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Dear Firstname Lastname: Personalization & Content Targeting


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WordPress is the dominant CMS of the web, but still struggles to find acceptance in many Enterprises.

One reason is the lack of clear paths for personalization and content targeting – features which are heavily promoted in platforms like Adobe Experience Manager and (especially) Sitecore’s Experience Platform.

This talk covers what personalization and content targeting are and multiple ways of achieving both using WordPress as the underlying CMS, as well as of the dangers of personalization projects and ways they can go wrong.

Published in: Marketing
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Dear Firstname Lastname: Personalization & Content Targeting

  1. 1. D E A R F I R S T N A M E L AS T N A M E : P E R S O N A L I Z AT I O N & C O N T E N T TA R G E T I N G WO R D C A M P N E W YO R K 2 0 1 7 @jeckman | #wcnyc
  2. 2. P E R S O N A L I Z AT I O N @jeckman | #wcnyc Delivering a unique experience to each individual user (or segment of users) Adapting portions of the experience on the basis of explicit user choice or implicit user behavior
  3. 3. C O N T E N T TA R G E T I N G @jeckman | #wcnyc Delivering content designed to address a specific market niche or interest Designing an experience to maximize delivery of content relevant to specific interests
  4. 4. I M P L I C I T / E X P L I C I T @jeckman | #wcnyc • Implicit User Behavior: • Geolocation • Referrer • Device / user-agent • Previous requests • Explicit User Choice: • “Areas of interest” • Newsletter signups • Registration & login • Previous requests?
  5. 5. E X A M P L E S @jeckman | #wcnyc • Referred by newsletter - update CTA • Referred by social, highlight channel • Update imagery / content target based on paid campaign • Targeted landing pages for audiences • Content surfacing (related, recommended)
  6. 6. E X A M P L E S @jeckman | #wcnyc
  7. 7.
  8. 8. OT H E R P L AT F O R M S @jeckman | #wcnyc
  9. 9. @jeckman | #wcnyc
  10. 10. AC Q U I A L I F T
  11. 11. WO R D P R E S S O P T I O N S @jeckman | #wcnyc
  12. 12. @jeckman | #wcnyc
  13. 13. WO R D P R E S S O P T I O N S @jeckman | #wcnyc
  14. 14. @jeckman | #wcnyc
  15. 15.
  16. 16. WO R D P R E S S O P T I O N S @jeckman | #wcnyc
  17. 17. WO R D P R E S S O P T I O N S @jeckman | #wcnyc
  18. 18. C O D E YO U R OW N @jeckman | #wcnyc • Access contents of http request • Set/check for presence of cookie • Custom business rules based on implicit and explicit data • Dynamic logic for alternative displays • Be aware of performance impact
  19. 19. C AU T I O N S @jeckman | #wcnyc • Start small and enhance slowly • Don’t exceed your data / over-reach • Avoid the uncanny valley • Beware assumptions about intent • Don’t break the web
  20. 20. T H A N K S ! @jeckman | #wcnyc