Mobile Apps For Business


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The Revolutionary New Marketing Strategy That Will Skyrocket Your Marketing Results And Maximize Your Outreach!

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Mobile Apps For Business

  1. 1. Over 300 Million iPhones have been activatediPhone owns 29% of the U.S. smartphone marketOver 500 Million Android phones have been activatedAndroid owns 47% of the U.S. smartphone marketThe Smart Phone Revolution
  2. 2. Mobile ApplicationsIn just over 3years, over 20Billion apps havebeen downloadedbetween iPhone andAndroid devices.
  3. 3. A Mobile Applicationis a software programthat runs on mobileSmart phones andassists the user insome wayWhat is a Mobile App?
  4. 4. Due to the low processingpower of mobile deviceswhen compared toPCs, apps are created to becompletely compatible withmobile phones.
  5. 5. The first mobile app wascreated by apple for theiriPhone users but in notime, software developershave ventured into all typesof smartphones; makingapps easily accessible to thewhole mobile world
  6. 6. Mobile apps assist mobile phoneusers by making taskseasier, enabling interactionand, if suitable, can even putsome fun into the use ofsmartphones.
  7. 7. Some mobile apps are pre-installed onsmartphones, such ascompasses, calculators, calendars, clocks, and manyothers
  8. 8. The early applications havebeen centered mainlyaround games and tools.Since the firstapplication, the world ofmobile apps has evolvedextremely fast to what wehave available today…..
  9. 9. While most mobile apps aremade purely for funpurposes, apps are quicklybecoming far more businessand marketing orientedMOBILE MARKETING MACHINES !
  10. 10. The Mobile/Internet Connection Is Complete
  11. 11. The main reason for abusiness to have an app isto give their customers aquick, easy and valuableway to interact with themand make them happy!From Angry Birds To Happy Customers
  12. 12. A mobile app allows anyorganisation to be right in thepocket of their consumeravailable at their fingertips,With a simple click, they canget what they want.
  13. 13. People like being connectedand if a business can providethat much-neededconnection, they will berewarded with loyalty fromtheir customers
  14. 14. When customers realize thatthey can easily find whatthey want without having togo through countless hoopson their mobile phone, thatbusiness or organisation willalways be on their phone
  15. 15. When an app provides a lot ofinteresting content, is easy touse and has value, customerswill share the app withothers, which will helpincrease the exposure andsales even further
  16. 16. By including a promotionon the appdownload, statistics showthat a high percentage ofpeople who download theirapp will actually visit theirphysical store to takeadvantage of the discountor offer.
  17. 17. Once the app is installed, anorganisation is able to sendtheir customersvaluable, engaging informationon a regular basis.‘Quality’ Over ‘Quantity’
  18. 18. Mobile applicationsallow regularcommunication directlywith the customer tooffer them somethingspecial
  19. 19. Mobile applications can provide numerous nativefeatures unique to smartphones such as GPSDirections, Direct Calling, Loyalty programs …..
  20. 20. The Consequences of abusiness Not Having aMobile App MarketingStrategy …..The World Is Going Mobile
  21. 21. Mobile consumers todaywant everything to be fastand easy. If it isn’t, abusiness has a potentialprofit leak
  22. 22. A Mobile app creates an instantconnection between businessesand their customers…So not having one could have anegative impact on a businessmuch quicker than you mightthink….
  23. 23. Let’s Recap Those Statistics…95% Of mobile users will search for localbusinesses using their devices40% Of mobile users will move to acompetitor website if they have a slightproblem accessing a website on their phone61% Of these will call the business they find
  24. 24. The ultimate price abusiness will pay for notimplementing a MobileStrategy is failing to reachmore potential customersas well as losing theirexisting ones!So The Ultimate Price?
  25. 25. If you would like more informationabout how a Mobile App Strategycan help boost your Business get..‘Mobile Profits 101’ for