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Gameplan the open sports quiz

  1. 1. QuizealousPhone :9830114888, 92316645339830 888 923 66 33E-Mail :info@quizealous.cominfo@quizealous comWebsite :www.quizealous.comwww quizealous com
  2. 2. It was the last Olympics to issue solid gold medals. Japanbecame the first Asian nation to have participated in thisGames. It was the only city which gave bid for the games.The games were the first to have art competitions andthe first to feature the decathlon and pentathlon bothwon by Jim Thorpe, womens diving and womensswimming. Electric timing was introduced in athletics.Which Olympics am I talking about?
  3. 3. Identifythis hilegendaryfootballerf b llof KolkataMaidan.M id
  4. 4. Shibdas Bhaduri
  5. 5. This American swimmer was one of the most decoratedOlympians in history, winning 12 medals, including 8 goldmedals (all relay), from 1992 to 2004 Summer Olympicsthe most for any female Olympic swimmer in history. Atage 31, she was the oldest member of the 2004 U.S.Swimming and Diving team, competing in her fourthOlympics in Athens. She was named by the SwimmingWorld magazine as the Female World Swimmer of theYear in 1998. Name this great swimmer.
  6. 6. Jenny Thompson
  7. 7. After her success in the Women’s 1500 mt. racein Barcelona Games, Queen Noor of Jordanwrote to her‐“Your victory in Barcelona is avictory for all Arab women. It gives hope for theprogress of the Arab women”. Who is thisathlete?
  8. 8. Hassiba Boulmerka of Algeria.
  9. 9. This is a French term means ‐ ‘To rescue’. Thisword is applied in sports like ‐ Judo, Taekwondo,Rowing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Cycling etc. What isthe term ?
  10. 10. What was ‘Mickey Cricket’, launched Mickey Cricketduring the 2012 IPL ?
  11. 11. Mumbai Indians’ team merchandise rangefor kids.
  12. 12. Who is the only player to have won all four Boys’ BoysGrand Slams ?
  13. 13. Stefan Edberg of Sweden.
  14. 14. This Russian gymnast held the record for men for themost Olympic medals at 15 (7 gold, 5 silver, 3 bronze)until Michael Phelps surpassed him at the BeijingSummer Olympics. He is the third athlete (male orfemale) in cumulative Olympic medals after MichaelPhelps and Larisa Latynina. He took the Olympic Oath forathletes at the Moscow Olympics. He married anotherfamous Soviet gymnast two time Olympic champion gymnast, two‐timeLyubov Burda. Name this legendary gymnast.
  15. 15. Nikolai Andrianov.
  16. 16. Identifythesetrophies.
  17. 17. Which legendary US athlete was the first g yChairman of the Laureus World Sports Academy?
  18. 18. Edwin Moses.
  19. 19. Waldi was the first dog designed by Otl Aicher g g ywhich became the Olympic mascot in whichGames?
  20. 20. Name the seventh country after Albania, Cuba, y , ,Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nicaragua, and Seychelleswhich boycotted the 1988 Olympics in Seoul?
  21. 21. North Korea.
  22. 22. This Russian athlete was the president of the pUkrainian Olympic Committee and the UkrainianMinister for Youth and Sports. In 1972 he wonboth the 100 m and 200 m sprint events at theMunich Games. Identify him.
  23. 23. Valeriy Borzov.
  24. 24. What is the name of this traditional Indian sport?What is the name of this traditional Indian sport?
  25. 25. Jallikattu or Eruthazhuvuthal or Manju Virattu(Tamilnadu).
  26. 26. In the Seoul Olympics, he beat the hot favourite y p ,Matt Biondi by 1/100th of a second in the men’s100mt. butterfly final and thus won his country’sfirst ever gold in Olympics. Can you identify him?
  27. 27. Anthony Nesty of Suriname.
  28. 28. Name the first black sportsperson who becamethe brand ambassador of Adidas.
  29. 29. Jesse Owens.
  30. 30. This American athlete was the four‐time OlympicChampion in his sport. He was the first track andfield athlete to win a gold medal in the sameindividual event in four consecutive Olympics. Hecarried the Olympic flag in the 1984 Olympicsand then carried Olympic flame into the stadiumin thei th 1996 Ol Olympics. Wh i thi l i Who is this legendary dathlete?
