Changes to the library and you


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Changes to the library and you

  1. 1. Changes to the Library and You: Chemistry Faculty and Students Joseph Kraus 3‐31‐11
  2. 2. Changes to the Library••‐library‐planning‐ transition‐is‐underway•‐look‐at‐new‐du‐ library‐design‐1.2128581• Free scanner• Mobile site• CAS announced the discontinuation of the client version of  SciFinder for June 30, 2011.• We will continue to have exhibits, such as‐river‐exhibit‐by‐du‐ photography‐professor‐roddy‐macinnes‐2
  3. 3. • Services in Driscoll Ballroom – Working on electrical capacity and computers• Materials in the Hampden Center, 10 miles  west, will be delivered back to campus.• Offices in Aspen Hall.
  4. 4. New Resources• Using one‐time funds – Annual Reviews backfile – Morgan & Claypool ebooks – Applied Science and Business Periodicals Index  Retrospective (1913‐1983)  – Springer ebooks• Summon• Credo Reference• Hundreds of thousands of e‐resources in the  catalog.
  5. 5. Some articlesThe nature of scholarly communication is  changing• QuarterlyMagazineVolum/FutureofHigherEducation/225867•‐work/communicating‐and‐ disseminating‐research/transitions‐scholarly‐ communications‐portfolio‐res•‐copies‐of‐plos‐ one‐change‐journals‐forever/