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Czech food jirka, honza, lukáš


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Czech food jirka, honza, lukáš

  1. 1. • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Weeat it in the morning. We usually eat cold food, butsometimes hot. For breakfast, it is important to eatsome fiber. We usually eat toast, porridge, cheese,bread, butter, croissaints , fruits and cereals. Wedrink: coffee, tea, milk and cocoa.
  2. 2. • Pictures:• Porridge•Cereals Toast• Cheese with breadCroissaints• Coffee
  3. 3. • Lunch is the main meal of the day. We eatbetween twelve and thirteen o´clock.Exception is Sunday, the lunch is festive. Wecook at home. For lunch it is usually hot meals.For example: duck with potatoes, spaghetti,pork with dumplings, chicken with french fries,croquettes with cheese, dumplings with porkwith cabbage and sirloin cream sauce.
  4. 4. • Pictures:• Sirloin cream sauce Dumplings with pork with cabbage• Spaghetti Duck with potatoes and apples
  5. 5. There are two possible kinds of dinner.Dinner is served between seven andeight o´clock. At dinner, the wholefamily meets, sometimes it´s like lunch.
  6. 6. 1) The first kind is very simple:• Pastries, rolls, buns or bread and ham, cheeseand vegetables, vegetable salad.
  7. 7. 2) The second is more complicated• It‘s ,,second lunch“: potatoes with steak,porridge, dumpling with cinnamon andspaghetti, pudding with biscuits.
  8. 8. Lukas:My name is Lukáš.My hobbies are football, music and Pc games.I am 14 years old.I live in Sruby.My favourite subjects is History.My favourite food is Sirloin cream sauce, Dumplings with pork with cabbage .I have got one dog.Jirka:My name is Jirka.I am 14 years old.My hobbies are sport, pc games and music.My favorite subject in school is PE and science.I live in Hemže.My favourite food is pizza.Honza:My name is Honza.I am 14 years old.I live in Choceň.My hobbies are playing PC games, fishing, floorball and music.My favourite subject is Maths and PE.My favourite food is Sirloin cream sauce, Dumplings with pork with cabbage.
  9. 9. 1) What are the names of authors?2) What is favourite Czech breakfast?3) What is favourite Czech lunch?4) What is favourite Czech dinner?5) What is the presentation about?
  10. 10. 1) What are the names of authors?Honza, Lukáš, Jirka2) What is favourite Czech breakfast?Cereals, toast and coffee...3) What is favourite Czech lunch?Dumplings with pork with cabbage, spaghetti...4) What is favourite Czech dinner?Roll, bread, spaghetti, ...5) What is the presentation about?Food in the Czech Republic.