Dunlap Cookie Monsters


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Dunlap Cookie Monsters

  1. 1. Dunlap COOKIE MONSTERS Research Project 1
  2. 2. Mouse FunMaking Corn Chips Safer 2
  3. 3. Food ,Ingredients ,and Contamination • Food: Corn Chips • Main ingredients: o Cornmeal o Water o Salt o Vegetable Oil 3
  4. 4. Researched & Led the discussions 4
  5. 5. Food ,Ingredients ,and Contamination • Team equally split up ingredients to investigate • Discussed data to decide on contamination • Contamination in cornmeal: mice in silos • Team on field trip to local farm • Mice were found in corn drier 5
  6. 6. Current - Cornmeal Processing•Mechanical Methods like sifting – To separate out foreign objects, such as mice•Magnets – Used to filter out metal objects•Chemicals – Used to neutralize mice contaminations – Fungicides, Rodenticides, Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, Solvents, and Fillers Diseases Caused by Mice•Hantavirus Syndrome – mice urine contamination•Salmonellosis – mice germs contamination•Tularemia - mice saliva contamination 6
  7. 7. Cu nt Che icals U se rre m d I m o H u ans pact n mRodenticides Fungicides Pharmaceuticals Non- Eco- Friendly Harmful to Humans 7
  8. 8. Ultrasonic I nno ativ S o tio v e lu n Each $ 15 #3per silo Ye A ro nd Pro ctio ar u te n Glue Board Each box $ 4 #5 boxes per silo Summer o nic s tra s Ul ard boAverage silo can hold 40,000 bushels of corn. Spring G lue FallAverage market value is $168000.Our year round cost is only .15% of this. s rapCost per bushel= $0.006If the average bushel market value h T tcincreases by even 1 cent, giving Cagood profit margin Year around Sil o Catch traps Winter Co r n in Total cost – Each $ 13 ~ $200 #10 per silo 8
  9. 9. • Presented to three farmers• They liked the idea of seasonal control strategy• They suggested us to breakdown how many of these devices need to be used per storage bin• They also enquired about the total cost of implementing our solution 9
  10. 10. BibliographyINTERNET• www.fda.gov - Regulations on food processing• www.cdc.gov - General disease and human info• www.idph.state.il.us - Health and disease• www.orkin.com - Mice and chemicalsPRINTED• www.santharia.com• Wall Street Journal - Market prices and traps - Common chemicals HANDS ON Trip to Corn FieldEXPERTS & Storage Silos• Local Farmers - Corn storage, mice control• Physician - Human health & contaminations• High school Students - Past FLL experience 10
  11. 11. SCRIPTS 11
  12. 12. Deepti & Yashodha ScriptD: I am Deepti, acting as a miceY: I am Yashodha, acting as another miceD: (eating chips from a bag off floor) yum . . . This is sooooo goodY: (running in and gently pushes bag out of way) hay what d’you think? You’re doing?D: I’m eatingY: Do you know how many chemicals there are in that?D: Huh?Y: There might be some of uncle Bob’s hair in that too!D: (sick face) Eeeew (choking pretend)Y: Our chosen research problem is mice contamination in corn and cornmeal. Toxicchemicals are added to neutralize mice contamination.D: Our innovative solution is using off the shelf tools around the year to minimize /decrease mice contaminations in corn silos.Next is Zach will be talking about our subject of research 12
  13. 13. Zach’s ScriptMy name is Zach•The food that we decided to investigate is corn chips.•The 4 main ingredients in corn chips are: – Vegetable oil – Cornmeal – Salt – Water•Our team split up the ingredients for each member to research•After discussing the data, we decided our contamination•The contamination that we chose was mice in silos that contaminate cornmeal•Next Chait will speak about current solutions for this contamination 13
  14. 14. Chait’s ScriptMy name is ChaitanyaCurrently, processing factories use mechanical methods, like sifting toseparate out foreign objects such as metal and mice out of corn.After these steps, toxic man made chemicals are added in the cornmealprocessing to neutralize mice contaminants.Next Manus will speak about the chemicals and its effects on humans 14
  15. 15. Manus’ ScriptMy name is ManusThese chemicals like fungicides, rodenticides and pharmaceuticals areartificially chemicals. These artificial toxic chemicals are in general noteco friendly and harmful to our bodies in the longer span of life. Whenhuman consume these chemicals in low level they may not harm, but ifconsumed at high level will be harmful.If corn chips don’t contain these chemicals, chips will become more ecofriendly and healthier for humans.Next Santosh and John will be speaking about our innovative solution 15
  16. 16. Jon and Santosh’s ScriptMy name is Jon And I am Santosh.Santosh: Our innovative solution is using existing tools and trapsthrough out the year. We Have multiple ways to get rid of mice. Our firsttool is an ultrasonic device. These cost $15 a piece.Jon: (hold up box) these send high frequency sound waves through theground or air, but do not harm humans or mice, they only drive miceaway.Santosh: Next, our glueboards which cost $4 per box.Jon: These are plastic rectangles with glue on topSantosh: Finally, we have catch traps which are $13.Jon: These are metal boxes where the mouse walks in and gets trapped.Santosh: First is spring, which is the perfect time to catch the mice. Youcan use all traps in the spring. Next is summer, where there are fewermice. We can only use Catch traps because of the weather. You cannotuse ultrasonic because it needs wet weather for the waves to travel.Also, you cannot use glueboards because they will gain lots of dust.Same in the fall, with cornhusk. The Ultrasonic will not work because ofthe noise. In the winter, you can only use ultrasonic because of thesnow. This will mess up glueboards and catch traps will rust. This is ourplan.Next, Abhinu will speak about local farmers’ comments and feedback.
  17. 17. Abhinu ScriptAs you saw our research was about how to reduce mice contamination in corn stored inthe grain binsWe studied the use of chemicals as current methods to control it and its side effects onhumansOur innovative solution is to use combination of various economical devices which arealso humane.Our team believes this solution is an easy and effective way to make corn chips morenatural foodCookie mosnters also shared our project with three local farmers. Based on our solution,one of the farmers has placed mice traps around a silo, and will let us know how it turnsout.Thank you for your timeCookie monsters …. Num … num … num 17
  18. 18. Food Factor / Project Planning Identify Food Food Journey Ingredient21 Sept 28 Sept 05 Oct ‘tree’ Field Trip 08 Oct 14 Oct 14 Oct Choose A Contamination Ingredient Contamination in the Journey? Journey12 Oct Identify Real World Problem In Food Journey26 Oct Present our solution @ 07Dec Develop Innovative Practical Tournament Scientific Solution 04 Nov Caterpillar: Confidential Green 18