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Met Selligent Interactive Marketing kunnen, binnen Microsoft Dynamics CRM, krachtige marketingfuncties worden geopend waardoor organisaties de beschikking krijgen over een 360°-beeld van hun klanten. Door de naadloze integratie van de twee systemen worden marketinglijsten probleemloos gesynchroniseerd, acties geautomatiseerd en closed loop campagnes gecreëerd. Maar er is meer…

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Extend Microsoft CRM - Selligent

  1. 1. Extend Microsoft CRM with multi-stepcross-channel marketing automationSteve van den Berg, SelligentDennis Peters, Selligent
  2. 2. About SelligentAGILE, PRAGMATIC, ENGAGED • Leader in conversion marketing and interactive CRM solutions. • Supports companies transforming themselves into customer-driven organizations. • Our customer interaction solutions enable organizations to engage with customers as unique individuals by providing a consistent brand experience over all channels. • Based on a central 360° view of the customer, this integrated infrastructure allows companies to effectively turn leads into customers and grow life-time relationships while ensuring maximal ROMI and minimal churn. • SIM allows you integrating your marketing, sales and service processes and exploit through scenario- based marketing communication & interactive dialogues to get most out of your acquisition, nurturing and loyalty campaigns fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  3. 3. About Selligent • European vendor in marketing automation • Our solution: Selligent Interactive Marketing (SIM) • Offices in Benelux, China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain • ± 400 brands daily operating our solution for customer interaction • Customer databases managed by SIM from 50.000 up to 20 million • Over 12 billion e-mail messages annually  Cross-industry  Retail /eCom  Media & Publishing  Banking  Telecom  Travel  Automotive  .....
  4. 4. Marketing & CRM  Marketing processes today are far more complex then ever before  Need more advanced marketing automation offering  Traditional ‘push marketing’ has reached its limits Digital is the ‘new normal’.
  5. 5. Shift in marketing requirements • Customers today have other requirements, resulting in a new set of vocabulary :
  6. 6. Selligent Interactive Marketing  Designed for marketeers  Offering what they expect today and tomorrow
  7. 7. SIM – Key facts Multi- channel Life cycle 1 solution campaigns Triggered Multi-step campaigns Personali- zation
  8. 8. 2 champions meet! NATIVE INTEGRATION
  9. 9. ‘Native integration’ - What?! 1. Where is the customer data? • Fully automatic bi-directional data syncronisation • You set this up in 15 minutes! 2. What about the 360° view? • Your “enriched” 360° view stats in Dynamics • All SIM customer interactions are automatically available in Dynamics 3. What about “Marketing lists” in Dynamics? • Automatic syncronisation: “Marketing lists” are available in SIM • Now you can launch ‘”multi-step scenario’s” on marketing lists 4. What about interactions with customers in Dynamics? • Dynamics is a “pre-made building block” in SIM • Closed loop campaigns = SIM + Dynamics
  10. 10. Automated data syncronisation • Fully productized • Automatic reading data from Dynamics with 1 click • Define field mapping • Define syncronisation direction • Define syncronisation interval
  11. 11. Complete 360° view within Dynamics
  12. 12. Dynamics is a building block in SIM!An example of a simple cross-channel campaign that requires a call center agentinteraction in Dynamics when the customer completed the “Call me back” form.
  13. 13. Dynamics is a building block in SIM! 1. Automatic creation of Dynamics entities • Create a “contact” – “company” – “lead” – “opportunity” • Schedule an appointment • Create a task for an agent • Create an event • … 2. Closed loop interaction : SIM - Dynamics • The SIM scenario can create a task for an agent (e.g. a phone call) • Afther the agent executed the task, the automted scenario continues • SIM automatically checks the “status” of the Dynamics taksk
  14. 14. A quick tour! Some features
  15. 15. Planning & campaign prioritization SIM BENEFITS:  Central campaign overview  Manage marketing pressure  Target optimisation  Prevent opt-out
  16. 16. Social media SIM BENEFITS:  1-click insertion of social buttons  Multiply your exposure  Detect your brand advocates  Measure social influence
  17. 17. Inbox preview & anti-spam checks SIM BENEFITS:  Preview messages in different email clients  Run anti-spam check before sending  Optimise delivery  Insight in email client ussage
  18. 18. Behavioral profiling SIM BENEFITS:  Tracking over email/website  Automated data enrichment  Build interest profiles  Measuring intention to buy
  19. 19. Tracking & re-targeting E-MAIL E-SHOP CHECK-OUT SIM BENEFITS:  Signal events from website to SIM John shows Re-target after intention to buy 5 days (by e-mail)  Define a sales funnel Items in basket, Re-target after  Detect drop-out yet abandonning 12 hours (by phone)  Re-targeting cross channel John makes Start ‘Welcome’ first purchase scenario
  20. 20. Questions?Meet you again on May 24th: SIM Solution Track @ CRMPartners
  21. 21. Programma sessie 4 Microsoft CRM roadmap Nancy Rademaker, Microsoft Grote zaal Starten met CRM Online Arjen Ruitenbeek en Seth van Zaal 2 Ouwerkerk, CRMandMore Analytical CRM Hans de Boer, Piconcepts Zaal 3