13-14 SMART Goals and Action Plans


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  • To set and communicate direction for everyone, we formatted a “plan on a page” which will be displayed in all schools and work areas as a reminder of our work ahead. All staff are asked to display the plan on a page in their work areas and in classroom data centers.
  • 13-14 SMART Goals and Action Plans

    1. 1. August 21, 2013 2013-14 Key District Initiatives
    2. 2. 21st Century Learning!
    3. 3. Superintendent Focus Areas
    4. 4. SMART Goal Summary  Outcome:  To continue aligning Dunlap School District to the Baldrige criteria for performance excellence  Key Steps:  Reassess our progress and employee perception through the administration of the “Are We Making Progress” baldrige self-assessment  Each school will conduct a “School Improvement Systems Check” to determine school progress toward the Baldrige standard  Conduct quarterly reviews of all District level SMART goals
    5. 5. Assistant Superintendent for Operations Focus Areas
    6. 6. SMART Goal Summary  Outcome:  To review the efficiency study within the areas of technology, food service, building and grounds and transportation  Key Steps:  Support Services Department leadership teams will review results of efficiency study within their area and identify recommended actions based on the results of the study.  Support service directors will meet with Assistant Superintendent to review recommendations from the support services department leadership teams.  Presentation of the efficiency study to the Board of Education.  Assistant Superintendent provides results of the efficiency study to Board of Education.  Recommendations and next steps formatted to include estimated cost savings and timelines in the following categories:  Immediate actions  14-15 actions  15-16 actions  16-17 actions
    7. 7. SMART Goal Summary  Outcome:  To ensure that support service departments are fully engaged in the District’s continuous improvement efforts Key Steps:  Meet monthly with department directors  Support service department directors will meet with their department leadership teams at least quarterly during year.  Each support service department directors will ensure that continuous improvement documents (plan on a page, balanced scorecard, photo of the data display) are updated on the District web site- http://www.dunlapcusd.net/StrategicPlan/Pages/default.aspx  End of the year review
    8. 8. Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction Focus Areas
    9. 9. SMART Goal Summary  Outcome:  To implement the Illinois Common Core English Language Arts, Literacy, and Math Content and Process Standards  Key Steps:  Complete K-8 implementation of Math in Focus  Align District Courses with standards  Provide professional development  Utilize STAR Reading & Math for monitoring student progress  Implementation of Accelerated Reader
    10. 10. SMART Goal Summary  Outcome:  Creation of common summative assessments to monitor student progress  Key Steps:  PLC teams will:  identify power standards to monitor  create or identify common summative assessments  compare and analyze results  develop action steps based on results  identify and link assessments within District Course Maps
    11. 11. SMART Goal Summary  Outcome:  A standards based report cards in grades 3-5  Key Steps:  Identify key learning standards for reporting  Develop “I can” statements for students  Identify and/or create an assessment plan to monitor the standards  Create a parent communication plan
    12. 12. SMART Goal Summary  Outcome:  An implementation plan for the Next Generation Science Standards  Key Steps:  Study, interpret, and unpack the new standards  Complete gap analysis  Create an implementation plan  Curriculum development  Instructional changes  Pilot unit  Sharing with elementary teachers
    13. 13. Director of Student Services Focus Areas
    14. 14. SMART Goal Summary  Outcome:  To ensure successful implementation of the Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Learning curriculum at all levels with an increase in achievement and a decrease in discipline over time.  Key Steps:  Work with building teams to assist with implementation of Social, Emotional and Behavioral Learning plan  Provide training to administer the BESSTWEB assessment and assist in the review of the data and the development of RtI plans for students  Assist buildings with the planning of parent/community forums and collect feedback.
    15. 15. SMART Goal Summary  Outcome:  To improve the effectiveness of system wide programs: Special Education, Response to Intervention, 504 Plan, English Language Learning, and Nursing services  Key Steps:  Review procedures and develop consistency within each of the District Services area: Special Education, RtI, 504 Plan, ELL and Nursing.  Identify areas in need of improvement and determine action steps.  Identify and provide professional development associated with action steps to address areas in need of improvement.
    16. 16. Director of Business Services
    17. 17. SMART Goal Summary  Outcome:  To increase the efficiency of fee collection and provide parents a 21st century method of paying student fees.  Key Steps:  Online fee payment program options will be identified.  An online fee service provider will be selected.  The online fee payment service will be launched for the 2014-15 registration period.
    18. 18. SMART Goal Summary  Outcome:  To improve the efficiency of our accounts payable and payroll systems.  Key Steps:  Training of key staff members will be completed for the new software program.  Policies and procedures will be developed to effectively and efficiently manage the accounts payable and payroll departments within the new system.  Continued support and technical assistance will be provided to building and personnel to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.
    19. 19. Director of Human Resources Focus Areas
    20. 20. SMART Goal Summary  Outcome:  Establish a diversity stakeholder team to look at cultural changes that align to the District 323 strategic plan.  Begin to implement the elements of the plan to support cultural change.  Key Steps:  Research/Data Collection  Form Workplace Diversity Initiative Task Force  Implement Initiative  Review Results.
    21. 21. SMART Goal Summary  Outcome:  1) the identification and definition of the specific metrics  2) quarterly analysis reports to the Superintendent on the metrics  Key Steps:  Review/Finalize HR Metrics.  Implementation of Plan, in conjunction with HRIS system.  Reporting of results.