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Effective Employment Branding for Conservative Organizations - Jenny DeVaughn - recruitDC 2013


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Jenny shared examples of tactical recruitment campaigns and innovative ideas that have proven successful in helping organizations with old-school work environments find talent. She discussed ways to start the process of updating your company’s employment branding.

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Effective Employment Branding for Conservative Organizations - Jenny DeVaughn - recruitDC 2013

  1. 1. Effective Employment Branding forConservative OrganizationsJenny DeVaughnRandstad Sourceright#recruitDCMay 2013
  2. 2. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnAgenda• Introduction• Randstad Sourceright• Global Employer Brands• Steps for Success• One Requisition at a Time• Tell a Story• New Branding Tools• Best Employer Brands in metro D.C. area• Thank You
  3. 3. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnIntroductionJenny DeVaughn• Senior Director, Center of ExpertiseEmployment Branding and Social Media• Consistently ranked as one of the top 10 most connectedwomen on LinkedIn with 29,000+ first level connections• Former Social Media Manager at Waste Management, aglobal Fortune 500 company• NASCAR fan3
  4. 4. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnWhere It All Began…Social Recruiting Summit – Google 2009
  5. 5. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnRandstad Sourceright’s Centers of Expertisesourcing and recruitingProvides continuous development, improvement and innovation in RSRs sourcing and recruitingpractices to deliver the most effective and efficient methods of talent identification and acquisitionto our clients.assessmentsDevelops assessment solutions and maintains partnership with top assessment providers. Our COEhelps ensure that assessment strategies within our RPO solutions are aligned with business needs todeliver a significant positive influence on talent quality, cost-effectiveness and strategic impact.employment branding and social mediaDedicated to developing employment brand strategies that align business objectives and theaspirations of the individuals who build success. Includes expertise in employer brand developmentand the smart application of new tools and innovations for managing our clients’ social mediapresence.diversity and complianceProvides the expertise to ensure that our talent acquisition efforts align with each client’s complianceneeds and affirmative action plans or other EEO initiatives.technologyProvides strategy and expertise to drive technology-aligned RPO solutions that deliver business impact.The COE covers all facets of technology and RPO, from sourcing, social networking and mobile, toscreening, onboarding, applicant tracking, reporting and analytics and new and emerging solutions.
  6. 6. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughn2012 Randstad Sourceright Source of HireNorth America – Social Media and Direct Sourcing418%350%309%196%
  7. 7. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnWhat are bestemployer brandsin the world?
  8. 8. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnRandstad AwardWhat factors go into where you want to work next?Download the Report and View all of the Global Award Winners:!
  9. 9. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnCandidates are not Created Equal
  10. 10. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnFireMe! Twitter ApplicationEmployees Influence Candidates1
  11. 11. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnEmployment BrandingStart with Your Individual Brand• What makes you different and special?• What are your career and life goals?• Have you asked your trusted colleagues and mentors forone-on-one feedback?• When you Google yourself, do you like the results?• Do your activities offline and the content you share onlinereflect your goals and unique brand?
  12. 12. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnEmployment BrandingWait…we are not Zappos
  13. 13. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnEmployment BrandingEvery Office is a Cultural Fit
  14. 14. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnEmployment BrandingSteps for Success1. Research your brand’s positioning, including competitors.2. Collaborate with partners and non-competitive brands.3. Set realistic expectations.4. Recruit internal colleagues for support.
  15. 15. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnEmployment BrandingSteps for Success5. Get buy-in from the decision makers.6. Start with a small project plan that can be measured.7. Undesirable outcomes are opportunities to improve.8. Share positive results on a regular basis to build credibility.
  16. 16. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnEmployment BrandingOne Requisition at a Time• Interview high-performing employees to create yourEmployee Value Proposition (EVP)• Research where qualified candidates spend their time onlineand offline• Create campaigns and collateral to maximize emotionalimpact of EVP• Integrate EVP in all communications, job descriptions,signatures, and more• Ask new 30-day hires to contribute ideas
  17. 17. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnEmployment BrandingTell a Story like Emma Coats, former Pixar employeeOnce upon a time there was ___. Every day, ___. One day___. Because of that, ___. Until finally ___.What is your character good at, comfortable with? Throw theopposite at them. Challenge them. How do they deal?Putting it on paper lets you start fixing it. If it stays in yourhead, a perfect idea, youll never share it with anyone.
  18. 18. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnWhat are somenew employmentbranding tools?
  19. 19. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnSocial Media SharingQUEsocial
  20. 20. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnSocial Media SharingQUEsocial
  21. 21. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnMobile SolutionsiMomentous
  22. 22. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnCandidate EngagementTalentCircles
  23. 23. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnUpdate Your Career WebsiteTalentReef
  25. 25. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnConnected Networks – Facebook and InstagramStatigram
  26. 26. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnApply for a Job Directly in TwitterLead Generation Feature
  27. 27. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnWhat are bestemployer brandsin the metro D.C. area?
  28. 28. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnBest Places to Work in Washington, DCIndeed.com71,379 jobs added in the last week in Washington D.C.33% of all website traffic via mobile
  29. 29. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnTop Five Metro D.C. Companies with the Most ContentGlassdoor• Booz Allen Hamilton• Deloitte• SAIC• Accenture• Lockheed MartinFor more info:,13_IM911.htm
  30. 30. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnThis Week’s Top Social Recruitment ActivityTwitter
  31. 31. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnThe Candidate Experience AwardsApply Now
  32. 32. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnThank You #recruitDC
  33. 33. #recruitDC @RandstadSR @JennyDeVaughnStay in touchJenny DeVaughnRandstad SourcerightSenior Director, Center of ExpertiseEmployment Branding and Social MediaM 678.595.9777jenny.devaughn@randstadsourceright.comhttp://www.randstadsourceright.comLinkedIn: