Lead scoring-nurturing


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Sales needs fewer and better leads, but how? You need to gently nurture leads and score behaviors.

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Lead scoring-nurturing

  1. 1. Almost 3 out of 4 leads are not qualified* *MarketingSherpa Case Study
  2. 2. Result
  3. 3. Gentle Nurturing and Scoring “Earn trust and watch buying behaviors.”
  4. 4. There’s Just One Problem
  5. 5. You DON’T Need More Leads Leads sent to sales dropped by 52%. Revenues grew by 41% Converted leads increased 79% Closed revenue from reengaged (nurtured) leads grew by 21% MarketingSherpa Case Study “The Complex Sale: Lead Scoring Increases Conversion 79%”
  6. 6. How to Do Lead Nurturing and Scoring Bring in outside experts  Know best practices  Have done it before Develop buyer personas Start content marketing Involve sales
  7. 7. About Us http://www.findnewcustomers.comOur goal is simple:Let’s change the world of B2B marketing – together•No boring websites•No self centered, product oriented pitches•End struggling salespeople and understaffed/overworked marketing teams We can do this together. Are you with us?