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Breaking Limits (How Facebook can bring significant ROI to e-commerce clients)


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The new FB Ads PMD Business Factory shows case studies to prove that Facebook can beat Google in conversions, scale the traffic and boost ROI.

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Breaking Limits (How Facebook can bring significant ROI to e-commerce clients)

  1. 1. Breaking limits
  2. 2. We are Ads Prefered Marketing Developer of Facebook We have created ROI Hunter - Ads API Platform
  3. 3. Can Facebook beat Google? Lead Generation Conversion rate Facebook Google 30% 19%
  4. 4. Can Facebook beat Google? E-commerce Conversion rate Facebook Google 1,62% 0,90%
  5. 5. E-commerce business is changing 57% of consumers are “multiscreening”, accessing retail sites on mobile and desktop Source: comScore MMX Multi-Platform, December 2013, UK, 6+ *MMX MP includes PC browsing, PC video streams, mobile browsing & apps (on-network only for untagged apps), tablet browsing & apps for tagged sites & apps 1/3 conversion rate in mobile devices compared to desktop
  6. 6. E-commerce business is changing E-shops are having thousands of products, but users browse only a few of them during one visit 4,7 pages / 1 visit Source: internal research based on 13.000.000 visits
  7. 7. 4 links 3 photos Sliding in mobile devices Available only via API
  8. 8. ROI Hunter Platform It allows to manage a high volume of ads, goal driven traffic in scale, automatization, connection of Google Analytics, XML, CRM, etc. Support for more webs within one FB account Pricing 4-8% from the total spend through Ads API 1 month free-of-charge Training + support allows to reach a better ROI through Facebook in scale
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