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                                   Spring 2009
                         Department of Italian Studies
3 absences, health related or otherwise, without penalty. Four or more absences will
begin to lower the active participati...
Windows:                                         Mac:
é: Ctrl+ ‘, e                                    é: Option+E, e
è: C...
UC Grading-Standard Scale
 97-100 A+              77-79    C+
 93-96 A                73-76    C
 90-92 A-               6...
DATE         LESSON (Textbook)                        WRITTEN                     TAPE & LAB
DATE          LESSON (Textbook)               WRITTEN              TAPE & LAB
DATE       LESSON (Textbook)                  WRITTEN              TAPE & LAB
DATE        LESSON (Textbook)                 WRITTEN              TAPE & LAB
DATE         LESSON (Textbook)                WRITTEN               TAPE & LAB
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Class Syllabus


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Class Syllabus

  1. 1. ITALIAN 1 Spring 2009 Department of Italian Studies University of California, Berkeley Section 1 M-F 10:00am - 11:00am, 250 Dwinelle Instructor: Jessica Williams Office and hours: 6227 Dwinelle, Tuesdays 11am – 1pm or by appointment Email: Italian Language Program Coordinator: Dr. Armando di Carlo Office: 6327 Dwinelle Email: Textbooks Required: 1. G. Lazzarino, Aski et Alt. PREGO. 7th edition. McGraw-Hill. 2. ............................. Workbook, for Prego . 7th edition. McGraw-Hill. 3. ............................. Lab. Manual, for Prego 7th edition. McGraw-Hill. These 3 texts are usually sold as a shrink-wrapped set at the campus bookstore and can’t be returned once opened. 4. A. Di Carlo & R. Capek-Habekovic, Taped Exercises. Second Ed. McGraw-Hill, 2000 (CD Player required). Strongly recommended: 1. The Bantam New College Italian English Dictionary or any similarly priced bilingual English/Italian dictionary ($6-10). Recommended for additional practice and/or reference: English Grammar for Students of Italian, by Sergio Adorni and Karen Primorac, available on for $16.95. Very helpful if you’re unsure or need to brush up on transitive vs. intransitive verbs, direct vs. indirect objects, etc. Course Description and Objectives – This 5 unit course is designed for students who have little or no knowledge of the Italian language. It will provide an introduction to the written and spoken language through a variety of communicative exercises, including dialogues and skits in groups as well as individual class presentations. The goal is to develop elementary-level listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Italian and a familiarity with Italian culture. The class will be conducted almost entirely in Italian. Course Requirements ATTENDANCE Daily attendance is mandatory. I expect students to be present at every lesson of the semester because persistent and daily contact with a foreign language is the only way to progress. If you are ill or have an emergency that makes you unable to come to class, I ask that you email me in advance (if possible). The Italian Studies department does not make distinctions between 'excused' and ‘unexcused’ absences. Each student is allowed 1
  2. 2. 3 absences, health related or otherwise, without penalty. Four or more absences will begin to lower the active participation part of your final grade. An A- will become a B+ and a B a B- and so on after 3 absences. An absence is not considered a valid reason for not having your homework assignment for the following lesson. PARTICIPATION Participation accounts for 10% of your final grade. If you arrive to class after 8:10am you are officially late and I must factor this into your participation grade. Active participation in class is a vital element of your success in learning Italian. You will be evaluated throughout the semester based on your effort to use Italian in the classroom, your daily preparation for class, the completion of all homework assignments (which will give you the tools to participate in the in-class activities the following day), your contribution to a cooperative classroom atmosphere, and the level and quality of your participation in class discussions and group activities. HOMEWORK Workbook and Lab: Homework is assigned daily and will be counted for your homework grade (10% of final grade). Homework will nearly always be comprised of activities from the Prego! Workbook, Lab Manual and textbook, but may also include Internet assignments and other assignments on Italian culture. Exercises from the Taped Exercises will also be assigned. Homework assignments will be announced in class and be assigned daily. Prior to tests/midterms/group projects I will distribute the answers to the workbook, lab manual and textbook exercises assigned and it is your job to self-correct (in a different colored pen) the remaining exercises before handing them in. Homework will be graded on a credit/half-credit/no credit basis. You can access the audio for the lab exercises online or at the Berkeley Language Center. To access the language lab directly from the Prego website: 1. Go to 2. Click on the link "Student Edition.” 3. Select "Capitolo Preliminare" (or the appropriate chapter) from the drop down menu. 4. Then click on the link "Audio Program." 5. Click on the links which correspond to your lab manual to hear the dialogues. You can also download them by right-clicking and selecting "Save link as." Berkeley Language Center For general info: For facilities and hours: Writing Assignments: You will be required to write short compositions in addition to “Un po’ di scrittura,” the composition sections of the workbook. These short compositions must be typed and printed in standard fonts and typesize (12 pt), double- spaced with accents typed. Below is a guide to typing the foreign accents you’ll need in Italian (the format is to hold the first two keys down simultaneously, release, then type the vowel you wish to be accented): 2
