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Parent Volunteer Training Presentation


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Parent Volunteer Training Presentation

Published in: Education
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Parent Volunteer Training Presentation

  1. 1. EES Parent Volunteer Training  Who are Parent Volunteers? o All parents who volunteer in the classroom o All parents who volunteer to chaperone a field trip  The purpose of the training  To comply with MD State Law & HCPSS Policy 1030  To review how to report suspected child abuse  To review the importance of protecting all students’ confidentiality  To review general expectations of parent volunteers
  2. 2. MD State Law & HCPSS Policy 1030  Requires employee or parent volunteers of the Howard County Public School System to report any suspicion of child abuse or neglect to Howard County Department of Social Services  Provides immunity from civil liability or criminal penalty for a report made in good faith  Failure to report may result in suspension or termination of services
  3. 3. Role of Child Abuse Liaison  Coordinates support for students suspected of being abused or neglected  Acts as resource for information relating to child abuse and neglect reporting procedures  Assists with completion of child abuse reporting forms as needed  You may contact Kristen Tacka, Child Abuse Liaison if you would like support during the reporting process.
  4. 4. Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect  Make oral report immediately to Department of Social Services  Follow up with written report within 48 hours (forms are in the front office).  Tell Mr. Caldwell, Principal, and Mrs. Tacka, Liaison, that a report was filed.  A copy of the report WILL NOT be kept in student educational record.
  5. 5. Parent Volunteer Code of Ethics  Confidentiality: Any information you have access to in the school or classroom is confidential  As a volunteer, you are required to protect the confidentiality of all student information that you see or hear while volunteering
  6. 6. Parent Volunteer Expectations  Thank you for volunteering!  Please make arrangements for siblings to stay home so that you can focus on enjoying your volunteering experience.  Please do not take photographs of students. Other students’ parents are depending on us to protect their child’s privacy.  Please keep your cell phones on mute and out of sight when volunteering.
  7. 7. Certificate of Completion Elkridge Elementary School This is to certify that I have viewed the HCPSS Child Abuse Reporting Procedures and Parent Volunteer Code of Ethics and understand my responsibilities with regard to these policies. Name_______________________________ Date________________________________ Please print, sign, and return this certificate to the EES front office.