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CRM While Driving


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Take your data on the road with mobile CRM software and ensure your team has access to your critical customer records whenever and wherever they need it.This Slideshare presentation focuses is on the high-level aspects of mobile CRM.

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CRM While Driving

  1. CRM While Driving<br />A presentation on mobile CRM built by Infinity Info Systems and delivered on Slideshare<br />
  2. sales<br />marketing<br />Poorly executed<br />CRM Strategies<br />The Challenge <br />with CRM Today<br />Customer demands<br />are rigorous <br />Poor return on <br />CRM<br />
  3. 20%<br />Poor lead qualification<br />20%<br />Poor process for nurturing leads<br />20%<br />Poorly defined web capture processes<br />Poor follow-up and acceptance<br />10%<br />Desperate sales & marketing systems <br />Misalignment<br />4%<br />5%<br />Poorly defined roles & processes<br />10%<br />Sales Leaky Funnel isDue to Poor Follow up<br />
  4. The Opportunity withMobile Enterprise<br />Customer Facing <br />Telecommuters<br />HQ<br />VIRTUAL<br />ROAD <br />WARRIORS<br />
  5. Enterprises with Mobile CRM<br />source<br />
  6. Effects of Mobile CRM<br />% of quota<br />source<br />
  7. What Mobile CRM has Transitioned to over the Last 5 Years<br />Ease of<br />Data Entry<br />Ubiquitous <br />Access<br />Context <br />Relevant<br />Location Awareness<br />& Prospect Mapping <br />
  8. Top CRM Initiatives<br />Priority of CRM initiatives getting funded in the enterprise for 2009<br />source<br />
  9. Data In, Data Out<br />The key to good data is getting the data in the <br />systems. Sales & Support people are more likely<br />to input data on mobile devices at the <br />point of entry. In real-time.<br />
  10. Often the integration between sales & marketing occurs when salespeople can follow up quickly on leads and marketing can use timely feedback to produce better leads<br />Sales<br />Marketing<br />
  11. Of sales reps felt that a PDA/smartphone sales solution would make them more effective in the field<br />83%<br />Said they would use their CRM systems more if they had handheld mobile devices<br />90%<br />Believe mobile CRM software will become an important sales tool for the organization <br />91%<br />source<br />
  12. Representative Mobile CRM metrics<br />Marketing<br />Sales<br />Field Service<br />New customeracquisition<br />Reduction in admin. time<br />First interactionclose rate<br />Response Rate<br />Deals per rep<br />Activityper ticket<br />Conversion Rate<br />Cost of sales<br />Log length<br />
  13. ROI for Mobile CRM<br />Close More<br />Deals<br />Improve<br />Productivity<br />Increase User<br />Adoption<br />Improve the<br />Toolset<br />Work the Way<br />They Work<br />
  14. Close More Deals<br /><ul><li>Be more effective with mobile CRM
  15. Have better visibility for
  16. Upselling
  17. Crosselling
  18. Review notes about prior calls before the call
  19. Spend more time in the field</li></li></ul><li>Improve Productivity <br /><ul><li> Get your info in real-time
  20. No more having to wait to dock at a hotel or the office
  21. Share info easier
  22. Allow for faster follow up</li></li></ul><li>Increase User Adoption<br /><ul><li> Get sales people to use it when they want to
  23. Allow them to enter data when it’s on their time
  24. Provide real-time tools for salespeople in the field</li></li></ul><li>Improve the Sales Toolset<br /><ul><li> Distribute sales collateral easier
  25. Keep contracts up to date
  26. Allow the sales person to collaborate with others when they are in the field
  27. Improve coordination on deal points and enable faster closing</li></li></ul><li>Work The Way They Work<br /><ul><li> Keep the sales force in front of customers by allowing them to update CRM from the road
  28. Allow sales force to collaborate in real-time and close deals faster
  29. Get data into the main CRM database by providing a tool that the sales force enjoys working with</li></li></ul><li>CRM Technology on the iPhone<br />
  30. CRM on the Blackberry<br />
  31. CRM on Windows Mobile/Pocket PC<br />
  32. Infinity Info Systems RAPID Methodology<br />
  33. Infinity Info Systems RAPID Methodology<br />The RAPID methodology streamlines the time to get from concept to working mobile CRM system<br />
  34. Founded in 1987, Infinity Info Systems develops Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Analytics solutions for clients in the financial, life sciences, business services, media and manufacturing/distribution industries around the world. Infinity’s technology solutions, services, training and support help organizations become more profitable by improving sales and marketing effectiveness.  Infinity has trained more than 130,000 professionals and successfully implemented more than 3,500 CRM systems. <br />Visit or call (800) 354-4228 to learn more about Infinity Info Systems.<br />Infinity Info Systems partners:<br />
  35. PRACTICE AREAS<br />CRM<br />Business<br />Analytics<br />Mobility<br />Web Enablement<br />Consulting<br />Project Management <br />Training<br />Sales & Support<br />RAPID Methodology<br />
  36. Next Steps for the Road Warriors?<br />Learn more about Mobile, CRM and Infinity Info Systems:<br />1<br />2<br />Visit our website at:<br />Call us at:<br />800.354.4228<br /><br />