  3. 3. Windows: Mac: é: Ctrl+ ‘, e é: Option+E, e è: Ctrl+`, e è: Option+`, e You should have a computer file or folder in which you save your compositions since I may ask you to correct or revise them. I will accept homework one day after the due date for 75% credit; 50% for two days late; no credit for assignments more than two days late. TESTS There will be four tests which evaluate your progress in listening comprehension, reading comprehension, and written Italian. Tests are worth 20% of your final grade. MIDTERM There will be one midterm exam, which is worth 15% of your final grade. ITALIAN CULTURE GROUP PROJECT Students will work in groups to present on acquired knowledge of Italy and Italian culture. Group Projects will be conducted entirely in Italian, and will allow students to actively and creatively inform their fellow students and their instructor about key facets and issues in the cultures of Italy. Group Projects will be graded both individually and collectively, and will be worth 15% of your final grade. ORAL EXAMS The first oral exam will take place in March and will consist of a brief conversation in Italian (approx. 5 minutes) with me in my office. The conversation will be based on the vocabulary, the grammar, and the conversational skills that you will have acquired in class. The second oral exam will take place after Spring break. It will also be brief and may involve conversing with another student or an in-class presentation. Each oral exa is worth 5% of your final grade. FINAL EXAM The final exam is a comprehensive test of what we have learned of the Italian language and about Italian culture throughout the semester. The final exam is worth 20% of the final grade. Availability If you need clarification of any class material I am available in my office hours to go over these issues in English if necessary. GRADE BREAKDOWN Participation 10% Homework 10% 4 Tests 20% 1 Midterm 15% 1 Group Project 15% 2 Oral exams 10% Final exam 20% 3
  4. 4. UC Grading-Standard Scale 97-100 A+ 77-79 C+ 93-96 A 73-76 C 90-92 A- 68-72 C- 87-89 B+ 66-67 D+ 83-86 B 64-65 D 80-82 B- 60-63 D- C- is the minimum passing grade for undergraduates taking the course S/U. 4
  5. 5. DATE LESSON (Textbook) WRITTEN TAPE & LAB ASSIGNMENT MANUAL (Workbook) LESSON ________________________________________________________________________________ 20 gennaio Presentazione del corso/ Presentazioni/ Instructor must assign lab exercises Saluti and workbook exercises according to material presented in class 21 gennaio Presentazioni formali ed informali/ Saluti e espressioni di cortesia, pp. 3-7 __________________________________ 22 gennaio In classe (per lo studente/la studentessa) pp. 6 Alfabeto e suoni p. 7-11 __________________________________ 23 gennaio Attività culturale __________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ 26 gennaio Numeri da uno a cento. pp. 11-13 Calendario. pp. 13-14 __________________________________ 27 gennaio Videoteca Capitolo Preliminare Communicative Activities: Role-plays __________________________________ 28 gennaio Prego 1. Una città italiana Vocabolario preliminare. pp. 18-21, indicazioni __________________________________ 29 gennaio Nomi: genere e numero. pp. 21-23, Articolo Indeterminativo pp. 24-25 __________________________________ 30 gennaio Attività culturale _________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ 2 febbraio presente di avere e pronomi pp. 26-28 __________________________________ 3 febbraio Espressioni idiomatiche con avere pp. 29-32 Le venti regioni d’Italia pp. 33-36 __________________________________ 4 febbraio Videoteca Capitolo 1 Communicative Activities: Role-plays __________________________________ 5 febbraio Test Capitolo Preliminare e Capitolo 1 (35 minutes) __________________________________ 6 febbraio Attività culturale _________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ 9 febbraio Prego 2. Chi siamo. __________________________________ Vocabolario preliminare pp. 38-40 5
  6. 6. DATE LESSON (Textbook) WRITTEN TAPE & LAB ASSIGNMENT MANUAL (Workbook) LESSON ________________________________________________________________________________ 10 febbraio Aggettivi pp. 40-43 __________________________________ 11 febbraio Presente di essere, pp. 43-46 __________________________________ 12 febbraio Articolo determinativo e bello, pp. 46-49 Le città d’Italia pp. 51 _________________________________ 13 febbraio Attività culturale _________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 16 febbraio Presidents’ day No class Activities 17 febbraio Videoteca Capitolo 2 Communicative Activities: Role-plays _________________________________ 18 febbraio Prego 3. Studiare in Italia Esercizi. pp. 56-58 (Introduction of Taped Exercises activities) __________________________________ 19 febbraio Presente dei verbi in -Are. pp. 58-61 __________________________________ 20 febbraio Attività culturale _________________________________ Taped Exercises Unit I _______________________________________________________________________________ 23 febbraio Dare, stare andare e fare. pp. 61-64 __________________________________ 24 febbraio Aggettivi possessivi pp. 65-68 __________________________________ 25 febbraio Questo e quello. pp. 68-69 L’Umbria pp.71 __________________________________ 26 febbraio Videoteca Capitolo 3 Communicative Activities: Role-plays _________________________________ 27 febbraio Attività culturale _________________________________ Taped Exercises Unit II _______________________________________________________________________________ 2 marzo Ripasso Capitolo 2 e 3 _________________________________ 3 marzo Test Capitoli 2 e 3 (35 minutes) Taped Exercises Unit III 6
