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Español 4ACC - Programa de estudios 2011-2012                 Señor Giampaolo       ...
Class Themes:Quarter 1: Love                    Quarter 3: Humor                  Quarter 2: War                      Quar...
Grading Policy:       Grades are measured quarterly by the student’s performance and progress in the following       4 lan...
Unexcused late work may not be an accurate assessment after 24-hours. Therefore, anyunexcused late assignments may potenti...
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SYLLABUS Español 4ACC Señor Giampaolo


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SYLLABUS Español 4ACC Señor Giampaolo

  1. 1. Español 4ACC - Programa de estudios 2011-2012 Señor Giampaolo Timberlane Regional High School¡Bienvenidos a todos! Esperoqueestaclase sea unaexperienciamuydivertida yproductiva. Vamos a trabajarduro y estudiar mucho, perotambiénjugaremos yaprenderemosaunmás. Apreciosucooperaciónen cumplir los procedimientos yprotocolos de la claseporque, de veras, es la clase de ustedes, no de mí.Estoyaquíparaayudar a cadauno de ustedes. Es mi trabajo y es mi placer. -Sr. GiampaoloCourse Description:Spanish 4 Accelerated is a course designed to help students build a more solid foundationin Spanish at an accelerated pace by exposing them to comprehensible input in the targetlanguage and challenging them to engage with others (and themselves!) in Spanish only!Through Spanish speaking media, group activities, discussions, and games, students willbecome more accomplished Spanish-speakers as well as come to understand variousaspects of Spanish-speaking cultures.Competencies:Upon successful completion of Spanish 4ACC, students will be able to speak, read, and writewith accuracy in Spanish at a level comparable to expectations set by the ACTFL’s NationalStandards for World Language Education in the fourth year. The students’ comprehensionof written and spoken Spanish will also be commensurate to national standards for Spanish4. Cultural topics of relevance will be treated and students will be knowledgeable aboutdifferent customs as well as linguistic differences between the target and their nativelanguage.* As participants in an accelerated Spanish class, all students should EXPECT andPREPARE to interact with instructor and classmates EXCLUSIVELY in SPANISH!!!!!!!!Contemplation for the year: Buenoes saber que los vasos nossirvenparabeber; lo maloesque no sabemos paraquésirve la sed. -Antonio Machado Proverbios y cantares
  2. 2. Class Themes:Quarter 1: Love Quarter 3: Humor Quarter 2: War Quarter 4: Myths, Legends and FantasyExpectations:As a class, we are agreed to abide by the five-fold principle of “RESPETO” in order to ensurea fun, safe, productive, and pleasant learning environment. Students are expected to act ina manner in which they always show respect to: 1.) themselves 2.) their classmates/peers3.) their instructor 4.) their community 5.) their planet. This helps us eliminate the needfor many rules and allows us to reflect daily on our behavior/attitude and how we treatothers.As young adults, students are expected to work with the adults in their lives to understandand appreciate the “rules” we must follow and why they exist.Students failing to respect our guiding principle will be issued a gentle reminder at first.Repeated lack of respect will result in a mandatory teacher conference and call/emailhome. Further disrespect will incur a detention and call/email home as well as anadministrative write-up. Please act in the manner which you wish/deserve to be treated sothat the whole class may enjoy our short time learning together.To ensure students are able to participate in class activities and improve each day, studentsmust bring to class: * Their student agenda * Writing utensil *A notebook/binder and folder for notes/handoutsTo ensure students are not distracting themselves and/or others, mobile phones andpersonal electronic devices will be turned off and put away before class begins.All impending classwork/homework/quizzes/projects/tests will be posted on the classMoodle site and reviewed at the start and/or end of class. Please be informed and aware.Many assignments will be allowed to be turned in electronically, but certain times studentswill need a hard copy or hand written version of their work. Please adhere to directions.Procedures:At the start of class, students enter quietly, sit at their assigned seats, prepare to hand inwork from a prior day when necessary, and begin to focus on the “Buenos Días” activitybeing projected and await further instructions. Students will return desks to their correctpositions and assist others in organizing the room in the last 3 minutes of class and awaitinstructor’s dismissal.Students will tend to their personal needs between classes so as to avoid missinginstruction. In emergencies, bathroom permits may be obtained after the first 10 min. ofclass and before the last 10 min. Only 1 student should be out of the class at a time.
