Specifikace kuchyní


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Specifikace kuchyní

  1. 1. Specification of Cuisines (Specifikace kuchyní)
  2. 2. Specification of Cuisines  Eating out/ kinds of restaurants  Czech cuisine and beverages  British cuisine and beverages  American cuisine, Fast foods  Christmas meals
  3. 3. Eating out  Pizzeria  Tea home  Buffet restaurant  Barbecue restaurant  Steak house  Vegetarian restaurant  Pub  Coffee house  Bistro  Snack bar  Bakery café  Wine bar  Chinese restaurant  Italian restaurant  Types of restaurants:
  4. 4. Czech Cuisine Typical Czech dishes:  Roasted pork with dumplings and cabbage/sauerkraut  Beef sirloin with dumplings, cream sauce and cranberries
  5. 5. Roasted pork with dumplings and cabbage/sauerkraut Beef sirloin with dumplings, cream sauce and cranberries
  6. 6. Czech Cuisine Typical Czech dishes:  Pork schnitzel  Fried Cheese  Goulash
  7. 7. Pork schnitzelGoulashFried Cheese
  8. 8. Czech Cuisine Typical Czech sweet dishes:  Fruit-filled dumplings (plums, strawberies…)  Apple Strudel  Honey cake  Christmas cake  Gingerbread
  9. 9. Fruit-filled dumplings (plums, strawberies…)Apple Strudel
  10. 10. Traditional Czech beverages  The Czech most popular drink is of course beer.  Some beer brands are: Pilsner Urquell, Krusovice, Bernard, Staropramen, Budweiser Budvar and Velvet.  Wine - Czech wine is produced mainly in Moravia.  Becherovka is a herbal liquor from Karlovy Vary.  Slivovice is an alcoholic beverage made from plums.
  11. 11. BeerBecherovkaSlivovice
  12. 12. Czech Cuisine Czech Christmas meal:  Fish soup  Fried carp with potato salad  Christmas cookies, gingerbread
  13. 13. Fish soupFried carp with potato saladChristmas cookies, gingerbread
  14. 14. British cuisine English Breakfast  A full English Breakfast includes bacon, fried eggs, tomatoes, fried mushrooms, sausages and toast.  This is traditionally served with tea.
  15. 15. English BreakfastToast
  16. 16. British cuisine Typical British dishes:  The traditional Fish and Chips  Roast meat (beef/pork/lamb)
  17. 17. Fish and ChipsRoast Beef
  18. 18. British cuisine Typical British dishes:  Cottage Pie (minced beef and vegetables with mashed potato)  Yorkshire Pudding (sort of batter that it baked and served with roast beef and gravy)
  19. 19. Cottage PieSunday roast consisting of roast beef, mashed potatoes, other vegetables and mini Yorkshire puddings.
  20. 20. British cuisine British lunch:  Many children at school and adults at work have a 'packed lunch'.  This typically consists of a sandwich, a packet of crisps, a piece of fruit and a drink.  The 'packed lunch' is kept in a plastic container.
  21. 21. Pizza LunchRoast meatSunday Lunch
  22. 22. British cuisine British Traditional Drink – Tea  Britain is a tea-drinking nation.  Every day they drink 165 million of cups of tea.  Every year around 144 thousand tons of tea are imported.  Britons like their tea strong and dark, but with a lot of milk.
  23. 23. Tea
  24. 24. British cuisine British Christmas meal:  Roast turkey served with roast potatoes and vegetables.  The Christmas pudding (brown pudding with raisins, nuts and cherries)
  25. 25. Roast turkey with roast potatoes and vegetables.The Christmas pudding
  26. 26. American cuisine  American cuisine is a mix of various national dishes.  The most typical food is a hamburger.  Pizza or Hot Dog are also very popular.
  27. 27. HamburgerHot DogPizza
  28. 28. American cuisine American Fast Foods:  Fast food is a typical feature of American life style. American Fast Foods are: • McDonald’s • Burger King • Kentucky Fried Chicken • Typical American drink is Coca Cola
  29. 29. McDonaldKentucky Fried ChickenCoca Cola
  30. 30. American cuisine American Christmas meal Roast turkey served with roast potatoes and vegetables Mince Pie American Apple Pie
  31. 31. Roast turkey with roast potatoes and vegetables Mince PieAmerican Apple Pie
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