Technology helps wineries boost direct to consumer sales


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Technology helps wineries boost direct to consumer sales

  1. 1. Technology helps wineries boost direct to consumer sales
  2. 2. At eWinery Solutions, they have build a proprietary winery software platform that assists wineries manage their day-to-day activities. The system is comprised of several key pieces that work together; they include wine club management, list building, business intelligence reports, email marketing, and a CMS to manage website content. Also, they have partnered with the best suppliers of other features - ShipCompliant, VinoVisit, and TrueShip just to name a few.
  3. 3. CRMIn todays world, its crucial for a company to understand its customers on a granular level. eWinery Solutions brings traditional CRM functions into their platform, and caters them towards the wine industry. You can segment customer lists, and better target them for purchases based on their past history with your winery.
  4. 4. At the point of sale (POS), you can enter additional information about the customer that helps define them. Once you have these lists built, you can merge them with existing club membership lists and create dynamic and powerful customer segments which you can then market to.
  5. 5.  Website content management Your content can be moved over to the new site too. This includes all your text, all your images, all your products including pricing information. You wont have to worry about losing any data in the transfer from your old site to your new site. Within your eWinerySolutions website, you will be able to easily manage the customer experience across all channels. Our CRM features allow you to interact with customers based on their behavior, attributes, purchases, and preferences.
  6. 6. Building a customer databaseeWinery Solutions allows you to import your existing mailing list and wine club membership, while allowing you to integrate tasting room POS data. This is multi-channel retailing as it was meant to be.
  7. 7. Manage customer profiles from one place so that your tasting room personnel will know instantly your best customer’s buying history and preferences.This single view approach to customer interaction ensures relevancy in all forms of customer communication. This in turn leads to higher response rates and lowered direct marketing costs.
  8. 8.  Intelligence reports The robust business intelligence reporting tools that come with the software then allow you to understand the customers in your lists. You can market to the ones who spent the most money, or ones who you have just first made an impression on and you hope will become future members. The BI dashboard presents all your most important reports, metrics and dimensions in one place, allowing you a quick and easy understanding of whats going on with your marketing efforts.
  9. 9. Learn more about your eWinery - request a demo