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Growth from within: Recruit internally to grow your company | Talent Connect 2017


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What if you could complete any project without looking to recruit externally? And all you had to do was give people a chance to put their hands up to do the work they're passionate about and you would see exponential results? Think this sounds impossible? You can make this happen! This session will teach you to reimagine your internal hiring practices, reinvent the talent development proposition & rethink what’s possible if you get out of the way of your most valuable asset-your team members.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Growth from within: Recruit internally to grow your company | Talent Connect 2017

  1. 1. growth from within kimberlea kozachenkorecruit internally to grow your company
  2. 2. who am I? visionary | catalyst | creator talent practice expert, brand consultant and business coach passionate about helping people and companies grow Kimberlea Kozachenko @KimberleaKoz
  3. 3. my first job
  4. 4. we’re all developing ourselves. everyday. in everything that we do. “
  5. 5. the how: redefined selection criteria the why: it’s an investment grow your team members to grow your company
  6. 6. redefine leadership support tools & training the gift of time your talent development propostition
  7. 7. reimagine internal hiring practices be diverse by design above the surface technical knowledge • previous experience with the specific topic or • project location business area below the surface gender balance generation level of experience • understanding of the organization • peer-to peer or hierarchal influence years at the organization what impact have they had cautious/optimist • ability to express ideas
  8. 8. give team members the opportunity to show who they really are. what they’re passionate about. what impact they want to make and what compels them to get up everyday and fight the good fight. “
  9. 9. impressions applications over 7 days interviews 9000+ 500+ 200+ the numbers
  10. 10. the interviews 1. listen & empathize 2. problem solving agility 3. ability to influence sometimes, finding a solution to a problem is not as simple as it may seem. tell us about a time that you were challenged to find a solution to something tell us about a time when you had to influence change or a situation with many levels of stakeholders when you were not in a formal position to delegate tell us about a recent situation that you were directly involved in where your listening skills were really put to the test
  11. 11. impressions internal recruits interviews 9000+ 50 200+ who we found
  12. 12. millennials 23 gen X 24 baby boomers 3 500+ applicants: millennials - 59.3% gen X - 32.2% baby boomers - 8.5% diversity in generation
  13. 13. Gender male 26 female 24 500+ applicants: male applicants - 44% female applicants - 56% diversity in gender
  14. 14. 500+ applicants: north - 6.8% edmonton - 34.6% central - 8.8% calgary - 45.4% south - 4.4% edmonton 18 north 2 central 6 south 4 calgary 20 diversity in region
  15. 15. 3 22 25 entry level managerexperienced (non-manager) 1 - 25 years at company median 4 mean 6 . 2 diversity in level of experience
  16. 16. 21 beginners 13 intermediates 16 experienced everyday interactions project-specific knowledge approach to opportunity 13 skeptic 37 all in 22 customer facing 28 non-customer facing the skeptic ● cautious the “all-in” ● fully embrace diversity in expertise
  17. 17. reinvent how you work make space for less rigid, more experiential roles reassess how failure is perceived be open to cross-functional growth
  18. 18. ignite engagement & connectivity improve business results & speed to meet talent needs accelerate brand advocacy understand the skills of your talent enhance culture rediscover the impacts of internal recruitment
  19. 19. Recap grow your team members to grow your company redefine your talent development proposition reimagine internal hiring practices reinvent how you work rediscover the impacts of internal recruitment
  20. 20. relentless innovation, transparency, and genuine connections will transform global talent practices for the better “
  21. 21. thank you Kimberlea Kozachenko @KimberleaKoz kimberlea kozachenko