  31. 31. Alfred Oerter Jr. (Discuss Throw).
  32. 32. He was widely known as Pocket Dynamo. Theprincipal of Kolhapurs Rajaram College Mr College, Mr.Khardekar, mortgaged his house for a sum of Rs.7,000 to pay for his travelling cost. Localshopkeepers from his village presented him withgroceries and other items of use. Delhi have astadium named after him. Name this Olympian.
  33. 33. Khashaba Dadasaheb Jadhav.
  34. 34. Identify this goal‐machine.
  35. 35. Edinson Cavani of Uruguay and Napoli.
  36. 36. What is the ‘Liberty Bell Classic’ associated with Liberty Classicthe Olympic Games?
  37. 37. Olympic Boycott Games.An event held in Philadelphia in 1980,participated b th 29 b ti i t d by the boycotting countries of tti ti fthe American‐led boycott of the 1980 MoscowOlympics.Olympics
  38. 38. In the Montreal Games, Taro Aso was a member ,of the Japanese shooting team. 32 years later, heachieved something very special. What was hisclaim to fame in 2008?
  39. 39. He was elected as the Prime Minister ofJapan.
  40. 40. He is the only male player to have won both the y p ysingles and doubles gold medals in the sameOlympic Games. Identify this tennis player.
  41. 41. It is one of the oldest names on the F‐1 grid.Between 1962 and 1978 it won six drivers’championships and seven constructors’ titles.Automobile designer, engineer and racer ColinChapman was the founder of this company. Canyou name this F‐1 team?
  42. 42. What is the name of this logo? g
  43. 43. Modern Spin.
  44. 44. This company was established in 1911. Itoriginally started by making clothing The clothing.companys primary product was originallyunderwear, before moving into sportswear in the , g p1970s. Now it is owned and operated from SouthKorea since a takeover in 2007. Name thiscompany.
  45. 45. Identify ThisCricketer.
  46. 46. Eknath Solkar
  47. 47. This map shows the participating countries ofwhich world famous sporting event?
  48. 48. He was the member of three Olympic gold medal winningteams, in London (1948), Helsinki (1952) and Melbourne , ( ), ( )(1956). He lit the Sacred Flame at the Asian Games 1982held at New Delhi. In 2006, he was named the Best SikhHockey Player of All Times Also in a poll conducted in Times. Also,the year 1982 he was adjudged to be the Player of theCentury. Identify this legendary hockey player.
  49. 49. Balbir Singh (Sr.)
  50. 50. This super heavyweight weightlifter weighing160 kg. won the 1972 and 1976 Olympics golds.He had set 80world records and 81 Soviet Unionrecords. Sports Illustrated (issue date: April 14,1975) termed him “The world’s Strongest man” him‐“The man”.Who is this Olympian ?
  51. 51. Vasily Ivanovich Alekseyev y
  52. 52. Which two life love‐birds turned couple won thegold medals in the same event for both men’sand women’s in the 1992 Games?
  53. 53. Susi Susanti Susi Susantiand Alan Budi Kusuma
  54. 54. In 1960’s Olympics, he became the first non‐American since Canadian Percy Williams in1928to win the Olympic 100 metres. He was also oneof the first track stars to be affected by the yrivalry between Adidas and Puma. Can you namethis sprinter?
  55. 55. Armin Hary
  56. 56. During the inaugural edition of IPL he had playedfor Mumbai Indians and represented the DeccanChargers side i th next tCh id in the t two seasons. H was Heroped in after the Aussie pacer Mitchell Johnsonfailed to recover from a toe injury and ruled outfrom this edition. Can you identify this player?
  57. 57. Dwayne Smith
  58. 58. Identify the sport
  59. 59. Lacrosse
  60. 60. Identify the logo , name the NBA team.
  61. 61. After the successes in the Mexico Olympics, thisathlete enrolled his name in the NFL for MiamiDolphins. Unfortunately, he did not have thefootball skills to match his speed and spent onthe practice squad He was given the nickname squad."Oops" due to his lack of football skill. Who isthis athlete?
