Aggregation Collaboration Proposal


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Collaboration and cooperation is also tools on the digital era.

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Aggregation Collaboration Proposal

  1. 1. aggregation
  2. 2. WhoWeAreklikkanan Studio was established in 2011. Founded byyoung professionals who have experienced in mobileand internet services.We offering you integrated marketing platform bycombining mobile and internet media to become yourultimate promotional tools.We have dedicated, highly skilled and experiencedprofessional.
  3. 3. AggregationOverviewThe term "aggregation" within the mobile servicesindustry is defined by klikkanan studio as:The art of seamless integrationto your platformsIn simplest terms, it is:1. The mechanism we use to deliver content toyour audience or customers,2. Integrating directly with your internal softwaresystems, and3. Passing the necessary information betweenbusinesses and the networks.
  4. 4. ChallengeHow to provide a strong solution to themarket?How to be the first channel in MobileContent distribution?How to communicate it to the end user?
  5. 5. MobileMarketInterest
  6. 6. MarketingReviewAs seen around the world, there is growing interest in mobilegaming and a great opportunity for in-game advertising. Thekey will be how advertisers take advantage of the technologyavailable and where they invest their resources.Brands and advertisers can capitalize on the current sophisti-cated technology available, which is providing better reach,reliable metrics, and unique ways to engage mobile custom-ers.Furthermore, they can leverage the momentum of gamingamong a diverse and growing population that is more open tonew forms of marketing. Let the games begin!
  7. 7. What is an App Store?The App Store originally implies Apple’s service for theiPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, which enables users to browseand download various mobile apps from their iTunes Store.But now, the term, “app store” has come to mean any onlinestore offering similar services for mobile devices. Neverthe-less, Apple considers the “App Store” its trademark.Apps featuring in an app store can be either free or paid.Also, some OS’ come with pre-loaded versions of their appstores. For instance, the iPhone 3G came with iOS 2.0, offer-ing App Store support.
  8. 8. MobileContentStatistic
  9. 9. InternetSurvey
  10. 10. CaseStudy
  11. 11. Concept iShop The first complete digital mobile shop in Indonesia
  12. 12. MobileTargetingTheNextBigThing?As in all direct marketing, the key to success lies in the avail-ability and application of accurate and keenly targeted data.Although it costs at least five times as much to recruit a newcustomer than it does to retain an existing one, recruitmentis the absolute life-blood of any business.If a company is not growing its client-base, it is not juststanding still, but going backwards, because its competitorswill always be moving forward.
  13. 13. TheMobilePlatformMobile promised a lot for many years. But finally mobile hasarrived, everyday new mobile initiatives deliver real results.The Mobile Platform engages followers, that builds fans,that extends brands, that grows revenues. The music videobelow was entirly made by fans using only their mobilephones.The Mobile Platform helps the worlds largest brands andcontent providers create successful mobile products, by en-gaging consumers, monetizing content and providing therichest experiences.
  14. 14. XFactorEngage AudiencesThe Mobile Platform can help you extend audience reach, build brand loyaltyand recognition and grow revenues in new areas by engaging customers usinginnovative mobile technologies. Our experience engineers have created some ofthe best mobile experinces in the world.Mobile Applications And Mobile WebMobile Platform solutions will deliver the best mobile experiences to your cus-tomers or fans. Our agnostic platform supports every platform including iPhone,Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Bada and Symbian. Our solutions deliverresults, revenue and build followers.Mobile Video StreamingOur video products have been firetested at huge scale on every device and deliv-ered through our purpose built mobile content delivery network. We haveproven to offer the best mobile video experiences in the world for leadingbrands Premier League and the NBA.
  15. 15. MechanismAPI Summary:API agregator CP :-API HIT MTyg digunakan untuk hit mt push dan mt pull dari sistem klikkanan, digunakan untukmengirim url links atau sms text-API reportingyg digunakan untuk meneruskan atau memberikan klikkanan report realtimeApi klikkanan :-API contentDesc : memberikan content ke cp atau ke partner bila ada request dari customer. Apiini di hit untuk ambil kontent dari database repositorynya klikkanan-API receiver MODesc : api yg dibuka oleh klikkanan untuk menerima terusan msisdn reg atau pull dariagregator ke sistemnya klikkanan
  16. 16. JT62 811 189 2842jt@klikkananstudio.comOffice:PT Tama Cipta TeknologiWisma Metropolitan II 6th Fl.Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav. 29Jakarta 12920, IndonesiaPhone/Fax: 6221 726 16 87Workshop:Jl. Grinting 3 No 35Jakarta Selatan