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Exploring the common problems that stop sales and a methodology to find solutions and get sales working.

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Get selling now

  1. 1. GET SELLING,NOW!Some of the commonproblems that stop salesand how to solve them
  2. 2. CONTENTS • What are sales problems? • The common problems and their symptoms • Finding workable solutions • A seven stage methodology to drive change • How I work with you
  3. 3. BACKGROUNDSales isn’t working. Here’s the evidence:  Over half of sales professionals are  More than eight out of ten deals missing their targets are lost through either ineffective qualification, lack of sales process  The average time in-job for a sales or planning, or both manager is just 18 months  Only a third of companies have a  Turnover amongst sales people is sales forecast accuracy of more over 40% per annum than 50%  Everybody’s seeking the same 10%  Only 43% of companies have a of sales superstars sales training programme, and of those, only half provide any form  Most sales teams are less than 50% of sales skill training efficient  Three out of five companies do not  Only about 10% of sales have a sales performance opportunities close measurement system in place
  4. 4. FIX SALES PROBLEMS FAST • Ineffective sales leadership • Ineffective sales team • Marketing and sales not co- operating • Flawed sales proposition • Unclear sales proposition • Poor sales processes • Poor customer relationships
  5. 5. INEFFECTIVE SALES LEADERSHIP • Lack of management skill • Ineffective objective setting and measurement • Ineffective sales compensation plans • No vision for the sales team • Sales disjointed from the organisation • Ineffective recruitment practices • Ineffective training and coaching • Focus on sales not management
  6. 6. INEFFECTIVE SALES TEAM • Lack of leadership or motivation • Lack of sales skills • Lack of engagement with company • Lack of belief in company or solutions • Lack of solution knowledge • Lack of credibility with customers
  7. 7. MARKETING AND SALES NOT CO-OPERATING • Lack of shared objectives between the two functions • Lack of holistic view from solution definition to completed sales • Lack of shared language • Lack of seamless join between the two • The two functions acting independently of each other
  8. 8. FLAWED SALES PROPOSITION • Solution doesn’t work • Problems the solution addresses not important • Cost base too high to compete • Little differentiation from competition • Solution only solves part of the problem • Commercial terms don’t match how customers buy
  9. 9. UNCLEAR SALES PROPOSITION • Problems the solution addresses are unclear • No clear link from problem to solution to benefit • Solution is generic or commoditised • Solution focus is technology not business • Unclear ideal customer criteria • Inappropriate sales channels • Ineffective support materials • Marketing messages vague
  10. 10. POOR SALES PROCESSES • Customer relationships not tracked or planned • Ineffective account planning • Ineffective prospecting • Ineffective qualification • Ineffective value propositions • Ineffective sales proposals • Ineffective sales reviews • Little or no sales performance measurement • Lack of factual information
  11. 11. POOR CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS • Contacts too low to make decisions • Single or low points of contact • Seen as sales not problem solvers • Inability to relate at senior levels • Poor customer satisfaction
  12. 12. FINDING SOLUTIONS THAT WORK FOR YOU • Interview key stakeholders • Agree issues • Data collection • Agree action plan • Agree metrics and deliverables • Implement change programme • Measure results
  13. 13. WHY WORK WITH ME? • Get answers, action and results • Help you define what isn’t working • Independent, objective view of the problems • Experience to recommend pragmatic solutions • Capability to implement solutions as a project • Clearly defined objectives, metrics and deliverables
  14. 14. MIKE MCCORMACAbout Contact• Mike McCormac founded Sales • Connect on LinkedIn Success and More to help • Follow on Twitter companies selling high value services achieve more • Email• He has an MBA and his sales • Phone: background includes over 15  +357 99 860725 (Mobile) years success selling IT services  +44 (0) 20 8133 7635 (UK) and outsourcing as a sales executive, sales manager and sales director• Mike works mainly in the UK and Cyprus