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Ra sched15-16 letters


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Ra sched15-16 letters

Published in: Education
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Ra sched15-16 letters

  1. 1. EES Related Arts Schedule 2015-2016 8/28/15 8/28/15 4:32 PM A-W A-D Me-M Me-P Mu-L Mu-W PE-Br PE-Bo PE-S T-W T-F A-W A-D Me-M Me-P Mu-L Mu-W PE-Br PE-Bo PE-S T-W T-F 9:45 5D 5E 5C 5B X 5A 5B X 5A 5D 5C 5E 10:15 ê ê 5E ê X ê ê 5D X ê ê ê 10:45 3D 3E 3C 3A X 3B 3E X 3D 3B 3C 3A 11:15 ê ê ê 3E X ê ê 3C X ê ê ê 11:45 4C 4A 4D 4F 4B X 4E 4D X 4E 4B 4F 4C 4A 12:15 ê ê ê 4A ê X ê ê X ê ê ê ê ê 12:45 2B 2A 2D 2E X 2C 2D X 2E 2B 2A 2C 1:15 2A 2B ê 2D X ê 2E X 2C 2D 2B ê 1:45 K5 K2 K4 K6 K1 X K3 K1 K5 X K3 K4 K2 K6 2:15 ê ê K6 K1 K4 X ê ê X K4 K2 K5 K3 ê 2:45 1D 1C 1E 1A X 1B 1E X 1A 1B 1C 1D 3:15 ê 1E 1C ê X ê ê X 1B 1A ê ê 3:45 X X A-W A-D Me-M Me-P Mu-L Mu-W PE-Br PE-Bo PE-S T-W T-F A-W A-D Me-M Me-P Mu-L Mu-W PE-Br PE-Bo PE-S T-W T-F 9:45 5C X 5B 5E 5A 5D 5C 5E X 5A 5D X 5B 10:15 X ê ê ê 5C ê ê ê 5A X ê X ê 10:45 3A X 3E 3B 3D 3C 3B 3A X 3D X 3C 3E 11:15 ê X ê ê ê ê 3D ê X 3B X ê ê 11:45 4A 4E 4B X * 4D 4C 4F 4B 4F 4C X 4A 4E X 4D 12:15 ê ê 4C X 5-Chorus ê 4B ê ê 4E ê X ê 4F X ê 12:45 2D X 4-Chorus 2B 2C 2A 2E 2A 2E 2C X 2D X 2B 1:15 ê X ê ê ê ê ê ê 2C X ê X ê 1:45 K6 X K5 K2 K1 K3 K4 K3 K1 K4 X K6 X K2 K5 2:15 ê X K3 K1 K5 K2 ê ê K6 X K4 K1 X ê ê 2:45 1B 1A X 1C 1E 1D 1C 1D 1B X 1E X 1A 3:15 ê X 1E 1A ê 1C ê 1B 1D X ê X ê 3:45 X X X K1 1A 2A A-W A-D Me-M Me-P Mu-L Mu-W PE-Br PE-Bo PE-S T-W T-F K2 1B 2B 9:45 5A 5D X 5E 5B X 5C K3 1C 2C 10:15 ê 5B ê X ê X ê K4 1D 2D 10:45 3B 3C X 3A 3E X 3D K5 1E 2E 11:15 ê ê 3A X ê X ê K6 11:45 4F 4D 4A X 4E X 4B 4C 12:15 ê X ê X 4D ê X ê ê 12:45 2B 2C X 2A X 2E X 2D 3A 4A 5A 1:15 ê ê X 2E X 2A X ê 3B 4B 5B 1:45 K4 K3 X K5 X K6 K2 X K1 3C 4C 5C 2:15 ê K2 X K6 X K5 K3 X ê 3D 4D 5D 2:45 1A X X 1B 1D X 1C 1E 3E 4E 5E 3:15 ê X 1D X ê X ê ê 4F 3:45 X X X Traffic: CHORUS - Wednesday Recess 5th 12:00-12:30 4th 1:00-1:30 Recess Duty Cafeteria Duty Gr. Recess Lunch Specials 10:30 11:00 K 10:30 11:00 1:45 11:00 11:30 1 11:30 12:00 2:45 11:30 Smith, Klock Polack, Eichhorn 12:00 2 11:00 11:30 12:45 12:00 12:30 3 12:30 1:00 10:45 12:30 1:00 4 1:00 1:30 11:45 1:00 1:30 5 12:00 12:30 9:45 Sprinkledclassesshouldbespreadevenlyacrosstheteam. Bauman Sloat Grabowski Stahr Alvarez Goldberg Ruffing Bass McNally Ridgley Shilling Fastman Law Auxt Andrews Hurlock Beaudoin Phipps Schwarzl Vannurden Boardley Jagoda Kirby Petry Wensien Announcements: Hamilton Kell Scott House Tiralla Cooke, Craig, Thogersen, Pistorius, Frankel, Richardson Bradbury Bus: Car Riders: East Front Door: AM DUTIES 9:05-9:25 Foyer: Breakfast: Loughry Books, Washington, Richardson J. Wong PM DUTIES 3:53 - 4:05 Sprinkled (Hubbs) Sprinkled (Urban) Rager J. Johnson Top Ctr. Step: Berzon Walsh MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY Steinrucken Wampler Media Door: Carter, Hill, Martinez, Spliedt, Watcher Bodin, FaheyFoyer: Car Riders: Art Hall: Shochet, Tacka, Grein Bus: Art Hall: Pfeifer, Rager Moroughan Fortney Schriefer Dombek, B. Wong Brookhart, Carter 5th Grade Hall: Media Door: Top Ctr. Step: Check In/Out Lavin, Steinrucken, Polack, Eichhorn Lavin, Steinrucken, Polack, Eichhorn Field, Pleasants, Vacancy, Grein Field, Pleasants, Vacancy Smith, Klock Polack, Eichhorn Burroughs, Vacancy, Pleasants Burroughs, Vacancy, Pleasants Cole, Polack, Eichhorn Cole, Polack, Eichhorn Gambo, Pleasants, Vacancy, Grein Gambo, Pleasants, Vacancy