  62. 62. Jim Hines
  63. 63. He once opened the attack for Warwickshire He Warwickshire.has worked with some of the biggest names insports, from Sir Viv Richards to Greg Norman toBrian Lara. He has interviewed Dhoni, Dravidand Laxman for his book ‘Think Like aChampion’. Can you identify this legend?
  64. 64. Dr. Rudi  Webster
  65. 65. HeH was th ti k the timekeeper f R for Roger BBannisters it historic four‐minute mile. This British athletewas the Olympic champion in 1924 in the 100metres sprint, which was depicted in the 1981movie Chariots of Fire. His younger brother Sir f y gSidney ………… was also a British Olympic longjumper. Who is this legendary figure?
  66. 66. Harold Abrahams
  67. 67. “Epic. It goes to show you that not only is this guy the greatest swimmer of all time and the greatest Olympian of all time, hes may be the  t t Ol i f ll ti h b thgreatest athlete of all time. Hes the greatest racer who ever walked the planet. Who saidracer who ever walked the planet ” Who said this about Michael Phelps?
  68. 68. Mark Spitz
  69. 69. Why the Romaniangymnast AndreeaRăducan came innews in Sydney, y y,2000?
  70. 70. She was the first gymnast to be stripped of a medal after testing positive. f d l f i ii
  71. 71. This American athlete was the first to rununder 11 seconds in an Olympic Games As a 19‐ Games.year‐old, she finished 5th in the 100 mt. eventat the 1976 Olympics. At the 1988 Olympics, she y p y p ,was the flag bearer for the United States teamat the Opening Ceremony. Name this sprinter.
  72. 72. Evelyn Ashford
  73. 73. John Ian Wing, the British resident of Chinesedescent was a 17 year old apprentice carpenterin Australia. I 1956 ji A li In just d days b f before the closing h l iceremony of the Games, he wrote ananonymous letter to the IOC which created anew tradition and brought global unity. Whatwas his claim to fame?
  74. 74. He suggested that the athletes from all countries should mingle during the  i l d i thclosing parade.
  75. 75. This influential athleterevolutionized one of thetechniques which adopted byalmost all athlete of his eventtoday. At the 1968 Olympics,he took the gold medal and set ga new Olympic record,displaying the potential of thenew technique Who is this technique.legend?
  76. 76. What nickname was What nickname wasgiven to these 1960’s Manchester United football team?
  77. 77. Busby Babes Busby Babesafter their legendary manager‐ Matt Busby
  78. 78. Identify this  ywinter Olympic sport
  79. 79. Bobsleigh
  80. 80. Christa Luding‐Christa LudingRothenburger of East Germany East Germanybecame the first and only athlete at Seoul in 1988. What was her claim to fame?f ?
  81. 81. She won Olympic medals at the Summer andSh Ol i d l t th S dWinter Olympics in the same year. She addscycling silver to the speed skating gold she wonearlier in the Winter Olympics in Calgary.
  82. 82. It was last done by Argentina’s Daniel Bertoni in 1978 World Bertoni in 1978 WorldCup. Who did it last in 2010 and what I am  0 0a d at atalking about?
  83. 83. •Andres Iniesta of Spain.•Both of them scored the winning goal in the winning goal inthe extra‐time against the same opponent the Netherlands.
  84. 84. This Belarusian and former Soviet gymnast wasarguably the greatest male gymnast of all time.He is the only male gymnast ever to have won aworld title on all 8 events. At the 1992 Olympics,he won 6 of 8 events more than any othergymnast in Olympic history and became the mostsuccessful athlete at the 1992 Summer Olympics.
  85. 85. Vitaly Scherbo
  86. 86. Name the last one of this group.
  87. 87. Connect.
  88. 88. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson LondonHe received the flag from Mayor of Beijing GuoJinlong, which was entitled "From London, With g, ,a whole Lotta love”.
  89. 89. Connect.
  90. 90. Who is the fourth and last footballer in thisseries of W ld C stars? i f World Cup ?
  91. 91. Gabriel Batistuta. BatistutaAll of them scored 2 hattricks in the Finalround of World Cup Cup.
  92. 92. Connect.
  93. 93. All of them won both the 200 and 400m.races in the same Olympics.
  94. 94. Connect.
