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2nd Grade Back to School Presentation


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2nd Grade Back to School Presentation 2015-16

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2nd Grade Back to School Presentation

  1. 1. Welcome to Second Grade! Elkridge Elementary 2015-2016
  2. 2. Our Amazing Team Classroom Teachers… Amy Urban…Team Leader Diana Andrews Blake Beaudoin Deborah Hurlock Carole Phipps Debra Schwarzl Matt Craig Para Educator… Stephanie Field ELL Jeanette Johnson
  3. 3. Our Vision & Mission VISION Every student is inspired to learn and empowered to excel MISSION We cultivate a vibrant learning community that prepares students to thrive in a dynamic world
  4. 4. Daily Schedule 9:10 Arrival & Opening Activities 9:25 Announcements 9:35 Morning Meeting 9:45 Language Arts 11:00 Recess 11:30 Lunch 12:00 Language Arts 12:45 Specials (PE, Music, Art, Media, or Technology) 1:45 Math 3:00 Content (Science, Social Studies, or Health) 3:40 Stack and Pack 3:55 Dismissal
  5. 5. Math • Concepts are taught in a mixture of whole & small group, and independent instruction • Your child’s teacher may change • Homework is a review of concepts
  6. 6. •Problem Solving •Place Value •Addition/Subtraction •Fact Fluency •Measurement •Time •Money •Shapes and Attributes What will we learn in Math?
  7. 7. Content Science ~ Soil and Erosion ~ Earths Moon ~ Interactions ~ Butterflies Health ~ Social & Emotional Health ~ Safety, First Aid & Injury Prevention ~ Disease Prevention & Control ~ Nutrition & Fitness Social Studies ~ Comparing Communities ~ People and the Environment ~ Let’s Go Shopping ~ Citizens in a Community
  8. 8. Writing In Second Grade we write to… ~ Inform/Explain ~ Voice and defend an opinion ~ Tell a story
  9. 9. Reading…The Daily 5 1. Read to Self 2. Read to Someone 3. Listen to Reading 4. Work on Writing 5. Word Work
  10. 10. Communication Daily…”ELK” cellence Track Please initial daily Weekly… Friday Folder ~ Will go home everyday in a blue folder. Contains important information from EES. ~ This folder should be returned on Mondays.
  11. 11. Homework • Assigned Monday – Thursday • English/Language Arts, Reading, and Math • Written homework should be completed in approximately 30 minutes • Children should read or be read to at home a minimum of 300 minutes per month • If no written homework is assigned, children should read, write a story or letter, and/or review math skills.
  12. 12. 2nd GRADE: Unit I, Lesson 2 Week of October 6, 2014 Monday: Read for at least 10 minutes and complete an activity from the word study menu. Tuesday: Read for at least 10 minutes and complete one quick write. Wednesday: Read for at least 10 minutes and complete an activity from the word study menu. Thursday: Read for at least 10 minutes and complete one quick write. THIS WEEK’S WORD STUDY PATTERN: -oy and –oi Suggested words for practice: boy, toy, joy, annoy, enjoy, royal, joyful, oil, coin, foil, boil, noise, soil, toilet Choose ten words from the suggested list and type them on the computer or write them and underline the word pattern. Write ten words on index cards or pieces of paper and sort them by the spelling pattern. Go for a word hunt in your house and see how many words you can find that follow this week’s patterns. Write ten words with the same vowel pattern as moist. Choose ten words from the suggested list and draw boxes around the different parts of the word. Ex: Beginning/Vowel Pattern/Ending c oi n Create a T-chart and sort your words by spelling pattern. -oy -oi Rhyming Words: Select at least three words from each pattern. Find a rhyming word that fits the same pattern that is not on your list. Ex: mouth – south Write five –oy words in red and five –oi words in blue. Write ten words with the same vowel pattern as Troy. QUICK WRITES What job in your community would you like to learn more about and why? What would you do if you were locked in your favorite store over night? What information is the most interesting to you in the book you are reading? Plan a healthy meal for your family. What is erosion? What can we do to help it in our community? Describe a typical day for your character. Write a list of directions from the front of the school to your classroom. Create a map to go with your directions. Describe the youngest person you know. Include at least 5 interesting observations about the person. Homework
  13. 13. Graded Papers All Subjects… I – Demonstrating the skill independently W – Demonstrating understanding of the skill and performing with some assistance N – Not demonstrating the skill at this time/needs review
  14. 14. The Report Card
  15. 15. PBIS Each child keeps track of their daily progress! They earn tickets to be cashed in for prizes
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Synergy Student Information System Synergy will replace Aspen and is the source for official student records & grades.
  19. 19. ● Student Demographics ● Enrollment ● Registration ● Scheduling ● Attendance ● Final Grades ● Discipline ● Transcripts ● Master Schedule Synergy Student Information System
  20. 20. ● What is Family File? ● Accessing the Family File ● Opting In or Out Options in the PTA Directory ● Accessing the PTA Directory Family File
  21. 21. ➔ Access to their child’s class information ➔ Communicate with teachers ➔ One Login ➔ Consistent experience Canvas Learning System | Parents
  22. 22. To provide students with a common platform to submit assignments, collaborate with other students, review announcements and grades and utilize a personalized calendar. Canvas Learning System | Students
  23. 23. ➔Record Attendance Electronically ➔Post a Teacher Page for Each Course TEACHERS WILL
  24. 24. For login and password issues - contact school GETTING HELP For Resources - HCPSS Connect Homepage
  25. 25. August 17 - Staff Access August 17 - Family File Access August 31 - Student Access August 31 - Initial Parent Access TIMELINE
  26. 26. Thank You for Coming!