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Guidance on elevator pitches and 5-minute pitch decks for startups seeking to get seed, angel or venture funding

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PPT Global Capital Startup Pitch Decks 2Q13.pptx

  1. 1. The Startup Pitch:* Elevators & Decks* 2Q13 JAMES C. ROBERTS III GLOBAL CAPITAL GROUP Distribution is prohibited
  2. 2. Presentation Summary* •  The Elevator Pitch •  The Pitch Deck: Practical Tips •  The Pitch Deck: Things to Avoid/Things to Say •  Slides 1-15
  3. 3. GlobalCapital The Elevator Pitch:* A Few Well-Placed Words.*
  4. 4. GlobalCapital Uno Piano:* 3 Steps. 3 Sentences. 1 Call to Action* First: What we are or what we do. Status: Where we are in our plan. Next Steps: What we plan to do next. Need: What we need for the next steps. Call to Action
  5. 5. GlobalCapital First: High Concept.* The Tie Society: Netflix for ties & pocket squares. Liveli: Flash sales for Italian designers. Attooma: Build your own smartphone apps without coding.
  6. 6. GlobalCapital Uno Piano: The Rest.* Status: “Our site is launched and we have our first round of money.” Next Steps: “Our next steps are to launch our mobile apps and build our team.” Need: “We are looking for $250K.”
  7. 7. GlobalCapital Uno Piano: The Call to Action.* “I’ll send you the Pitch Deck tomorrow.” “Is that something of interest to your fund?” “Could you introduce me to other funds that would be interested?”
  8. 8. GlobalCapital The Pitch Deck: Practical Tips.*
  9. 9. GlobalCapital Pitch Decks are NOT the Product:* A Tool to Impress.* •  It’s not a school assignment: Don’t act like you have memorized it. •  Show your knowledge & your leadership. •  Don’t be hesitant & don’t be shy.
  10. 10. GlobalCapital Be Assertive: Use Active Verbs (not Nouns)* For example . . . Our Platform but Our Platform Monetizes Visitors
  11. 11. GlobalCapital Be Simple: Subject. Verb. Object* This is not a reading comprehension test! Don’t make readers work. It is not obvious to them.
  12. 12. GlobalCapital Make Slides Simple: One Thesis* •  1st Thesis 1.  Maximum of 3 supporting points 2.  That includes graphics (graphics are good) 3.  Only 2 points is better than having 3.
  13. 13. GlobalCapital Example: Smartphones* 1st Thesis Statement: (1st group of slides) Slide 1: We enable smartphone users to create their own apps—without coding. Slide 2: A graphic of how it works.
  14. 14. GlobalCapital Example: Smartphones (cont’d)* 2nd Thesis Statement: (2nd group of slides) Slide 1: We make money by selling the app online and in-app advertising. Slide 2: Our ARPU/ARPPU (financial building blocks) Slide 3: Financial chart
  15. 15. GlobalCapital Pitch Decks: Things to Avoid/Things to Say.*
  16. 16. GlobalCapital Your Are not the Next Facebook.* Facebook itself was not the next Facebook.
  17. 17. GlobalCapital Never Say: We Want 1% of the Market.* •  Never ever be conservative with your projections. •  They are only guesses. •  Show realistic optimism.
  18. 18. GlobalCapital Never Say: €500K to Grow to €2m by 2016. •  That is a research grant. •  Projected ROI must be 10X Series A investment.
  19. 19. GlobalCapital Technology Does Not Matter (Much).* FB platform is not rocket science. Optimal Solution=scalable for now.
  20. 20. GlobalCapital The Team Matters the Most.* Startup & sector experience. Missing people are OK.
  21. 21. GlobalCapital GTM & Milestones are Next in Importance.* How do you plan to use my money to get to your objectives?
  22. 22. GlobalCapital Create Milestones for the Immediate Future.* 3Q milestones for product/features release, money/traffic, team and market penetration.
  23. 23. GlobalCapital Where We Are. Where We Are Going. * What Steps to Get There.* 3Q milestones for product/features release, money/traffic, team and market penetration.
  24. 24. GlobalCapital The Pitch Deck: Slides 1 through 15.*
  25. 25. GlobalCapital 1-3-1 Model: Manage Your Time.* 1 minute: What you do. 3 minutes: GTM, Milestones, Rev. Model. 1 minute: Why this team?
  26. 26. GlobalCapital 10 Questions/20 Slides.* What we do Why it matters: Why do users need it? Who we are and why we can do it How we do it How we make money or build traffic Who else is doing it and how we differ Milestones & Metrics What money we need How we’ll use the money Why would someone invest in it or buy it? Financials
  27. 27. GlobalCapital Pitch Decks: 6 Things to Say.* 1.  What you do. 2.  Where you are. 3.  Where you are going (steps to get there). 4.  How you will go to market. 5.  How much will it cost and for how long? 6.  Why this team and whom else will you need?
  28. 28. GlobalCapital Slide 1: Summary Slide* Summary summarizes you now and in the future: •  We enable smartphone users to create their own apps— without coding. •  We are in the EU and will expand to China with the next round of funding. •  We will be break-even in 2Q13. •  We seek $500K to expand to other platforms and markets and build the team.
  29. 29. GlobalCapital Slide 2: What We Do (“We Make . . .”)* Show what you do—screenshot, explanation?
  30. 30. GlobalCapital Slide 3: What We Do (“We Make . . .”)* Flowchart? Screenshot? Video?
  31. 31. GlobalCapital Slide 4: Our Market [Needs] our Product . . .* Market—size, growth rate Suitable for graphics!!!
  32. 32. GlobalCapital Slides 5-6:* (Almost) The Most Important Slide(s).* Milestones Where we are. Where we will be.
  33. 33. Milestones & Money TMI: Too Much Information? Subscription Freemium Alpha Public Beta Seed Integrate with enterprise platforms $500K $3m OLAP Integration FY1 FY2 FY3 Free
  34. 34. GlobalCapital Slide 7:* (Almost) The Most Important Slide(s) #2.* Go-to-Market Slides How will you spend their money to get them the returns they want?
  35. 35. GlobalCapital Slides 8-10: Financials Support the Idea. * Financials Are not Real . . . . . . but they should be reasonable and support the valuation. Never have 5,874.42
  36. 36. GlobalCapital Slides 8-10: ARPU/ARPPU Building Blocks. * Use only if money is the goal. For social impact: How will you measure?
  37. 37. GlobalCapital Slides 11-13: The Most Important Slide(s).* The Team •  Why you? •  What is relevant? Education? Clients? •  What will you need?
  38. 38. GlobalCapital Slide 14: How Much?* * Ask for What You Can Use x 1.5 It depends on the funding level (seed, angel, Series A). It must be more than what you need.
  39. 39. GlobalCapital Slide 15: How Will You Use It? * Match the expenditures to your milestones and GTM. Horizontal milestone chart?
  40. 40. GlobalCapital Thank you. * © 2012-13 Global Capital. All rights reserved.