  95. 95. All of them won gold medals in MontrealOlympics and later went on to becomeprofessional world champions.
  96. 96. Who is the last person in this series.
  97. 97. Boris Gelfand.
  98. 98. Connect.
  99. 99. All of them were dismissed in ‘Mankaded’ rule of run out in Tests
  100. 100. Name the fourth person of this group group.
  101. 101. Carl Lewis.Carl LewisAll of them won 9 gold medals.
  102. 102. Identify the Olympian who is the last in this exclusive series.
  103. 103. Ben Johnson.All of their gold medals were stripped in 1988 Olympics. f h i ld d l i di Ol iThey are‐ Angell Guenchev (weight‐lifting, 1988, Bulgaria,67.5 kg. category), Mitko Grablev (weight‐lifting,Bulgaria, 56 kg. category), Andor Szanyi (weightlifting,Hungary, 100 kg category) and Ben Johnson (100 mt.race, Canada).race Canada)
  104. 104. Connect.
  105. 105. All of them accomplished a ‘The Career BoxedSet’ or ‘Grand Slam Boxed Set’ in‐women’ssingles, womens d bl and mixed d bl i l doubles d i d doubles.The Career Boxed set is winning the same set ofall possible grand slam titles over the course ofan entire career.The players are‐ Doris Hart (1 time), Margaret p y ( ) gCourt (2 times) and Martina Navratilova (1 time).
  106. 106. Connect in respect of London 2012.
  107. 107. It was their seventh consecutiveappearance at this Games Games.
  108. 108. Connect.
  109. 109. They were the members of the Uruguays1924 and 1928 Olympic gold‐medalwinning teams and the 1930’s World Cupchampion team team.
  110. 110. Connect.
  111. 111. Mo Farah, the Somalia born‐British athlete adopted the movefollowing a television appearance in May 2012 opposite sportspresenter Clare Balding in the show ‘A League of Their Own’. Thehost of the show suggested to the panelists that they should think ofa new dance to mark Farahs winning celebration and Balding Farah ssubsequently came up with the "Mobot". While demonstrating it forthe first time, she indicated that the part of the move intended torepresent the "M" in "Mo" was inspired by the dance of "Y.M.C.A.",a popular song by the Village People.
  112. 112. Connect thC t these i images with a t ith tennis personality. i lit
  113. 113. Paul Annacone.He was the coach of both Sampras and Federerwhen they surpassed Roy Emerson and PeteSampras in 2000 and 2012’s Wimbledon.
  114. 114. Connect.
  115. 115. Olympic medalist and acted in the role of Tarzan. TarzanThey were‐ Johnny Weissmuller, Buster Crabbeand Bruce Bennett (a.k.a Herman Brix). ( )
  116. 116. Connect.
  117. 117. All of their siblings‐ Mike Bryan, AlistairBrownlee, Venus Williams and Peter Chamberswon medals in London Olympics.
  118. 118. Connect.
  119. 119. Euro Cup Football‐2012.1) Henri Delaunay (founder of the European Cup football H iD l (f d f h E C f b lltournament & the trophy is named after him), 2) Spain(the winner of 2012), 3) Logo of the 1978 FIFA World Cup(‘Adidas Tango 12’ is the official match ball of thistournament which was first used in the 1978 FIFA WorldCup) 4) Wycinanki (a Polish version of the art form ofpaper cutting)
  120. 120. Identify this Id tif thilegendary Indian cricket cricketadministrator
  121. 121. N.K.P. Salve, the Congress leader and ppresident of BCCI (1982–1985) ( )
  122. 122. This American took part in the 1976Summer Olympics in Montreal at16. In the Los Angeles Olympics,with record scores and leads overhis opponents, he won gold medalsin two events. In his autobiography‐‘Breaking the Surface’, he disclosed‘B ki th S f ’ h di l dto the world that he was HIVpositive, having been diagnosed afew months before the SeoulGames. Who is this Olympian?
