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Benefits of volunteerism


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Volunteer recruiting: Greater Valley Forge Human Resource Association

Benefits of volunteerism

  1. 1. Benefits ofVolunteerism
  2. 2. Reasons People Volunteer•To build personal and professional contacts•To build your self-esteem and self-confidence•To develop new job skills•To make a difference in the world•To make new friends•To increase personal satisfaction•To add experience to your resume•To develop people skills•To develop communication skills
  3. 3. Reasons People Volunteer•To do something as a team or family•To explore career possibilities•To feel needed and appreciated•To share your skills with others•To be challenged•To do something different•To improve your health•To have fun!
  4. 4. Benefits of VolunteeringIt Will Boost Your Visibility (for Free)You can market yourself and/or business while giving back to the community and notbreaking the bank.You’ll Sharpen Your Business SkillsWith so many volunteer opportunities within the GVFHRA, you can select the ones that will helpyou improve certain business and personal skills. Leadership, projectmanagement, marketing, inter-personal, financial, time management, and many other skills willbecome more proficient.The Time Commitment Is FlexibleStart small by volunteering for a one-time event or scheduling just a couple hours per week.Check out volunteering opportunities across the various committees and events offered by theGreater Valley Forge Human Resource Association.
  5. 5. Benefits of VolunteeringMake Meaningful Community ConnectionsVolunteering is a way to connect with others who share a similar interest or cause. Through in-person conversations and projects, one can build meaningful relationships that could neverhave been made via email or phone.Expand Your Professional HorizonsVolunteering may open the door to a new professional or business niche or help you uncovera new path for your career. Volunteer opportunities can also teach you about a businessspecialty, such as going green.Better Appreciate What You HaveWhen you see how families live without heat, electricity, and running water, you’ll appreciatethe everyday luxuries you take for granted. Volunteering may spark changes in your life tobroaden your world view, work to keep up relationships with loved ones, and appreciate thesmall things in life.Feel So Good About ItA growing body of research links volunteering with better health. One study, The HealthBenefits of Volunteering: A Review of Recent Research, by the Corporation for National andCommunity Service, says volunteering improves longevity, lowers depression rates, andreduces the rates of heart disease.
  6. 6. Learning Opportunities from VolunteeringDevelop and Enhance Skills•Opportunity for personal growth•Discover new skills and capabilities•Learn more about yourself and other people•Overcome personal challenges•Enhance self-esteem and confidence•Develop more intensity and personality•Experiment with new skills in a safe environment
  7. 7. Challenges of VolunteeringAlthough most people are happy in their volunteer jobs, there are some factorsthat can be a turnoff at one time or another:•Disorganized management•Lack of board support•Staff indifference•Limited training and orientation•Lack of contact and support•Wrong assignment•Perks that are withdrawn•Insufficient funding
  8. 8. How One Can Make A DifferenceThe issues and problems facing our region are often large and complex. Our communitymembers can often become overwhelmed by the challenges facing us and believe thatthere is little they can do personally to make their community and/or workplace a betterplace to live and work. While individual volunteer projects may not be very visible, theyare a huge help for the HR profession, our community and professionaldevelopment, or that one person where the volunteers made a difference.Some challenges in our community and places of work do take millions of dollars andyears to resolve. But, if more people incorporated volunteerism into their personalvalues, lives could be changed and our community and places of work would be adifferent place.
  9. 9. How To Determine the Right Volunteer OpportunityThink about what you’re intoWhat are you passionate about? What’s out there in the world that catches your interest? Theanswers to these questions will help point you to a volunteer role or group you’ll like being part of.Think about what you’re good atWhat skills do you have? What kinds of jobs do you do best? Try to find a volunteer position thatwill let you make the most of your strengths and talents.Look for need in your own communityGlance around. What needs to be improved in your town, city, or school? What types of volunteerprojects would do the most good?Think about timeHow much of a commitment are you willing to make? How much of your day, week, month, or yeardo you want to spend on volunteer activities? Do you have just a few hours now and then, or areyou looking for a bigger project?Ask around and do some researchGVGHRA has many opportunities for you to get involved. Sometimes there are things that needimproving or committees that need help, but we can’t see them by just looking around. Try askingour board members, committee members, colleagues and friends about value of volunteering.
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