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Science and Engineering Resources: Chemistry


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For LIS4375 at the University of Denver.

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Science and Engineering Resources: Chemistry

  1. 1. Science and Engineering Resources: Chemistry Joseph Kraus Penrose Library Associate Professor Science and Engineering Reference Librarian April 13, 2010
  2. 2. The assigned readings  What did you think of:  Local Evaluation of Chemistry Journals  Spotlight on the Subject Knowledge of Chemistry Librarians: Results of a Survey  Access and retrieval of recent journal articles: a comparative study of chemists and geoscientists
  3. 3. Readings for Next week are  Information-Seeking Behavior of Meteorologists and Other Atmospheric Scientists  Geology Librarianship: Current Trends and Challenges
  4. 4. The assignment due April 27  Hand out the assignment for geoscience information.
  5. 5. A look at a blog post  lessons-from-my-cheminfo.html
  6. 6. Demo SciFinder Web & other things