  123. 123. Identify this trophy
  124. 124. Before he signed up for F‐1, he was a Royal Australian AirForce flight mechanic, who also ran a small engineeringworkshop. At the Cooper Car racing team, he put hisracing and engineering skills to full use and won theworld titles in 1959 and 1960 In 1962 he established his 1960. 1962,own racing team after his name with fellow Aussiefriend‐ Ron Tauranac. In 1966, he became the only manto i the F‐1t win th F 1 world titl b d i i hi own cars. N ld title by driving his Namethis legendary F‐1 driver.
  125. 125. For the first time this sports meet was held in 1985. The meet was initially staged biennially (every odd year), to allow for an international (every odd year) to allow for an internationalchampionship‐level meet in the non‐Olympic and non World Championships years. Now it is held in non‐World Championships years. Now it is held inevery four years. The last edition of it was held in Irvine. Name this sports meet.
  126. 126. The Pan Pacific Swimming Championships
  127. 127. He was the Indian national champion in 1991 and p1992 and reached main stage of the 1990 AllEngland Open Badminton Championships, theonly deaf person to do so. He has won 12 goldsand been singles champion at the Deaflympicsfrom 1989 to 2001 and was named Deaflympian Deaflympianof the Century by the Comité International desSports des Sourds (International Committee ofDeaf Sports) in 2001. Identify this player.
  128. 128. Rajeev Bagga
  129. 129. Identify this  yfootball club
  130. 130. He was the goalkeeper of the Pak hockey teamand awarded ‘Man of the Match’ in the historicDelhi Asiad Final against India in 1982 in whichIndia’s Mir Ranjan Negi conceded 7 goals! Canyou name the Pak keeper?
  131. 131. Shahid Ali Khan, the Pak Hockey coach
  132. 132. Kim Clijsters is the second mother to have won any Grand Slam (US Open) title in won any Grand Slam (US Open) title in2010. Who was the first to have achieved that feat in1980 in the Wimbledon?that feat in1980 in the Wimbledon?
  133. 133. Evonne GoolagongG l
  134. 134. He almost died after suffering cardiac arrest in an FA Cup tie in 2012. He got ti i 2012 H tthe honor to carry the Olympic flame in the Olympic flame inthis Games for Congo. Name this  gfootballer who was lying.
  135. 135. He is Eric Robert Rudolph. With  pwhich Olympic Games do you associate this  hperson?
  136. 136. Atlanta Games in 1996.•He detonated a bomb during the Centennial •He detonated a bomb during the CentennialOlympic Park, which killed two and injured 111 others.
  137. 137. What is the name of this sports  f hequipment? (Give the specific (Give the specificanswer!)
  138. 138. PutterIt is a club used in golf to make relatively short and low‐speed strokes with the short and low‐speed strokes with theintention of rolling the ball into the hole
  139. 139. Which two runners were runners wereassociated in this race?
  140. 140. Zola Budd (Great Britain) and Mary Decker Zola Budd (Great Britain) and Mary DeckerSlaney (USA) at the Los Angeles Games, 1984 in 3000 mt. final
  141. 141. This Georgian is the only chess player in history who has won nine Chess Olympiads. She was who has won nine Chess Olympiads She wasthe second woman, after Gaprindashvili, to be awarded the Grandmaster in 1984. Identify this awarded the Grandmaster in 1984. Identify thischess player.
  142. 142. Maia Chiburdanidze
  143. 143. Identify the surface
  144. 144. Deco Turf, in the Arthur Ashe Stadium, US Open.
  145. 145. Chekrovolu Swuro Chekrovolu Swurois the latest who represented India  pin Olympics from Nagaland. Who was the last in the 1948 Games in London?
  146. 146. T. Ao, the captain of the Indian football teamfootball team
  147. 147. This South African javelin thrower had played This South African javelin thrower had playedone Womens Test cricket and 17 Womens ODI matches for South Africa between 2000 and 2002. Then she changed the course of her career and became a javelin thrower. She went on to win bronze at the IAAF World Championships in  i b h IAAF W ld Ch i hi iDaegu, South Korea in 2011. This time she participated in this Games. Can you name this participated in this Games Can you name thisathlete?
  148. 148. Sunette Stella Viljoen
  149. 149. Logo of which team.
  150. 150. Why Kami Craig of USA came in  fnews in this Games?