  3. 3. Grading Policy: Grades are measured quarterly by the student’s performance and progress in the following 4 language skills as demonstrated in classwork and homework assignments as well as quizzes, tests, and various projects each quarter.Speaking = 25% Listening = 25% Reading = 25% Writing = 25% = Final Grade100% Speaking evaluations: * Weekly class discussions * Pair/group chats * Oral test/quizzes * Oral analyses * ”Hablar al azar” * Skits/plays Listening evaluations: * Comprehension checks * Dictation/Follow ups * Tests/quizzes * Listening assignments * Instruction following * Clips Reading evaluations: * Comprehension checks * Translations *Summaries * Reactions/reflections * Tests/quizzes * Analyses Writing evaluations: * Weekly journals * Mini-essays *Forums/chats * Peer review process *Structure/vocabulary tests/quizzesTo be better informed of instructor expectations, please refer to rubrics for speaking,listening, and writing evaluations (electronic document: Spanish Assessment Rubrics)Dates to keep in mind:End of first quarter: November 9End of second quarter/first semester: January 25End of third quarter: April 5End of fourth quarter/second semester: June 18 (pending snow day additions)Homework:Spanish 4ACC students have homework EVERY NIGHT: to practice speaking, listening, reading,and writing Spanish. It is essential to practice in and out of the classroom regularly, in addition tocompleting obligatory assignments. However, in order to keep pace, more structured homeworkassignmentswill be given increasingly if it is apparent students are not practicing on their own.Late work/make-up work:Given the pseudo-linear nature of the course’s work, it is important to be timely with completingassignments to keep one’s grade current and stay up-to-date with concepts being discussed inclass. The purpose of all assignments is to show competency and build upon Spanish skills.
  4. 4. Unexcused late work may not be an accurate assessment after 24-hours. Therefore, anyunexcused late assignments may potentially be changed and/or added to by the instructor.As many assignments may be passed in electronically, there are very few opportunities tolose/forget/not know about assignments. Please plan ahead. Students whose work is late due toan excused absence will have 24 hours from the due date/class time to complete the assignmentfor full points. Unexcused late work will be accepted for a ½ to full letter grade reduction 24hours late. It is highly encouraged to be timely with homework!Any missed assignment where class time was given to complete (quiz, essay, project, test, etc.) willneed to be made up outside of class time; before or after school unless otherwise arrangedbetween instructor and student. Unexcused/excused absence rule applies: students should makethe work up as soon as possible to avoid point deductions.Extra help:Señor Giampaolo is available most days after school and sometimes before school starts to provideextra help and sometimes as an opportunity to make-up missed assessments in room 106. Pleasemake an appointment Monday through Thursday if you are in need of extra help or make-up.FINALLY…we are ready to learn!Remember: Learning Spanish can be very difficult at times and feel very awkward. Similar to theway in which you learned English as a baby, it takes some time, repetition, and an open mind to beable to communicate effectively, even in the most basic manner. While some students may pick upconcepts and vocabulary quickly, others may find more difficulty in learning. Please be patientwith others and yourself. It is not expected that you are completely fluent after this course, but itis expected that you try to master what we cover in class and do your best to communicate asauthentically as you can. As you progress, be honest with yourself about how you are doing andwhy things are going that way. If you ever feel you aren’t doing as well as you should, before youpanic, complete this auto evaluation and adjust your strategy and/or attitude toward class. True Kind of Not really Not at allI am giving my best every day: ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________I am practicing regularly: ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________I am seeking help when I need it : ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________I am learning/retaining a lot: ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________I am having fun: ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________Your instructor is here to help you! Please seize this opportunity to learn and grow as much asyou want to/can! This is your class and your future…have fun and enjoy!