  7. 7. DATE LESSON (Textbook) WRITTEN TAPE & LAB ASSIGNMENT MANUAL (Wookbook) LESSON ________________________________________________________________________________ 4 marzo Prego 4. Sport e passatempi pp. pp. 75-78. __________________________________ 5 marzo Presente dei verbi in -ere e –ire. pp. 79-81________________________________ 3 marzo Dovere/potere/volere/dire pp. 81-83 __________________________________ 6 marzo Attività culturale _________________________________ Taped Exercises Unit IV ________________________________________________________________________________ 9 marzo Pronomi di oggetto diretto. pp. 84-87 __________________________________ 10 marzo L’ora. pp. 87-88 Trentino/ Valle’d’Aosta pp. 91 __________________________________ 11 marzo Videoteca Capitolo 4 Communicative Activities: Role-plays _________________________________ 12 marzo Attività culturale _________________________________ Taped Exercises Unit V 13 marzo Ripasso Capitolo 4 _________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ 16 marzo MIDTERM (cap. 1-4) Taped Exercises Unit VI 17 marzo Prego 5. Prendiamo un caffè pp. 98-101. _________________________________ 18 marzo Preposizioni articolate pp. 102-105 __________________________________ 19 marzo Passato prossimo con avere. pp. 105-109 ________________________________ 20 marzo Attività culturale _________________________________ Taped Exercises Unit VII _______________________________________________________________________________ 23-27 marzo Spring Recess _______________________________________________________________________________ 30 marzo Passato prossimo con essere pp. 109-112 _________________________________ 7
  8. 8. DATE LESSON (Textbook) WRITTEN TAPE & LAB ASSIGNMENT MANUAL (Workbook) LESSON _______________________________________________________________________________ 31 marzo Grammatica. Conoscere e sapere pp. 112-114. La Campania pp. 116-117 _______________________________ 1 aprile Videoteca Capitolo 5 Communicative Activities: Role-plays _________________________________ 2 aprile Ripasso Capitolo 5 _________________________________ 3 aprile Attività culturale _________________________________ Taped Exercises Unit VIII ________________________________________________________________________________ 6 aprile Prego 6. pronto in tavola pp. 121-124. __________________________________ 7 aprile Pronomi di oggetto indiretto __________________________________ pp. 125-128. 8 aprile Accordo del participio passato pp. 12 ________________________________ 9 aprile Piacere. pp. 131-133. ________________________________ 10 aprile Interrogativi. pp. 133-135 L’Emilia-Romagna. pp. 137-138 __________________________________ 11 aprile Attività culturale _________________________________ Taped Exercises Unit IX ________________________________________________________________________________ 14 aprile Videoteca Capitolo 6 Communicative Activities: Role-plays _________________________________ 15 aprile Ripasso Capitolo 6 _________________________________ 16 aprile Test Capitoli 5 e 6. (35 minutes) Taped Exercises Unit X 17 aprile Prego 7. La vita di tutti I giorni pp. 141-143 ______________________________ 18 aprile Attività culturale _________________________________ Taped Exercises Unit XI ________________________________________________________________________________ 8
  9. 9. DATE LESSON (Textbook) WRITTEN TAPE & LAB ASSIGNMENT MANUAL (Workbook) LESSON ________________________________________________________________________________ 20 aprile Verbi riflessivi. pp. 144-148 __________________________________ 21 aprile Costruzione reciproca pp.147-149 Nota culturale: La moda pp. 149. __________________________________ 22 aprile Avverbi pp. 150-152 Numeri superiori a cento pp. 152-154. __________________________________ 23 aprile La Lombardia pp. 155 Videoteca Capitolo 7 Communicative Activities: Role-plays _________________________________ 24 aprile Attività culturale _________________________________ Taped Exercises Unit XII ________________________________________________________________________________ 27 aprile Ripasso Capitolo 7 _________________________________ 28 aprile ITALIAN CULTURE GROUP PROJECT Taped Exercises Unit XIII 29 aprile Prego 8. Cinema, Stampa e TV. pp. 159-162 _________________________________ 30 aprile Imperfetto. Imperfetto e passato prossimo. Pp 163-168. __________________________________ 1 maggio Attività culturale _________________________________ Taped Exercises Unit XIV ________________________________________________________________________________ 4 maggio Trapassato. Suffissi pp. 169-172. __________________________________ 5 maggio Il Veneto e il Friuli pp. 174 Videoteca Capitolo 8 Communicative Activities: Role-plays _________________________________ 6 maggio Ripasso Capitolo 8 _________________________________ 7 maggio Test Capitoli 7 e 8. (35 minutes) Taped Exercises Unit X 8 maggio Attività culturale _________________________________ Flash culturali: il cinema italiano pp. 178-179 ________________________________________________________________________________ 11 maggio Preparazione per l’esame finale…. ESAME FINALE: Martedi 19 maggio, dalle 12:30 alle 3:30 pm 9