big one………. with the UScity 2002 winning 4 gold and just on there tail Germany with 4 silver and Canada with 4 bronze.
  15. 15. The first medal won for bobsledding was won in1924 Chamonix. A gold went to Switzerland asilver to great Britain and a bronze to Belgium.There was some cheers and tears but in the end itwas just the Olympics (no big deal or anything).The First Winter Olympics was held in 1924 andwith all of these new sports bobsledding was amost unusual sport as only the rich and famouscould afford one which is still the case today butin a town like Tamworth who needs one!
  16. 16. Brakes: are applied by lifting a lever that lowers metal teethinto the ice!Push handles: The side push handles must be strong. Allpush handles are used to push the bobsled at the start andfold inside the sled to help glide easier along the track.Helmet: A high-tech plastic composite helmet must be wornto protect the head. Many have shades to protect theeyes, or the runner can use goggles.Start shoes: are made of a solid material and have spikes inthe bottom to help them run on the ice, they also help withgrip.Sled: The sled consists of a main frame, a front and rearaxle, and two sets of independent steel runners. The shell ismade of a high protected fiboglass.
  17. 17. Training to be a bobsledder for the Olympics is just like any other sport you have to train almost every day to achieve the great that will wait a head of you most of the Australian bobsled team like to train together as it is more fun and you have someone to tell you where you have gone wrong and where you can improve.
  18. 18. To train most of the athletes do sit ups, push ups, squats, crunches sprints from 200metres all the way up to 800metres. They train up to 10 hours a day with only a few breaks in between and after all the training is done they go home and sleep then get up the next morning and do it all again tomorrow. When it is the year of the Olympics they train even harder so that they get better and hope to ( in the long run ) win a gold medal for there superior skills but none of this is possible if they dont train hard enough
  19. 19. Bobsledding has become so popular in the last 5 years there has been books made about it there have been movies made about the sport and there has also been a video game. One of the games is Mario and Sonic at the Olympic winter games and there you can play either skeleton or bobsleigh. This is just one of the video games made with bobsledding as the main event or one of the sports that you can select. There are some books that tell you how the sport began or why I was created but there are to many to say so Ill just go with lots!
  20. 20. All the timing is normally done electronically and the times are only recorded at the start and at the end of the race. However at certain stages of the race times will be taken to show drivers and coaches how they can improve there speed and compare it to other teams.They can also be put on the fastest time board if they get great speeds but it would not be possible if they didn’t time it.
  21. 21. The fastest recorded time in the Olympics was in 2002 when the 2women bobsled finished with an amazing time of 1minute and 37seconds. The amazing women who did this were,Jill Bakken Vonetta Flowers who were both from the USA.The mens fastest recorded time was a massive 3minutes and 7secondswhich was put in by the 4 mens team, the athletes are Andre Lange, Kevin Kuske, Carsten Embach and Enrico Kuhn.
  22. 22. This sport has been improved dramatically sincethe beginning examples are …….Wooden bobsleds to metal bobsleds.Jumping out to stop it and brakes.Steering by leaning and now there is a specialset of ropes that the driver pulls to steer.From snowy slopes to smooth ice tracks.From the rich playing on them down their icyhills to battling it out for the Olympics!!!
  23. 23. I chose bobsledding because I thought it wouldbe a little different to what any of you did but Ialso thought that seeing as though not many ofyou would have heard about it or known muchabout it so in other words I thought it would beunique. I also chose it because I have seenbobsledding on TV and it is quite interesting tosee how each of the different countries usedifferent techniques!!!!
  24. 24. In this PowerPoint I have hopefully shown you all you need to know about bobsledding. I chose this sport as I thought it would be unique as not many of you would have known much about the sport until you saw this presentation. I hope you enjoyed having learnt a little bit about bobsledding!!!
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