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Post-Production in Snapseed


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Slides for a workshop for an audience of international journalists visiting DePaul University in Chicago, June 2016. Workshop learning objectives:
1) Understand key concepts in digital storytelling, as applied to news production, and be able to apply to story development on current political news example;
2) Improve photography with a smart phone for using in social media and/or digital news stories, plus in-the-field activity to practice concepts; and
3) Using Snapseed photo editing application to edit photos on a smart phone.

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Post-Production in Snapseed

  1. 1. Jill  Hopke     @jillhopke   Post-­‐Produc2on  in  Snapseed  
  2. 2. Overview        Post-­‐produc6on  workflow        Snapseed  workspace            Image  enhancement  specifics    Export  Images    Addi6onal  training  resources  
  3. 3. Post-­‐Produc2on     Workflow  
  4. 4. •  Open  image   •  Crop  and  adjust  alignment   •  “Tune”  image     •  Consider  any  filters   •  Output  image     – “Share”  or  “Save”     Suggested  Workflow  
  5. 5. Ge:ng  Started  
  6. 6. •  iTunes  for  iPhone  /  iPad:   –  hKps:// us/app/snapseed/ id439438619?mt=8     •  GooglePlay  Store  for   Android:     –  hKps:// store/apps/details? id=com.niksoVware.snapse ed&hl=en     Download  Snapseed  App  
  7. 7. Open  Image  to  work  with  
  8. 8. Snapseed  workspace  
  9. 9. Crop  Image   •  First  tap  “format”  icon   to  choose  aspect  ra6o     •  Then,  tap  and  drag  the   edges  of  the  crop  area   to  resize   •  Reposi6on  crop  by   tapping  and  dragging   the  crop  area  to  the   desired  loca6on  
  10. 10. Adjust  and  Correct  
  11. 11. “Tune”  func6on  (click  “edit”  icon  in  lower  right)   •  Brightness:  Darken  or  lighten     •  Contrast:  Increase  or  decrease   the  overall  contrast     •  Satura2on:  Add  or  remove   vibrancy  to  the  colors     •  Ambiance:  Adjust  the  balance   of  light     •  Shadows:  Darken  or  lighten   only  shadows     •  Highlights:  Darken  or  lighten   only  highlights     •  Warmth:  Add  a  warm  or  cool   color  cast  fully  image  
  12. 12. Applying  “Tune”  func6ons   •  In  each  “tune”   func6on   o  Swipe  right  to   increase  the  value   o  Swipe  le(  to   decrease  the  value      
  13. 13. “Selec6ve”  adjustments   •  Precise  enhancements   to  specific  areas     •  Select  adjustment,   then  tap  the  desired   area  of  the  image   •  Brightness  Lighten  or   darken  the  selected  area     •  Contrast  Increase  or   decrease  contrast  of  the   selected  area     •  Satura1on  Increase  or   decrease  color  vibrancy  of   selected  area  
  14. 14. Allows  “non-­‐destruc6ve”  edi6ng   •  “Stacks”  func6on   (upper  right  #):   o  Allows  changing   all  Tools  and   Filters  applied  to   image   o  Copy  and  paste   edits  between   images   o  Add  addi6onal   Tools  and  Filters,     o  Adjust  slider   sebngs  
  15. 15. Output  Images  
  16. 16. “Save”  op6ons   •  “Save”:     o  Save  non-­‐destruc6ve   edit  stack  on  original   image   •  “Save  a  copy”:     •  Save  non-­‐destruc6ve   edit  stack  on  duplicate   image  (JPEG).     •  “Export”:   •  Save  duplicate  image,   with  edit  stack   flaKened  (JPEG).    
  17. 17. “Share”  op6ons   •  Share  the  image  by   tapping  icon  in   upper  right  and   select  “Share”   •  Integrates  with  a   variety  of  social   pladorms  
  18. 18. Further  Resources  
  19. 19. •  World  Press  Photo  guidelines   on  manipula6on:     –  hKp:// ac6vi6es/photo-­‐contest/verifica6on-­‐ process/what-­‐counts-­‐as-­‐manipula6on     •  Na6onal  Press  Photographers   Associa6on  “Code  of  Ethics”:   –  hKps://     Ethics  of  Digital  Edi6ng:  How  much  is  too  much?  
  20. 20. •  Some  tutorials  are  available  at:   – hKp:// snapseed/         – hKp://­‐ edi6ng-­‐app/       – hKps://     Further  Learning  Resources  
  21. 21. Ques6ons?     Jill  Hopke