Global Capital Roundtable VCs & the US Market SUMMARY SLIDES


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This is a summary of slides I presented at a roundtable in Milano in January 2011 to discuss the US market.

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Global Capital Roundtable VCs & the US Market SUMMARY SLIDES

  1. 1. How to Take Advantage of the US Market And Why You Should Care A Summary of the Presentation Milan, Italy January 25, 2011 J AMES C. R OBERTS III Co-hosted by dpixel & Global Capital Law Group PC GLOBALCAPITAL
  2. 2. TopicsI. IntroductionII. Getting There – States of Incorporation – Agreement ―Pointers‖III. The Venture Market – Trends – What’s Getting Funded – Lean Startups & MVPIV. If You Are Not Going . . . – Resources – Mindshare GLOBALCAPITAL
  3. 3. Introduction: Proposed Topics for Future Sessions.• LOIs, Term Sheets & Preliminary Discussions• Pitch Decks• Now that you have the money: Product development plans.• The Startup Package: The 1st 300 days (financial, legal, HR, insurance, marketing, sales & product/service development plans)• ―Lean Startup‖ Movement and best practices (―MVP‖ development)• Licenses and other agreements• Employment agreements• Building your management team• Italian resources: IBAN, AIFI, Provincial & Federal monies• Getting known in the relevant markets GLOBALCAPITAL
  4. 4. Introduction.• Reasons to be in and not to be in the US.• The Mindshare Rule: People can do business with you only if they know you exist.• Create actionable plans: 180-day Plan & 300- day Plan GLOBALCAPITAL
  5. 5. Part II. Getting There.Reporter: “Mr. Lennon, how did you find America?”John Lennon: “Got to Iceland and sort of turned left.” GLOBALCAPITAL
  6. 6. Part II. Getting There—Discussion Points.• How Setting up the legal entity differs from Italy.• Choice of State: Why & why not Delaware?• Types & Purposes of various legal entities.• C Corps. V. LLCs.• The incorporation process.• Responsibilities of Directors.• Agreement pointers• Types of Agreements GLOBALCAPITAL
  7. 7. Types of Legal Entities. GLOBALCAPITAL
  8. 8. Part III. The US Venture Market— Discussion Points.• Size is shrinking.• Specialized funds v. ―Super‖ Angels.• The ―Lean Startup Movement‖ & the MVP: ―Minimally Viable Product.‖• 6 months & $250K.• What VCs Seek. GLOBALCAPITAL
  9. 9. Part IV. The US Market (without leaving home)—Discussion Points• Remember the rule: People cannot do business with you if they do not know that you exist.• What’s the story you need to tell and why? (What are you trying to accomplish?)• To whom do you need to tell it?• What do those people like to hear & want to hear?• Italian startups as 1st Class. GLOBALCAPITAL
  10. 10. Thank You. James C. Roberts III, Esq. GLOBAL CAPITAL LAW GROUP PC GLOBAL CAPITAL STRATEGIC GROUP www.globalcapstrat.comCopyright 2011, Global Capital Law Group PC. All rights reserved. GLOBALCAPITAL