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Data driven video advertising campaigns - JustWatch & Snowplow


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Presented at Snowplow Berlin Meetup, November 2016

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Data driven video advertising campaigns - JustWatch & Snowplow

  1. 1. Next Generation Movie Marketing for Cinema, Home Entertainment and VOD
  2. 2. Agenda • Who we are and what we do • Act I: Our journey to Snowplow • Excursus: The first campaign • Arriving at the design of Universal CRM • Act II-IV: The building blocks of Universal CRM • Learnings
  3. 3. We love movies and connect fans with their favorite content worldwide. The highly experienced JustWatch founders helped to digitize the weekly ads sector in 6 countries, built the biggest movie platform in Germany and developed world-leading advertising technology. Led 120+ people, managed $50m+ marketing budgets and grew an international reach of more than 750m visits annually. Tech focused team of 30 based in Berlin and LA. David Croyé CEO, Ingke Weimert CRO, Michael Wilken COO, Christoph Hoyer CMO, Dominik Raute CTO, Kevin Hiller Head of ProductTeam
  4. 4. JustWatch is a new kind of international adtech and data company solely focused on the movie industry. JustWatch is providing data driven video advertising campaigns focused on the revenue relevant power users mostly on YouTube and Facebook. JustWatch has exclusive first party data about movie taste and purchase behavior and minimizes waste coverage worldwide on scale.
  5. 5. Why are we able to reach this efficiency? JustWatch has exclusive first party data and technology B2C International Movie and TV-Show Apps B2B Next Generation Movie Marketing
  6. 6. Genres Action Science Fiction Comedy MovieGraph User Profile Movie Taste WatchList Add Trailer Views Purchase Behavior Cinema Tickets DVD / BR Rent / Buy HD / SD VOD Provider JustWatch collects anonymized data about purchase behavior and movie taste of movie and TV show fans worldwide Movie Theater
  7. 7. Next Generation Movie Marketing
  8. 8. 0 2.000.000 4.000.000 6.000.000 8.000.000 10.000.000 12.000.000 14.000.000 16.000.000 18.000.000 20.000.000 Mar '15 Apr '15 May '15 Jun '15 Jul '15 Aug '15 Sep '15 Oct '15 Nov '15 Dec '15 Jan '16 Feb '16 Mar '16 Apr '16 May '16 Jun '16 Jul'16 Aug'16 Sep'16 Oct'16 JustWatch is growing rapidly in currently 23 countries, adding more than 2 million new user profiles per month >2 MM New Users per Month Launch February 2015 >1 MM App Downloads iOS & Android App Launch JustWatch Usage: Web, iOS, Android
  9. 9. Act I: Our journey to Snowplow
  10. 10. In 2015, we gave ourselves 4 weeks to find the right solution for our data pipeline
  11. 11. What we needed: • Raw data access! • Hit the ground running • Highly customizable, flexible data model • Ask arbitrary questions with SQL
  12. 12. Bonus points: • On premise • Open Source • Scaleable into billions of data points
  13. 13. Ruling out the rest Too expensive • Too inflexible • No raw data • Not extensible
  14. 14. Self-build then?
  15. 15. Not so fast. Building a data pipeline seems easy enough at first…
  16. 16. …but everyone ends up reinventing the wheel: • set up tracking & queueing systems • geoip, data anonymization, handwritten ETL • versioning, iteration of schema, monitoring • validation, dealing with invalid lines
  17. 17. And eventually you realize: Snowplow doesn’t look like every data pipeline.
  18. 18. But every good data pipeline looks a lot like Snowplow.
  19. 19. To us, Snowplow was the perfect first shot: • Bundled collection of Best Practices™ • Scaleable tech at any step in the pipeline • Standardized protocols, no deep lock-in • Great balance between extensible and premade
  20. 20. Setup and pitfalls • Went with vanilla non-realtime setup on EC2 • Didn’t even find CloudFormation template 😊 (still, was just a few days of setup) • Universal CRM: All our visitors are users • Slight starting problems on mobile
  21. 21. Result: • We gave ourselves 4 weeks to find out if Snowplow was a good fit for us. • We were completely finished in three – from (web-)app integration to first SQL export. • All the good stuff came out of the box.
  22. 22. Our First Campaign • Manual setup for a simple version took 8 hours • Just querying users took half the time • rest is pure campaign setup & upload • Manual setup for a simple version took 8 hours • over 300 sub-tasks required • 27 main steps until the campaign went live
  23. 23. JustWatch campaigns have more than twice the view time and are optimized based on actual cinema intent Example: 150.000€ campaign budget on YouTube: 318.064 h 144.248 h Hours of trailer time watched JustWatch vs. Industry Benchmark: Sources: Google/YouTube: Q2 2016, TrueViews for movie marketing campaigns of the whole industry in DE. Avg. 96 seconds trailer. 40% 50% 60% 70% Demographie Teen-Horror Psycho-Thriller Supernatural 52% 58% 69% 71% +37% Campaign optimization based on Cinema-Intent
  24. 24. It was getting clear we had to automate a lot.
  25. 25. But first – A Paradigm change: “Universal CRM” Filling the wishlist…
  26. 26. “Display movie trailers to Facebook and Youtube users who added a horror movie to their WatchList before”
  27. 27. “Send a push notification with personal recommendations to mobile users that were active for at least 5 sessions but had no activity in the last 7 days”
  28. 28. “Ask our Top 5% most active power users a survey on what feature they want to see next”
  29. 29. “Ask people who skipped three comedy trailers on Youtube if they want to continue seeing trailers for the genre”
  30. 30. Defining the problems at hand.
  31. 31. Clustering Building targetable lists of users based on all sorts of queries.
  32. 32. Multichannel Web, App, Push, In-App, DSPs, RTB, Affiliate, you name it.
  33. 33. Anonymous identity management Managing alternative identity tokens (Mobile Ad IDs, Push Tokens, external cookies…) in realtime
  34. 34. Closing the circle Not just stopping at interactions - tracking them, measure conversions and follow up
  35. 35. Act II: The Audience Builder
  36. 36. Act III: The ID Service
  37. 37. Act IV: Universal CRM Interactions
  38. 38. Push Notifications:
  39. 39. Pull Notifications:
  40. 40. (Video) Ad Campaigns Audience uploads • Data transfer • Click Tracking • RTB
  41. 41. Learnings.
  42. 42. Question your realtime needs. …you probably don’t need it and save a lot
  43. 43. We contexts! The best new concept in tracking since sliced bread. But: Snowplow trackers don’t support session contexts yet :(
  44. 44. Business intelligence fell off the truck We broke the fundamental rule of BI: “Separate your operational data store from your data warehouse.” And we loved the results.
  45. 45. Power tools philosophy: Smart data Smart tools Smart people
  46. 46. We’re hiring. Head of Business Intelligence Business Analysts Data Scientists Data Engineers Adtech Engineers
  47. 47. THX! Questions?