  151. 151. She grabbed the suit of a Spanish player in a water polo match that brings the wardrobe  l h h bi h d bmalfunction in Olympics
  152. 152. Prior to the Prior to theLondon Games, this Greek Triplethis Greek Triple‐jumper became the first athlete in the history of Olympics who was expelled. What  ll d Wh twas her fault?
  153. 153. For her racial Twitter message
  154. 154. Perhaps for the first time in any recorded First Class, Test, ODI or T‐20 game, it happened in the first match on April 27, 2009 between Knight fi t t h A il 27 2009 b t K i htRiders and Mumbai Indians match at the Port Elizabeth. What I am talking about?Elizabeth What I am talking about?
  155. 155. Brendon Mc Cullum didn’t use pads while keeping!k i !
  156. 156. Identify this Identify thisgreat Indian sports personality
  157. 157. Nisha Millet, the swimmer
  158. 158. Which Olympian is Ol i ithe owner of these two these twodogs?
  159. 159. The dogs of Andy Murray
  160. 160. Written Round.6 questions.5 points for each correct answer.All the answers are related to a central theme.Theme answer can be given after each question question.Only one chance will be given for the theme answer.The point schemes for the theme answer are as follows : 1st: +30/‐25, 2nd: +25/‐20, 3rd: +20/‐15, 30/ 25 25/ 20 20/ 15 4th: +15/‐10, 5th: +10/‐5, 6th: +5
  161. 161. This Olympic stadium was d iThi Ol i di designed b R d by‐RogerTalliber. It was called‐ ‘The Big O’ or ‘The BigMistakeMistake’. In Dec 2006 its cost was finally paid Dec,which amounted to $ 1.61 billion. It is the firststadium which has the retractable roof. It has theworld’s tallest inclined towers measuring 175 mt.In which city it is situated? or Which OlympicGames happened here?
  162. 162. I was born on 23rd June, 1940 at Tennessee. I wasthe 20th of 22 children of my railway porterfather. I was adorably called‐ ‘The TennesseeTornado’. The Italians called me‐ ‘The BlackGazelle’. IdentifyG ll ’ Id tif me.
  163. 163. Wilma Rudolph.
  164. 164. Victor Boin of Belgium won silver in water‐poloin 1908, a bronze in 1912 in team fencing in1920. Overall he took part in swimming, ice‐skating, ice‐hockey, flying and motor‐cycling.Later he went on to become the President of theBelgian Olympic Committee. What was his claimto fame in the Antwerp Games?
  165. 165. ‘The Athletes Oath’ was first taken by him.
  166. 166. Gosta Lilleiehook of Sweden won the inauguralevent at Stockholm The women’s section was Stockholm. women sstarted in 2000. This event has happened for thelast time in the recently concluded London yGames. Which event I am talking about?
  167. 167. The Modern Pentathlon.
  168. 168. When he was 16, he began working in a Batashoe f h factory. He i the only Olympic athlete is h l l i hlwhose statue appears at the Musée Olympique,Lausanne.Lausanne Name this Olympic legend legend.
  169. 169. Emil Zátopek.
  170. 170. Connect.
  171. 171. Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima.
  172. 172. 1) The 2004 Olympics at Athens.2) Brazilian beach volleyball player Emanuel Rego(He(H won the gold medal at the 2004 Ol h ld d l h Olympics iwho wanted to give his gold medal to him).3) Cornelius Horan (this defrocked Irish prieststopped him in the Athens Olympics Marathonwhile he was leading convincingly). g g y)
  173. 173. 1. The Olympic Stadium of Montreal –‘Francis: Le Stade1 ‘Francis:d’Olympique’ is located at the 4549 Baron Pierre deCoubertin Avenue, Quebec, Canada.2. Wilma Rudolph was born on 23rd June, 1940. The IOCwas created by Coubertin and Demetrios Vikelas on 23rd yJune, 1894.3.3 The ‘Athlete’s Oath’ in Olympics was written by Athlete s OathCoubertin.
  174. 174. 4. The format of Modern Pentathlon was designed byCoubertin.5. Emil Zátopek was later awarded the ‘Baron Pierre deCoubertin Medal’ for his achievement in Olympics.6. Vanderlei de Lima was awarded the ‘Baron Pierre deCoubertin Medal’ for sportsmanship for that race. p p