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13 janos zempleni


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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13 janos zempleni

  1. 1. Nebraska Gateway for Nutrigenomics Janos Zempleni, Ph.D. Dept. of Nutrition and Health Sciences, UNL (Email: JZEMPLENI2@UNL.EDU; Ph. 402.472.3270)
  2. 2. MissionIt is our mission to prevent human disease by studying the interactions between nutrition and genes.
  3. 3. Goals• Conduct nutrigenomics research• Develop a nutrigenomics workforce• Promote a healthy lifestyle
  4. 4. Research Center of Biomedical Research Excellence in Nutrigenomics and Disease PreventionThe center will focus on the theme “mechanismsof disease prevention by bioactive compounds in foods with an emphasis on cardiovascular disease and diabetes.”
  5. 5. SignificanceObesity among U.S. Adults, CDC 2010 No Data <10% 10%–14% 15%–19% 20%–24% 25%–29% ≥30% (*BMI ≥30, or ~ 30 lbs. overweight for 5’ 4” person)
  6. 6. Significance (cont’d)Age-adjusted percentage of adults aged ≥20 years with diagnosed diabetes,2007 CDC
  7. 7. Significance (cont’d) Significance (cont’d)Heart Disease hospitalization rates among U.S. Adults, CDC 2000 - 2006
  8. 8. Investigator(s) NIH R01, NGN co-founder and director, T32 PI, J. Zempleni* Principal Investigator NIH study section member, ASN council member J. Davis, R. Lewis, Funded by NIH R01 and D. Becker E. Moriyama Mentoring Council other federal agencies UNMC UNMCA. Benson, Ed Cahoon, A. Cupp, P. Dussault, L. Harshman, Funded by NIH, other S. Kachman, J. Lee,* R. Powers, V. Schlegel,* D. Wang, Cadreagencies, and federal Member industry M. WilsonSamodha Dmitri Regis Angela Jennifer First funding Junior successes,Fernando Fomenko Moreau Pannier* Wood Investigator COBRE priority *Member of the NGN Management Team
  9. 9. Environment Nebraska Gateway for Nutrigenomics 37 faculty in 15 unitsSeminar series,retreats, poster Home in NHScompetit. (CEHS, IANR) COBRE NIH T32 2009 survey: predoctoral $23M active,training grant $28M Website, pending Facebook
  10. 10. Environment (cont’d)• Including the Gut Initiative:  Etsuko Moriyama, Mentoring Council  Andy Benson, Cadre Member  Samodha Fernando, Junior Investigator• Core facilities:  Metabolic suite for human studies (NHS) Shared database, Holland Computing Center (Dave Swanson)• European connections:  Grant review panel member (Germany, Hungary)  Departmental development (Austria)  Student exchange program (Germany)  Science: European Nutrigenomics Organization
  11. 11. Innovation and Approach Redox signaling and Angela Pannier Cardiomyocyte differen- selenoproteins in type II Dmitri Fomenko tiation and epigenetics diabetes (folate, biotin) Cardiovascular disease and Fetal programming, diabetes obesity, and pro- Gut microbiome sig- inflammatory naling and body processes in mice weight in humani- zed pigs Samodha Fernando Jennifer Wood Lipoic acid signaling pathways and hyperlipidemia Regis MoreauWe will hold an open competition for the five available slots among ~10 candidates.
  12. 12. Approach Genes Bioactive food Health compounds Genes Breeding for Human studiesbiomedical traits
  13. 13. Workforce DevelopmentNIH T32 Pre-doctoral Training Grant “Nutrigenomics Predoctoral Training (NuT) Program” Develop a pre-doctoral training program in nutrigenomics aimed at producing outstanding doctorates with great potential for developingexternally funded research programs in nutrigenomics at the nation’s leading research centers
  14. 14. Impact• Devise prevention and treatment strategies for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other diet-dependent diseases• Raise research $$ in the State of Nebraska• Develop highly qualified Junior Investigators to NIH-funded PIs• Enhance the biomedical research infrastructure• Provide cutting-edge training opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral research associates• Develop ties with food and nutrition industry• Foster ties with European partners